Why Should Local Business Promotion Be Easy?

Local Business is Everywhere

Local business - SME - Small Medium Enterprise

Local business or Small – Medium Enterprise is everywhere. It might be your next door neighbors.

You can find local business wherever you go and live. This kind of business is usually called SME (Small – Medium Enterprise), due to its size in capital, managerial ability, workers (labor) and range of products. Small in size doesn’t mean it has trivial resiliency. In many developing countries, it has proven to survive against even the severe monetary crisis that would knock down many big companies.

Local businessis also unique in term of its line of products (though it’s small), and ideas when it’s started. The main problem is especially in lack of capital, thus lack of budget, since it’s usually initiated by one person. This person is the one who come up with the idea.

Local Business Promotion

The lack of capital also leads to their low ability to promote and in turn further develop the business. Promoting and advertising business is generally expensive, be it online or offline. Despite internet provides many low-cost and even free stuffs, including ways to promote business, it requires skills and time – free is the price for your time and effort – which many of the small business owners don’t have.

Now, we’re talking about online promotion. The internet is huge, this brings new marketing opportunity, but there is also a fact that internet users are spread over many sites and services. For example, there are casual browsers that rarely use social medias, there are many email users that are not browsing a lot, and social media users are growing today that “don’t even know” there are other worlds in the internet itself, etc – you got the figure. Internet is way too big and always be growing, for us to realize how huge it is.

The map of the internet

Do you have any idea about how big the internet is? I don’t, but I know it’s huge. 🙂

One big trouble as a consequence of this is there’s no single promotion media and method that can bring majority of internet users. Simply say, if you conduct online promotion for your local business, you have to do it ALL! This is not something that can and should be done by business owners. They are too busy to take care of and develop their business, and that is the only thing they should do. A business owner must not be complicated by a single area of their business. Promotion is just one thing, and it must be easy, not seize all the resources, especially time and money.

Local Business Directory

To help local businesses, there is a local business directory for SME to list the business and  state their presence, which in turn obtain worldwide recognition. There is also a promotion space to post activities, events, press releases, and everything newsworthy to attract potential consumer attention and awareness. The directory is well recognized in many online and even offline medias. The heavy promotion is done for the business owners, so they don’t have to.

Try it now, it’s free just use this form to add your business. You can list your office, shop and stores complete with all necessary contact information. It is also equipped with map.

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