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10 Tips for Shopping Online Safely

10 Shopping Online Safely Tips Criminals have now spread to online sales so you have to be careful when shopping online. The following are tips to make your online shopping experience safe. 1. Research the website where you shop These tips should be done if you shop online on a website that you are not …

How To Enjoy Traveling Alone

Want to go to a new exciting place, but don’t have anyone to tag along? There may be times when you have to travel alone in a foreign land. Whether just for fun or on official business, you have to take safety measures. Traveling alone need not be lonely. It could be fun in more …

Top 13 Things To Do In Chicago

What are the top things to do in Chicago? No matter what your interests, if you can’t find it in Chicago consider staying home. Whether your taste runs to Shakespeare or meerkats, food or Jazz, airy museums or dank coffee houses, this city has everything – in spades. For those who enjoy fine arts, The …

Piston Engine Aircraft Feature 2017

Over the past ten years or so South Africa, which mirrors other countries in the world, has seen a steady decline in the number of ‘certified piston engine’ aircraft sold as ‘new’ to the market. The reasons for this decline are numerous, but fundamentally the sheer cost of owning a new ‘certified’ piston engine aircraft, …

Concreate: A Smart Approach To Achieving The Concrete Look

The strong appetite for unadorned natural materials in contemporary interior design, such as wood, stone and concrete, is driving the development of innovative products which enable on-trend designs to be achieved without the headaches often associated with these natural materials. Concrete, in particular, is extremely popular today as designers and clients seek to achieve that …

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