Remember those long, hot days of summer vacation without much to do? Hanging out with friends was a blast for a while, but before too long, things got a little boring. Why have your kids endure the same monotony when summer camps can pack in the fun?

Today’s summer camps offer a lot more excitement than they did in the past. These camps aren’t just for fishing, hiking, boating and team volleyball anymore. The reality is the number of specialty camps for youth is on the rise. There’s something out there for just about anyone to enjoy.

Summer camps offer two basic overall styles, but are broken down into special interests from there. The main styles for these camps are:

  • Overnight. Whether these camp run for a week, two weeks or the entire summer, these venues are a little more costly because they provide around-the-clock care. In addition, they tend to offer an array of activities for youth, as well. These camps are favored by many for their ability to let kids get away from it all while giving mom and dad a bit of a break, too.
  • Day camps. These camps offer daytime programming only. They tend to run in weekly or two-week increments, but can also span an entire summer. The fees for these camps are a little more in reach for most, generally. The perk with these is that kids return home every night ready to share their stories of adventure and often learning.
    While most summer camps follow the above patterns for overall style, they come in a variety of special interests. This means just about any child is likely to find there is a camp out there that is ideal. Some of the options for these types of camps include:
  • Wilderness. These are the camps many remember from their youth. Set up in cabins or even with tents, this type of setting is designed to help kids get back to nature, while having some fun and adventure along the way.
  • Band. Designed to help youth further their musical abilities, these camps tend to offer pretty focused study on instruments, but they also provide some of the fun of wilderness camps, or can.
  • Arts camps. Similar to the band camp format, these venues will focus in on visual or performing arts. Many offer a lot of the outdoors fun of regular summer camps, as well.
  • Sports camps. Athletes looking to hone their skills will find there are a variety of these available. Whether they’re for field hockey, football or track and field, these camps will either focus in on one particular sport, or they will offer a variety for participants to choose from.
  • Church, community. These camps are typically hosted right in a child’s own hometown. They can follow an overnight or daytime only format. Activities here range from organized sports and field trips to even religious lessons (in the case of church camps), swimming, hiking and more.

Summer camps are not one-size-fits-all propositions any more. There are camps out there to meet just about any personal need or taste.

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