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20 E Madison Ave Cresskill NJ 07626
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Dena Guadalupe-Ray
15:47 06 Jul 18
Place your dog here 'at your own risk'. As a first time dog owner and first time needing to board him overnight, the staff, I can say, was kind. However the owner Elizabeth was not; she displayed horrible customer service. She clearly doesn't need any loyal customers. It appears my IG was taken care of but unfortunately I will not be giving this establishment any further business, thanks to the rude owner.
Anthony J. Avallone
16:36 27 May 18
Caring, trustworthy and great job!
Jay L
14:40 31 Mar 18
They take great care of my old Wheaton Terrier Francis and our young rescue Kiki
Dianne Naughton
16:59 01 Mar 18
The people are awesome and love animals. I use them for boarding and grooming and my dog always comes back looking great and mega happy! My previous dog also went to them too for 12 years! Both my current dog and my previous one are large breeds. They handled them both with no trouble.
Andrew MASS
20:56 04 Oct 17
Horrible. I took my dog here about 2 years ago(it took me so long to write this review because I didn't realize I could write one through Google, I do not usually write reviews EVER, in this case I've had to deal with the change in my dog that is heartbreaking every day I have to make sure i don't touch my dog in a spot that'll stress him out and cause him to snap). Bark avenue came highly recommend from an animal lovrr that I put my trust in when she recommended them. First, my dog Jackson NEVER had an issue with any groomer previously. Jackson used to absolutely LOVE getting washing and then dried with hair dryer at home , after he I picked up from Bark Avenue HE WAS NEVER THE SAME. It was veey onvious that Jackson was disoriented and extremely stressed when I picked him up, unlike I had ever seen him before. I know my dog very well and he was visible off and scared. I trained my dog to be comfortable with being touched anywhere on his body. The next time I went to wash Jackson after being groomed by Bark avenue he would shale, try to jump out of my hands when I tried to put him in the sink. When I finally got him in the sink he would bite me when I would start to lather him with soap. Then when I told try to dry him off he would run away and try to bite me again, and still continues to this very day. Since then I was blessed by Lisa @ SOMETHING TO WAG ABOUT in DUMONT and it is the only place that I trust and see rhat my dog is visibly NOT stressed or frightened before or after he is washed and groomed. This review is in NO way affliated with Something to wag about however, it was many months before I found a place that I felt comfortable enough to leave one of the absolute most important beings in my life alone with. I am reminded every single day of the horror and torture that Bark Avenue must have put my poor 10 pound Tibetan Spaniel through EVERY SINGLE TIME I have to be careful and watch how and where I pet my dog who was the most person friendly and living dog anyone could ever meet. SCREW YOU BARK AVENUE AND YOUR FILTHY FACILITIES , INSIDE AND OUT. NASTY EMPLOYEES, INEXPERIENCED IN HOW TO TREAT ANIMALS!!
Sobha Kavanakudiyil
13:33 27 Aug 17
Me and my dogs love it!
15:22 13 Jul 17
They are amazing
mo ben
19:07 28 Mar 17
I think they are very nice and accommodating.My dogs never complained and I would know!
Craig Barnett
13:59 11 Jul 16
We have been taking our dogs here for years. They have been incredible. Service has always been outstanding. The dogs come home looking immaculate. When we arrive, the dogs are always happy to be there, and when we pick them up, they appear happy and well taken care of. I highly recommend Barn Avenue.
18:01 28 Oct 15
This place has been awesome to us. During Hurricane Sandy they put up our three dogs and charged me nothing for the one night they had to stay until we got power back. My dogs love going there and I've never had a problem with them. In fact, I have boarded them there on more than one occasion.
Rani Cherian
02:43 14 Oct 15
I had a really bad experience at this place. The woman who runs this place was extremely rude and highly unprofessional. It was my first time boarding my dog and I had to, unfortunately, leave her for 2 weeks. Since it was our first time, I was adamant about having surveillance in her private room (as it is included in the price, but not all boarders get this advantage because not all rooms have the camera despite what is advertised). I called two times in the days leading up to us leaving our dog. One to make sure we have access to surveillance and the second time to let her know that I will be bringing her in within the hour. Of course, having never left my dog with anyone and having to leave her for 2 weeks, I was very nervous and needed some reassurance that she will be well taken care of. However, when I called just prior to taking her in, the manager, instead of assuring me, treated me in a very nasty and rude manner telling me "Didn't you already call here before? I can't say anything. If you don't think you're going to be comfortable leaving your dog with us, you need to take her somewhere else." No reassurance. No sympathy. I was obviously shocked and frustrated because she treated me in this manner the day I had planned on boarding my dog and I was to leave on a flight in just 4 hours. I will never do business with her and this company and I will not recommend it to anyone. The manager is rude, very unprofessional, and unable to empathize with a dog parent. She seems to try to get by with showing the minimal amount of care that will enable her to keep her business afloat. The complaints shown below do not surprise me at all.
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