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3400 N Halsted St Chicago IL 60657
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Rita Brown
16:15 06 May 19
Love it here, everybody is so Friendly and nice. Wide variety of clothing and oils.
10:44 01 May 19
Always find cool stuff there. The quality is is questionable at times but overall a cool shop.
Catey Condon
23:50 10 Apr 19
Such a fabulous variety! Perfect for costumes, vintage, drag, SHOES, and more! They even have costumes to rent in the basement
JT Babcock
11:33 08 Apr 19
Fun people, fun stuff. Check it out if you have never been there.
Hector Camacho
03:22 07 Apr 19
Fun Jam-Packed Accessories to express how amazing you are!!! Great selection of items to choose from. Even to decorate from your room interior to your Bicycle. I appreciate the wonderful and friendly staff. My first experience exceeded everything!!!
Diamond Taylor Brown
12:13 13 Feb 19
Great place to find unusual things
Michael Alexander
23:52 17 Jan 19
it is expensive for what you get. i always find what i need though. catch22
Luis Aparicio
20:06 20 Dec 18
Crazy funky store. Costumes wings shoes new and used.
Bree Harge
02:43 15 Nov 18
I came here for an interview, Slayed. They wanted me to come in to do a PAID test shift and see how I do... Never paid me. Came back the following day + week and got nothin but excuses. "the time card was missing, manager was missing, come back Wednesday and we'll probably have i-" it's already a minimum wage job. Quit lying, you can buy everything in the store from Wish for a fraction of what an hour of their paycheck would be.
Chris Dodge
05:06 09 Nov 18
Stopped in after ubering. First time ever. Really awsome colorful atmosphere and the staff was super friendly. Im deff bringing my friends to this place
Erich Grois
16:11 03 Nov 18
Mood rings! Costumes!! Great place!!! They have wigs for days, lots of accessories and friendly people. I went here twice over the Halloween holidays and we all got a sweet suite of wigs for the party. There’s a downstairs area with vintage outfits to rent, too. Dressing up and getting weird makes Jack a fun boy.
Gregory Simon
18:21 26 Oct 18
Interesting store weird staff in a good way huge selection of crazy stuff for the kinky in you
Mattress Budde
21:21 19 Sep 18
Love the selection! Every drag queens dream!
Neta Buczkowski
20:11 12 Sep 18
One of my favorite stores in Boystown. It's got a great selection of drag items/mtf clothing, cheap jewelry, fun costumes and pleeeenty of pride objects. They sell these cute little pride flag lapel pins.
Leonard Heard
00:52 25 Aug 18
Beatnix is a Great little Neighborhood Store in Boystown right Across the street from Roscoe's Bar & Dance Nightclub. They Have Nice, Funky Type items that lets you know that It's alright to be different. I Always find something that I like in Beatnix every time I shop there.
Dudley Diehl
05:19 23 Jul 18
This is a one of a kind bohemian used and new wild fashions of clothes, costumes, politically incorrect cards and trinkets, wigs, makeup, costume and playful jewelry, shoes including high heels for men, swimsuits, harnesses, multicolored suspenders, tux accents, etc where outragious is accepted and embraced. Prices are actually very low on cool stuff to embellish your attire any festive occasion from pride to birthdays to gogo boy to drag queen. It's always tempting and fun to peek at the merchandise. The store front windows are always a sight to be seen and clearly they have fun making every window display outrageous and eye catching.This store is an historic treasure of Boystown (Lakeview) at the busy popular bar intersection of Roscoe and Halstead streets. Staff are wonderful and really support helping you find what you might like. Great place to visit.
Vivien Rivera
03:26 02 Jul 18
Packed full of stuff, pride and drag/dress-up gear.
BiNk SaVaGe
06:27 11 Jun 18
Love this place but it is more for the lgbtq community but they have items for everyone.
lauren lerm
22:19 10 Jun 18
Always love popping in. Their stock turns over pretty quick and theres always something new to look at. Friendly staff, awesome finds, and very, very gay.
Benjamin Stopek
19:38 19 May 18
There's no other place quite like it. At times service can be a little slow because of this. Great place for cheap sun glasses and amazing heels. It's a good combination of costume elements for Queens, sex toys and strange accessories. I always stop by if I'm passing, even if the staff is a bit distracted at times.
Vitalia Vee
02:33 25 Mar 18
Completely unprofessional. I tried to get ahold of the manager for weeks in regards to a donation for a university cancer fundraiser and when I finally got a hold of them they hung up on me.
Sandy Laing
04:32 22 Mar 18
I live above the store and they are the rudest, most inconsiderate neighbors a person could have. They leave garbage in the basement, and in the alley, they play music at obnoxious volumes, they don't greet or treat customers kindly when they visit the store. The store itself is dirty, run down, and full of offensive costumes (culturally, racially, ethnically). They don't cooperate with the requests of the property management company. The owner/manager has hung up on me every time I have called to speak with him about the noise. I would encourage everyone to choose a different store and not to support people who treat their neighbors with such disrespect. If we want to live in a peaceful and kind world, we have to start locally. Please don't support and reinforce this type of ownership and behavior.
08:03 10 Mar 18
fabulous. this place gives me LIFE and everything needed to make it worth living. THE HAUS DOWN
Sherese Rawls
16:59 15 Dec 17
I love Boystown. Beatnix has any accessory for any occasion. The people there are do friendly and helpful.
Lorraina Martinez
15:50 11 Dec 17
Coolest shop I've been to. Was strolling by and drawn in by the vibrancy of the store. Even better experience with the fun employees.
Linda Vasquez
22:48 05 Jun 17
Staff is very helpful. I was looking for a hard to find piece for a costume and even though they didn't have it the staff made great suggestions and we're just very nice people.
Valerie Burquin
14:43 29 May 17
I love every time I come to Beatnix! The jewelry, woman's shoes, wigs, fun clothes, costumes and sexy apparel for men and women is so unique and colorful. Great finds!
Andrew DeVaughn
08:36 21 Mar 17
Best place for video head cleaner.. you know, when your video heads are filthy... You can restock very cheaply.
Anna Yuan
12:48 03 Dec 16
Amazing collection of stuff! For all your drag, stripping, go-go, costume, etc. needs. Definitely one of my favorite stores in Chicago. Also they have big-sized heels for you people that have a hard time finding those.
13:53 08 Feb 16
This is a must-visit shop every time I go to Chicago, which is annually. Its full of amazing clothes and accessories (new and vintage) for some the stuff of fantasy and imagination, for others the lifeblood of fun and colourful dressing. Downstairs is a treasure trove of vintage (you need escorted, which is fine) Upstairs from shoes (old and new, including boots designed for drag queens I'm sure) through wigs, furs, costumes and wild funky clothes this is a paradise for the people who want to dress up, and its not expensive at all. Never had any problem with the staff - always found them attentive - check your bag when you arrive. Great place - makes me smile every time I visit (every year for 10 years now) and I always come away with something for a great occasion. #Beatnix
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