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8700 NE Vancouver Mall Dr Vancouver WA 98662

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20:00 30 Sep 18
Alley cat pet center is hands down one of the most neglectful and abusive pet shops in the pacific northwest. They keep multiple puppies in tiny glass cubicles that are extremely small and mishandle the animals on a regular basis. When I adopted 2 guinea pigs from them the store clerk picked up the guinea pigs by their hind legs and would drop the piggies through the top of the cage when putting them back inside. when I pointed out that it was dangerous to the animals she said it's "store protocol" and that they are just guinea pigs. The clerks never let people touch the animals and keep the cubicles they are stored in in filthy condition. In my 17 years of living in Vancouver WA and going into alley cat when visiting the mall I have seen nothing but abhorrent displays of neglect and abuse to the poor animals. If you visit SW WA Humane society (keyword: humane) you will note they keep single puppies in kennels that are around 5 times the size of the cubicles that Alley Cat puts MULTIPLE puppies inside of. Any true animal lover will not contribute a dime to the abhorrent store that profits off of mistreatment of animals that is alley cat pet center. As a longtime local I would recommend adopting from a non profit shelter who are motivated by their love for animals rather than just making cash.Edit: re: the owner's responseResponse from the owner12 hours agoIm going to have to disagree on what you just written ! Because none of it is true ! Since Alley Cat has been in the Vancouver Mall it has never been cited for abuse or neglect in fact we have always been given a ? percent compliance …MoreWhether or not you have been cited or not, keeping several dogs in these tiny cages is abusive and horrible for them. Puppies need regular attention and walking so they can socialize and grow healthy but your torture factory denies such. They are kept in their tiny cages for 24 hours a day 7 days a week and sleep in the dark when the pet store closes at night. Any person who cares about animals will not give a dime to your awful business and I truly hope you guys get shut down for good.Note the 3 puppies in their cage of about 3 feet wide. You can tell they are depressed and hate being locked up like prisoners.
Lilia Miguel
20:35 24 Sep 18
I bought a 8 week old yorkie poo last year at this store, and he’s a year old now. He was somewhat expensive ($1,000) but that is also around the price if I would had purchased from a breeder. He’s the best dog ever! He’s been healthy, does not have any current health issues. I’m just glad I got a healthy dog despite puppy mills out there, I don’t think this store does that. I would recommend for this store to provide photos on pups parents and living condition.
Kimberly Koyama
18:10 24 Sep 18
When I experienced an issue with a purchase from Alley Cat Pet Center, I contacted Larry just to let him know what happened. Larry was very kind and helpful, offering a replacement right away. I felt that he genuinely wanted to help make things better for my family and I and I sincerely appreciate him.
20:56 19 Sep 18
Great selection of insects and tarantulas. The most helpful and friendly staff I've every seen in a pet store. I will never go anywhere else again.
Cessiley Vroman
02:46 26 Jul 18
I am writing this review to acknowledge the owner Larry of Alley Cat Pet Center for his above and beyond customer service with a Siberian Husky puppy my family purchased from him. Larry was not only helpful with any issues I was having, he genuinely cared and sometimes in industries such as these, real compassion can be lacking. I would recommend this company 1000 times over to anyone wanting to purchase from an amazing company.!
Kodarcha Renai
17:28 25 Jul 18
This is my new review for the owner. Do not feel butt hurt but the bundles you sell for the animals are old and need to be reviewed and changed. The reptiles(bearded dragons included) should never be housed together it only causes diseases and the animals to get hurt. Yes, you sell animals to make money and selling those adorable puppies gets attention to your store. Every time I go into your store there is always wrong housing or way too many animals together in the same place. It is not healthy for them. And stating that I put one and two star reviews on places often is stupid. Google reviews is obviously meant to review places.
22:52 30 Jun 18
Don’t buy from here get a dog from a place where you know all the details this place gives no details and are probably getting the animals from puppy mills if you don’t know that they are look it up also wood shavings. REALLY!!! being a dog expert I know that puppies have a instinct to keep there den clean and deserve to have a warm bed food they can eat by thin selves tip taking food from a dog makes them think they have to eat as much as they can before it is takin away also puppies body temp stands between 93 and 97 degrees while a adult dog stays at 101 degrees these puppies need a heat source to keep there body temperatures up or else they will freeze up and pass away which is probably not something you want the kids walking by to see and will not be good for your company you guys should study more it will help also give more information about the breeder and mother if you are getting the pups from a breeder then my previous statement of a puppy mill it will raise your popularity and probably raise the profit you make. Oh one more a clean dog is a healthy and cute dogBest wishes, Gavin Williamson
Jessica Dowell
20:34 10 Jun 18
We have been going there since we got out first tarantula back in October. Angie and all the staff are knowledgeable and amazing and know my family well now. We now have 35 tarantulas and most of them have been purchased at Alley Cat. We really like the service and care from there. Thank you Alley Cat
HorsesR Coolio
17:06 03 Jun 18
This isn't meant to be hate it's just warning people out there. I got food for my old guinea pig ( Reese's) and when she started eating it she was coughing and was making these weird cooing noises that are a sign of sickness. Sadly she has passed away. I don't know if there was something wrong with the food or what. Also the water bottles drip a lot of water so I always have to refill it. When it drips a lot, there is a lot of water and it gets moldy fast so I always have to clean the cage. I did what the guy told me to do and keep it filled but when I'm at school it always leaks! All of the water is gone when I get home and my guinea pig doesn't drink it all. Ya she drinks some of it but not all of it. Anyways, I got a baby guinea pig from here and I named her butter. She is the sweetest thing and has already discovered what sound a food bag means! She's super smart and sweet. When I introduced her to my other guinea pig that is like the mother of all guinea pigs, butter went right under her and she was so funny! Butter has lots of energy and I love getting guinea pigs from this place because there cheap but also food guinea pigs. They're super smart and funny I definitely recommend getting a guinea pig here!
Timberly Eyssen
21:32 03 Jan 18
Staff was very helpful, too time to go thru different options for setup of cage. Staff indicated hedgehogs come from Florida.. Not sure on breeder, etc. Staff helped carry out my heavy and bulky load as I pulled to closest entry. Nice touch to service and very appreciated since I'm recovering from a broken foot! I'll definitely return!
Gabriel Tenita
16:59 03 Jan 18
I know Alley Cat pet store for over 10 years. The owners are clearly in this business for the love animals. I bought a puppy, cats toys and dogs toys from them. They don't sell the same kind of toys you get at Wal-Mart. These are higher quality toys that don't brake as easy. You get what you pay for. The prices for puppies is lower in most cases then you find people selling on Craigslist. I would never go anywhere else. Awesome place
Danielle Burwell
20:41 12 Dec 17
We purchased our puppy from Alley Cat in Sept. It was such a great experience. We visited many puppies over the span of a couple days while we thought about which puppy would be a good fit for our family. We dealt mostly with Nathan each time we were there and he was so knowledgeable about the puppies and the information about their parents and the breeders. He knew it all off the top of his head. We purchased our pup and they held her for us while we got ready to take her home (we weren't headed back home for a day and a half so we couldn't take her immediately) and they were so nice and we visited her a couple times between purchase and pick up. The staff was always really good about handling helping us with the puppies along with supervising the super busy store. About 3 months later we happened to be in the area again so we stopped at the mall and stopped in. Nathan was there and he remembered us straight away and we gave him an update about how she was doing and you could tell he really cared about how she was doing and asked us many questions about how she was doing with our other dogs and her check ups and such. Over all a fabulous experience with this store and if I was in the market for another puppy (I'm not! I'm good with my pack of 3! Haha!) I wouldn't hesitate to go back for another.
Em Ca
21:25 06 Dec 17
My family dogs are huskies and we allowed them to have babies 3 times. Each time I brought my pups here because I knew they would be taken care of and adopted fast to good homes. I dont understand why people say the animals here come from mills, I know for a fact mine do not. There are raised with love and care in our home until they are old enough to leave mom. I love alley cat and the owner is really nice and an animal lover!
Smokey Fritz
01:32 29 Nov 17
I absolutely love this store! Always great service!! And myself I have gotten two puppies from here!! One is two and the other is 5 months and both happy and extremely healthy!! If your looking to get a puppy and you have already checked the shelters get one here!! And no there not pull milk puppies! My friend has taken a litter there before! And there prices for them are great!! I got a full bred pug from there and he was 500$! Tell me where you can find a pug for that cheap!
07:22 12 Aug 17
Everytime we go to the mall my kids and I oodle at the puppies. We have a border collie we rescued and had been toying with the idea of a puppy. After months searching online we saw border collie siberian husky mix at Alley Cat and we fell in love with our feisty pup. We didnt buy him right away but left our info for a call back and the next day we were called to see if we were still interested. While our experience was pleasant and we adore our little guy I am only rating 4 stars because I do agree that having a room or spot to visit with the puppies would be nice. Also, I am not entirely sure our puppy is the breed we thought we were buying. He is definitely border collie but not sure about Siberian Husky and neither was the vet. Overall our little guy is healthy, happy, and has been a joy. Potty training is going great and he is already learning some obedience commands. People are passionate about where to get puppies and dogs from. We got lucky with our rescued border collie and we got lucky with the puppy we bought from Alley Cat. Both have been a joy and a blessing and a great addition to our family.
Patricia Williams
18:20 06 Aug 17
Love this pet center! The owner, Larry and his employees are always helpful. Well qualified in knowledge of pets and petcare. I enjoy visiting their store!
amanda norberg
02:32 02 Jul 17
They still sell puppies and kittens here!? What the? Most pets in pet stores being sold are coming from puppy mills. Unless a pet store is fostering an adoption from a shelter then you can bet your new pet is coming from a puppy mill. If you are set on getting a puppy you should look at nearby shelters first. If you want to responsibly purchase from a breeder you should always see the conditions that the puppy and parents are in before you buy to ensure you aren't paying money to someone who is mistreating them. If the pet store tells you all their pups are coming from "USDA licensed breeders" then just know that this standard of care is inadequate and the guidelines allow people to mistreat animals. Do not buy your pets from here - you are giving money to people who may be harming animals.
Alfred Caldwell
00:39 24 Jun 17
I was here with my kids and we noticed a very small puppy in one of the glass displays was laying on its side shaking really bad. Thinking they would care about the puppy, I asked my son to go in and let them know. When he told him "excuse me, the dog in the display case is shaking really bad" and the guys replied "excuse you, he's fine.", to a 10 year old. Then he came outside to tell us in a very irritated tone "you mean the dog that's dreaming and sleeping?, yea he's fine". We have owned enough dogs to know puppies don't shake that violently while sleeping because they are dreaming. Come to find out he had already got an attitude with the kids while they were inside because my son wanted to know the difference between an animal of different colors because one coat so much more. Very rude, unprofessional and obviously they do not care about the poor animals they are selling. They should be reported and shut down.
Sam Oberst
19:20 13 May 17
I just want to say how much I love this place!!! The owner Larry is great and always so helpful! All his animals are greatly taken care of!!! I've had many friends buy his dogs and been so happy with them! If your looking to add some furry or scaly friends to your family this is the place to go! The staff is so knowledgeable!!! Never a let down!
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