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Brent Logan
11:25 01 Aug 19
I love the mission of Angels with Paws. I have adopted 4 cats from here throughout my life and every time the staff is incredibly helpful and you can tell that they have a passion for their work and rescuing cats in need of help!
Jessica Ostrow
04:02 17 Jun 19
The cats are well cared for.. the info by the door of each room has good info about the cats.
Christina Tennyson
20:12 22 May 19
This place is beyond under recognized for the massive way in which these cats are rescued and cared for. This place deserves an award all on its own for being such a blessing. They need donations to keep going and also have a thrift store to help the cause.
Sheanna Jackson
01:35 18 May 19
Worst experience ever!! Debra, well at least that is the name she gave me and my gf. Whatever her name is homophobic and doesn’t like gay people!!! We were denied because of that reason. We were lied to and for some reason had to go through all these different steps. When asked why we were told different she hung up on me. When called back she said I was harassing them because I called back after getting hung up on. Got hung up on 3 times without an answer to why we were lied to in the first place! That’s all I wanted was an answer to why we were told different. But for some reason she can’t give a simple answer. No need to lie with your response. I will post a picture of the lady that did it!
Aimee Clare
18:17 27 Mar 19
I adopted Bella and Delores here as a bonded pair and they have brought so much joy into my lives. I visited the shelter a couple of times beforehand and had the opportunity to play with and get to know the kitties. The adoption process wasn't difficult, but they put effort and care into making sure the cats are going to a good home. They gave me food and vet recommendations and answered all of my questions. Overall super helpful and I can definitely see that they care about every cat in the shelter. I wish I could adopt them all!
Bryce Redden
06:08 16 Mar 19
Amazing on-site staff, all very sweet and helpful. They care about these cats! No sleeze balls accepted.
Julie Talbott
17:28 05 Mar 19
It would take me all day too talk about how wonderful this place is for abandoned and abused kitty cats! The Angels that volunteer here take great care of these sweet needy kitties and go above and beyond for all the Care that they give to the kitties and the adoptive parents? Thank You for our wonderful Kit Cats? All of you are AWESOMELY AMAZING! ??
Sharon Robinson
23:53 10 Feb 19
So happy with our experience. We adopted Morris who is 2 1/2 years even though we planned on a kitten. He was on a euthanasia list in Oklahoma and was flown here to be saved. Such a loving cat! Wonderful caring staff. Can't thank them enough that we were able to add him to our family!
Ray Burke
01:02 23 Jan 19
Really pleased with the Adoption of our new addition to the family. The staff was very helpful and knowledgeable and they knew the cats well. We were looking for a cat similar to our last cat, one that I like to call "dog like". They pointed us in the right direction with 3 particular cats and we quickly found one that my 10 Y.O. daughter just fell in love with. Great job AWP!
Hallie D.
20:40 16 Oct 18
Wonderful place with great staff. They love their kitties and seem to take great care of them. They let us take home two of the sweetest cats we've ever owned. Just a wonderful place all around!
Megan Nienke
21:16 27 Sep 18
This is a smaller cat shelter. They have kittens and adult kitties. We went just to give out some pets to the kitties but you can adopt here as well. The staff was nice and welcoming as well as the cats!
R Large
21:04 20 Aug 18
This place is amazing and their staff and volunteers are a godsend. We recently needed help catching a stray kitty that had been released as a kitten months back and Teresa went above and beyond to help us, even opening up the shelter at 2 am to take her in during a thunderstorm. We got to look at the shelter behind the scenes and its amazing how clean and organized they keep everything. All the cats are well cared for and happy. They truly love their animals and put their heart and soul into their rescue. They are very careful to test and treat all their animals who come in and are incredibly educated in every aspect of their care. After an hour visit, I left a better person. I will do all I can to spread the word and help them keep saving all the fur babies they do. I highly recommend them to anyone wanting to adopt.
Maddison Case
19:48 19 Jul 18
I picked up my little Lilly there!! My only complaint is that they might make you feel badly about having lost pets in your past. Other than that, though, they have cute little darlings that y'all should adopt and love!:)
Janice Beecher
10:16 13 Jul 18
Such a wonderful shelterIf your going to adopt a new friend, please check here first. I got my latest fur ball from here and he turned out to be the best cat in the world!!! Great shelter with great staff!!!
Jeanie Curley
23:51 07 Jun 18
Made my first visit here today and was so inspired by the grass roots efforts of this feline rescue organization. The cats hang out together under the TLC of the good hearted folks that look after them 24/7. Thank you for the amazing work you do every day !
Christina Tennyson
16:44 28 May 18
These volunteers really put a lot of love and heart into saving these cats. There are people that work here that give all they can to these cats and finding them good jones is what they strive for. Angels With Paws definitely has Angels With Hearts. It’s nice to see so much heart in my community. I love visiting the cats and I frequent the thrift store. The store is amazing with the treasures people donate and affordable so that I can find something I need and donate money back to the cats. It’s such a rewarding feeling knowing that there are people who truly care and make such a difference.
Amanda Chenoweth
22:33 01 May 18
Took my daughter here to adopt a cat. We got a cat a little over a year old named Eve. She is amazing and plays so well with my 5 year old. They were a big help in picking out a cat right for children.
Teresa Aziam
18:18 04 Apr 18
I would give it five stars but the limited hours were challenging. They were great with us and clearly care for the animals. We adopted our cat from them and are so happy to have found her.
JOHN Berry
00:39 12 Mar 18
We love Angels With Paws. They are great and the cats are wonderful. The staff is very helpful.
Marissa Evans
20:14 11 Feb 18
The staff there are very dedicated to taking care of the cats and they work really hard to make sure all cats that come in are ready to get adopted out to good forever homes. They take pride in what they do, and I could not be more glad that they are there for the cats. However, the place is small so they cannot do as much as they wish they could, so I STRONGLY recommend anyone who wants to help should check them out and find out how!
Linda Berry
01:05 06 Feb 18
We adopted our adult cat from Angels with Paws. We would recommend this shelter. We love the name too!
Laurissa Marcotte
20:38 14 Jan 18
Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Their deep compassion and caring for all their cats shows by the way they know all the cats' histories and personalities. The cats are obviously very well cared for--kept in rooms with big windows and lots of toys instead of small cages. My boyfriend and I came in yesterday, and the staff spent over an hour with us carefully explaining and deliberating with us about which of their cats would be a good fit in our home.
P3 PhilBee
18:33 07 Jan 18
Great staff & a great selection, of kitties. I do appreciate all the hard work they do!! ?
Frankie Jay
21:06 06 Jan 18
Just make sure you adopt the right cat. We adopted a cat we thought would come out of it's shell. He didn't even want to come out to eat, he scratched my daughter trying to even feed him. So I took him back and wanted to readopt, yet they said I couldn't. I only got my fee back for the cat and which I will have to wait a month to get back.
Roma Godwin
17:54 31 Dec 17
The staff here are wonderful cat loving people! They helped my mom adopt an adorable calico. Please check it out if you are searching for a new furry friend.
Thomas An
08:26 08 Oct 17
This is a no-kill shelter for cats. It is small and unassuming, but very dedicated and knowledgeable staff. We adopted a kitty from and we're very pleased with the service and the experience.
Ms T
21:33 19 Aug 17
I shop at Chuck & Dons because I love meeting the cats from Angels With Paws! I've visited AWP main location to get their latest cat calendar, and can't resist cuddling the kitties. P.S. Be sure to check out their thrift store -- everything's under $5 and your purchases go directly to fund the care and feeding of rescued cats. I always find something amazing, even when I only have a minute to browse while dropping off some donated clothes. P.P.S. Ladies, if you're size 3/5 and looking for something to wear clubbing, I just donated my uber-glam LA wardrobe since I'm all married and boring now lol.
Roma Godwin
01:05 25 Jul 17
The cats are well cared for and the staff is kind and helpful. The adoption process was really simple. Thank you for connecting my mom with her new furbaby!
kara garcia
00:39 30 May 17
I volunteer here and love the cats as well as the staff. Great place to adopt a cute fur baby!
carl beard
22:34 06 May 17
How are you going to tell someone the cat came from Tennessee and refuse to consider adoption because we're moving to another state as we all know Colo is too expensive anymore.... wow.... I can say the animals were happy and unstressed, much better than the half dozen places we have visited. They should post all stupid stipulations on the front door as to not waste the patrons time!
Meghan Victoria
00:34 16 Mar 17
A friend of mine knows how gaga I am for cats, so she brought me here on my birthday. Not because I needed another cat (I WISH I could adopt another one.) but because she knew I would be so thrilled to just spend some time cuddling the cats in the shelter. The folks here were so kind and allowed us to spend quite a while hanging out with the cats. I definitely need to make it out that way again.
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