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marcia costa
23:31 02 Jul 19
Great service, Jill is professional and amazing. Highly recommend her keratin and highlights 😎.
Michelle Descamps-Mario
17:38 24 Mar 19
I met Jill in Boston for a keratin treatment 7 years ago and it was indeed my lucky day! She is one the most trustable hair stylist I ever met! I now live In Florida but I still fly to Boston once a year to let Jill work her magic on my hair! I love her!
Jamie Swanbeck
23:59 04 Sep 18
Gf loved her experience and hair cut
Catt Darcy
19:41 25 May 18
I have been to Jill 2X now for Keratin Treatment. She is an awesome hair stylist she cut my hair too! It takes a little while to have hair treated with Keratin so we got to talking.I found Jill to be a very knowledgable and interesting person. I am recommending Jill to friends and family. Make an appointment and you will not be disappointed
edite monteiro
17:16 16 Feb 18
My entire family has been a customer of Jill for quite few years. I specifically see her whenever my highlights needs to be done, she uses best product, very professional and knows what she's doing. Absolutely would recommend her service!
Edy Ryan
20:47 11 Feb 18
Jill is an awesome professional, she's been taking care of my hair for over 9 years. She does the BEST keratin treatment in the South Shore!!!! Sometimes i have to wait a little for my appointment, after all it is a hair salon ? life happens, but her shop is very cozy and welcoming, she always have the best coffee and sometimes food too, so i dont mind waiting a bit for my appointment because i know that i will get the BEST results!!I highly recommend Jill Alban at Alban Hair Design!!!
Barbara Lopes
15:15 11 Feb 18
I have been going to Alban Hair Design for years and she has always exceeded my expectations.I travel over an hour to get my hair done with her, that’s how much I like the way she does my hair.I’ve done keratin, dyed and cut my hair with Jill and she has done an amazing job! While I’m there she always serves coffee and make me laugh. I highly recommend this salon to my friends and family.
Kristen Mancini
00:33 11 Feb 18
I have been a happy client of Jill for years now. Jill has provided me with many hair services such as keratin, cut, coloring,highlights and I have never been happier since finding her. I have recommended her to others also who have been pleased. She is personable,easy to talk to when I’m there and we always have lots of laughs. She is always smiling and happy to see me. We have built a great relationship having her as my hairstylist.She gives her honest opinion and takes the time to talk to her clients about what she feels would be best color but will always do as you request. I don’t like brassy colors and Jill will be sure I am happy with the results. She will take the time to straighten my hair where as other hair stylist just rush through to get their next customer and you leave feeling as though you could have dried your hair yourself. When you leave Jill you hair shows you just left her hair salon. She makes you feel welcome as if you are a friend in her home and goes as far as offering you lunch if you come for an appt during that time,she will always offer coffee tea or a snack. I feel as though I’m visiting with a friend when I see Jill and will continue to have her as my hairstylist. Her prices are very reasonable also!!!
Marwa ElSabbahy
21:26 10 Feb 18
I had a very unprofessional experience. I arrived prior to my scheduled appointment and was left sitting outside for a minimum of 30 minutes prior to Jill opening the door. She did not apologize and did not offer an explanation. After recent experiences I have heard from others who have gone I will never come here again. Boston has no shortage of talented hairdressers.
Amanda Silva
12:16 10 Feb 18
I have been in a rough patch and needed change. I figured changing my hair would be the ultimate change. My stylist was Jill. She made me feel so relaxed and ensured me that I would my new hairstyle would make me feel like a changed woman. Her professionalism and knowledge of the products made me confident that she would do an amazing job. She gave me amazing highlights and also convinced me to do a keratin treatment. She layered and angled my hair exactly the way I wanted it. I’m so happy with the results. I would recommend Jill to my family and all my closest friends. I feel like I can conquer the world with my new hair!!
Amanda Lima
03:14 10 Feb 18
A first class salon! Jill has given me my Best Ever color and cut as well as hair treaments that have made my hair the healthiest it's ever been! I am very satisfied with her customer service, warming and welcoming environment. I won't go anywhere else!
passant abdelmegeed
01:43 07 Feb 18
I never gave any reviews on the web before, but after some thought I decided to review Jill as I wish no one goes through such a horrific experience as me . And I am not sure if google accepts zero stars that’s the only reason I am giving her one.I went for hair color,highlights, keratin, cut and a dry, I booked all of that through the website.1-From the minute i showed up she told me that she has a customer coming at 2:00 and she has to be done by then clearly she wouldn’t have been done and I knew she will be running late for the customer that’s scheduled at 2:00!!! Great time management2- I told her that she is hurting me while applying the highlights as my hair is tangly and she is pulling in it she said”it looks like u are too sensitive people as sensitive as you shouldn’t get their hair done.3-I was watching something on my phone in Arabic and she said put it off I need to hear my music!!! Great customer service4- the highlights showed zero color all my hair was the same color and it was a waste of time and I showed zero frustration about it as I wanted to get done .5-she was done with my hair at 3:10 and the lady came 2:10, and when I asked her to wash my hair and do the dry after the keratin she went crazy screaming at my face !!!6- telling me that I only go to her place because she can accommodate me as I wear a headscarf and she can put down the curtains and I can’t find that elsewhere !!! Very racist7-she had scissors in her hands yelling at me which was so scary and telling me that she doesn’t have all day to do my hair and I will get her in trouble with the other customer!!! Obviously it’s not me who scheduled the other customer at that time.And how can you yell at someone that way.A few months ago I walked on her shouting at another customer I should have known better. You go to a hairdresser to enjoy your time and have a good experience not to get lectured, criticized and hearing racist comments.I recommended her in the past to a number of friends but I will spread the word.
Maria Magalhaes
23:58 26 Jan 18
A Dona e muito poreta i love you
nguyen pham
18:16 23 Dec 17
Super professional and personal attention!
shannon mcdermott
20:29 22 Oct 17
Stephanie Freedman
19:39 06 Aug 17
Jill is terrific Love my hair for very reasonable prices
Mandy Johnson
19:40 16 Jun 17
I had a keratin treatment by Adriana and I absolutely love it. My hair really took to it, it's straight, smooth and awesome. I will definitely be returning in 5-6 months. I loved the shop very homie and comfortable. Adriana was awesome very friendly and did a outstanding job on my hair. This is my new place!
Harshana Godamanna
18:01 01 Dec 16
Very friendly and efficient. Talk to Jill, she does great work. Always accommodating.
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