154 Mamaroneck Ave, Mamaroneck, NY 10543
154 Mamaroneck Ave Mamaroneck NY 10543
(914) 630-1612(914) 630-1612

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Al J. Granda
18:35 30 Jan 16
Sick puppy mill dogs. Place is unsanitary, sick pups and are bought by brokers at auction. Please do not adopt (purchase ) a dog from any pet store. Go to a reputable breeder or shelter! I don't know can honestly give this disgusting place 5 stars. Either complete ignorance or friends with ownership.
Kevin New
15:08 03 Jan 16
I got a dog ralphie and we treat so good and he is a responsible dog and he is good
Jenny Arias
11:51 22 Sep 15
I went to Best breed a couple weeks ago. It smelled horrible in there. It did not have your typical pet shop scent. A couple of the dogs had pooped in their cubicle And was stepping in it. The girl working there was not doing anything but playing with her cell Phone. She was not tending to customers and more importantly she was not tending to the puppies at all! I don't know how she can get paid to sit in that awful smelling store. There was one puppy there I fell in love With.He was so calm and looked so sad. I wish I could bring him home with me.
Harold Block
02:06 11 Aug 15
The owner of this store has been arrested for animal abuse. If you buy from this store you are encouraging animal abuse.
Anna inNY
20:38 12 Jun 14
These pets come from puppy mills. If you want a pure breed - call a breeder and go to their house. Buying a puppy here is feeding the puppy mill industry which is beyond cruelty to animals. They let anyone come in and touch the pets, no sanitizer. They let puppies nip at each other and fight and dismiss it. They are in small box spaces and have nowhere to get exercise. Please google and read up on puppy mills and don't buy a dog here! This just tells the owner that people don't care how animals are treated and this keeps the vicious cycle going!
Nick Potter
22:27 27 May 14
Our family purchased a beautiful black and white Border Collie, Ruby. We treat Ruby as if she is our own child, sometimes a little better. We also purchased an amazingly loving American Domestic cat somewhere in between. We cannot imagine a life without our canine and feline family members. We could not be happier with our additions to the family and all that was made possible by Best Breed. We could not be more grateful for their service.
Tiffany H
17:52 18 Apr 14
I love coming to the Pet Shop. It is such a happy environment to be in. I love all the dogs, you have at your store. The puppies are so cute!
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