How Does Online Business Directory Empower Local Businesses

Online business directory is used by many local businesses nowadays. If you are having a business, you probably invest a lot of time thinking about your marketing plan. This online local business directory can be a great tool for your business marketing plan.

Many online business directory sites are particularly useful to increase your business site traffic – either directly or through search engine optimization, boost the probability of your website getting found by potential customers and finally improve your sales.

If you haven’t used these online local business directories and want to know how you can use it to increase your business exposure, then read on.

Online business directory, how does it work?

The concept of online business directories is really simple. These websites are very similar to the Yellow Pages Directory that are existing in real world; the difference is these listings are… well duh… online. An online directory is simply a listing place for a number of sites.

Almost any sort of site can be listed on web-based Local Business Directory. Some local directories are large and cover every business category that someone could make a website for, while some are incredibly small and focus on a specific business niche.

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Importance of online business directory (NAP Citation)

Online local business directories allow customers to easily find organizations within their local area; hence, they have become very popular over period of time. A good directory provides the searchers a list of firms that offer a particular product or service they are looking for within their region. This can minimize the amount of time consumers devote trying to find companies on the internet.

The biggest features from SEO (search engine optimization) aspect of listing  your company in a local business directory is by acquiring back links to your business website, which will improve your search engine rankings, in turn drive targeted visitors or buyers to your site. This will improve the search engine rankings of your website because search engines factoring inbound links as a vote when ranking any websites.

One more thing you need to remember; that search engines are strict, especially Google when it comes to consistency of the information cited in different business directories. If too many discrepancies are found for the primary information (Name, Address, Phone – NAP citation) or any other relevant information then you may lose your search engine rankings.

Great benefits of listing your business to local business directory

The local directory listings provides great benefits to business owners, even when the listings are free. Thumb rule is that more exposure your small business gets, the better it is ranked. There are 3 key benefits of getting your site listed in local business directory.

  1. Promotion and Exposure – Local customers are more and more utilizing online local business directories to source details about organizations, goods and services.
  2. Increase SEO value – Links from online web business directories will increase SEO value of site. As search engines love site that are listed in local business directories to quickly display the results focused on local customers.
  3. Value for money – Listing your small business in a website directory is an extremely affordable kind of advertising and marketing strategy for your company specifically in comparison to paper, radio and TV advertising. Many online business directory will keep you listed indefinitely, you can’t do that on TV right? Top online paid advertising alternatives like AdSense or Facebook ads though deliver some traffic are far costlier than business directories, which are actually capable of driving targeted organic traffic to your website and that is what matters most.

Using online local business directories is a great option for companies looking to save some money. In the end, posting to internet directories is relatively cheap and quite often free and is also a wonderful way to drive traffic and get customers in the most affordable way. This saved money will help you to grow your business in some other way.

Online shopping Directory Listings

If you are a product oriented company instead of service provider company, then you may be interested in submitting your website or business to Shopping directories apart from business directories. A web-based Shopping Directory is regarded as a niche market website directory that provide services and goods to public. Websites like these would typically carry on e-trade, use a digital shopping cart of some type with a provision for secure digital payment. This kind of niche directory has several positive aspects to both site operator as well as the buyer.

Any Shopping Directory generally covers almost all products and brands that are used in our day-to-day life. Similar to departmental stores in which there are diverse items like clothing and food; a Shopping Directory can cover all sorts of clothing for any season and individuals, meals of various dishes, jewelries, vehicle components and accessories, things for your house and garden, for animals, and much more. There is also a Shopping Directory specific to gifts, which lists down all gift ideas; from personalized stuffs to those beautiful flowers to those invaluable stuffs you receive from online auctions.

There are numerous shopping directories focused on particular area of interest. Getting listed in these niche specific shopping directories is the best way to gain popularity. For organizations, these directories are classified by their services and products. As with the Shopping Directory, it is designed to list products in specific categories and subcategories and also the area where these shopping malls are centered.

Utilize premium local business directory listings

Every business who wants to succeed, submit their business details to online local business directories. These successful people always start with most well-known places to get their business registered apart from top business directories. These premium places where people submit their website or business details are Google My Business, Yelp, and Yellow Pages among others. Submitting to these places has incredible effect on their business.

Now after submitting to these places they focus their efforts on top class, high authority local business directory. If you focus only on these online local business directories they will empower your business listing in premium places that I mentioned, making them even more powerful. They complement these listing and create exponential effect on your business giving you ticket to success. Avoid submitting to low quality business directories to prevent adverse effects.

The cost of listing to online local business directory

Because advertising and marketing can be expensive for any business, big or small, listing on an online local business directory is actually the most affordable way to promote your small business. It can cost you anywhere between USD 50 to USD 500 a year. An online business directory lets you change and enhance your listing whenever you want.

Every business owner must put themselves within the consumer’s shoes to understand the value of listing their business providing professional services or products in any business directory. The visibility you obtain by listing your company’s details in a directory cannot be compared with the money you spend, you actually get far more than what you actually spend. However, many online local business directories are free as long as you respect their terms of service.


The benefits of marketing your small business using online local business directory are therefore not restricted to gaining visibility to your company but they also provide quality back links to your website, great improvement in your search engine rankings plus it makes easier for your clients to locate your company.

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