To Weave Or Not To Weave: The Hair Extension Question

There is no doubt that long, flowing hair is in, but many people who desire to have long hair are unable to achieve the right look no matter how long they let their hair grow. For this reason, many turn to hair extensions to get that look they’ve always dreamed of. Whether their hair is sparse and thin or ethnic and curly, many have found that they can have long hair through hair extension.

There are two major types of hair extension: strands and wefts. Strands use techniques that apply 20 to 50 strands of synthetic or natural hair to your own hair by weaving, heat fusing, gluing, clamping, or using waxes and polymers. Hair extension wefts, on the other hand, use wefts of hair that are sewn into a small braid of your own hair that has been put across your scalp for the purpose of hair extension.

With both types of hair extension you can achieve dramatic results. You can thicken and lengthen your hair instantly. And the hair extensions can be matched up perfectly to your own hair. With hair extensions, you shampoo, style and do everything that you would normally do to your own hair. If you want to change colors, you can. If you want to perm, you can. (There may be some restrictions with certain types of synthetic hair extension).

As with all salon services, there is some upkeep associated with hair extensions. The cost and frequency of your upkeep appointments will depend largely on what type of extensions that you purchase. The amount of damage to your natural hair and longevity of your hair extension will also be determined by which type of hair extensions you choose.

Strands. This type of hair extension causes the most damage to your natural hair because the technique always involves attaching the extensions to your natural hair shaft by chemical means. As you can imagine by the name of some of the application methods used such as heat fusing and gluing, the damage can be substantial. While the strand hair extension does not cost as much as other procedures, there is a good deal of upkeep.

These hair extensions normally have to be completely re-done every few months. And because these types of extensions cause so much damage to your hair shaft, they are not a good option for allowing your natural hair to grow out while you wear the extensions.

Wefts. Weft hair extensions are by far the best types of hair extensions. The weft itself looks like a curtain of hair attached together at the top and free flowing at the bottom. These hair extensions are attached to your head by sewing them into a tiny braid made out of your own hair.

The effects achieved with this technique are very natural and no one can see the braids or wefts of hair unless you show them. Since hair growth will push your braids off of your scalp, in order to keep this type of hair extension looking fresh, you need to return to your stylist every 6 to 8 weeks to have your wefts taken out and put back in close against your scalp.

So, if you always wanted long hair but have never been able to accomplish it, maybe hair extensions are just what you need. But be sure to weigh all of your options and the costs carefully before deciding to get hair extensions.

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