15220 N Western Ave, Edmond, OK 73013
15220 N Western Ave Edmond OK 73013

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Scotty Fry
21:37 18 Dec 18
The lady that helped me was great she was very helpful and supportive on my line of work which is amazing not many are
Charley Rankin
01:29 27 Nov 18
The perfect place to give your furry friend a bath and shop for at the same time. Valerie is awesome, helpful, and very friendly! Highly recommend this place for anyone with dogs.
Jay Tee
22:17 21 Nov 18
My dogs and myself love this place and the owners..... Valerie is the best
Emiline Chambers
16:12 03 Nov 18
My vet reccommended All Fur Paws when we found that my cat has food related allergies and I am so glad he did! They are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Not only did we find both wet and dry food that fits into her dietary restrictions, but she loves it!
Sonya Ylla
19:59 24 Oct 18
Love this place! The self service dog wash is awesome!!
Amanda McCrary
16:22 11 Oct 18
Always so full of knowledge and helpful find the right thing for my pup
Amanda Dirickson
20:43 15 Sep 18
I always get good advice for my dog and what food is best for him.
Jay Parks
20:53 07 Apr 18
Great people! Knowledgeable and very helpful! I highly recommend!
Mario Yuwono
19:22 16 Mar 18
I was in need of some place to give my dog a bath since bathing him at the house proved to be more of a hassle. I had Googled and found All Fur Paws and was glad I found them. They have self service bath stalls (3 I believe) within their store which sold everything from treats to collars & leashes. Their stalls have towels, brushes & combs, shampoo & conditioners and aprons all at the ready for me to use. Their stainless steel bathing tubs are elevated and can easily fit large dogs. The tubs have ramps to allow the dogs to walk right in.We met the shop's owner, Valerie, was very kind, helpful and answered questions I had about the shop and even about my dogs diet.Highly recommended establishment for dogs especially for giving them a bath!
Roxanne Robertson
18:25 22 Jan 18
Valerie is the most knowledgeable person about pets and their nutritional needs..I would never buy pet food from a chain...ALL FUR PAWS offers a wonderful program where you can bathe and groom your dog without the mess at home...Valerie is a remarkable person catering to the loves of our lives...our Pets...❤
Front Porch Pickets
12:22 18 Jul 17
Absolutely darling place! I love going in and visiting with owners about dogs. They are so helpful and know their products. You know you're in a good place when you can either bring your dogs in or pop out the doggie pictures and everyone gets it!
Cindy Haley
22:21 29 Jun 17
Love the self-serve dog wash! Wonderful environment and EVERYTHING you need to wash your dog!!! Valerie and her staff are very helpful and friendly!
Mary Nevin
16:46 23 Jun 17
I highly recommend this place. I took my dogs to the self wash booths today, left with 2 clean, dry, happy dogs and purchased thier favorite dog food at a reasonable price. They provide tub, water, a/c, shampoo, conditioner, and blow dryer that puts out a lot of air versus some that blow but dont dry. They also have towels and chamois. Wonder customers service, i can't say enough good about the establishment. Please try them out for yourself. I purchased six fish dog food and organic cranberry treats, highly satisfied with overall cost as well.
Daniel Sunmugavail
12:25 14 Jun 17
Valerie is so knowledgeable and helpful when it came to recommending food for our dog Stella as well as our newly rescued cat; Jack! She recommended what to avoid and also what works best in her experience, she's stocks many brands, flavors, and recipes so that we will always have variety! The store also carries toys, treats, and everything you could ever need for your best friend!
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