6455 N Decatur Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89131
6455 N Decatur Blvd Las Vegas NV 89131

Best Buy (computers & car stereo installation) customer ratings and reviews. Ever been in this place? Submit your comment and share your experience.

Accepts Credit Cards: Yes
Accepts Apple Pay: Yes
Parking: Private Lot
Bike Parking: Yes
Wheelchair Accessible: Yes
Gender Neutral Restrooms: Yes

Best Buy
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Cali Love
Cali Love
01:37 23 Jun 18
Best Buy, offers great appliances, electronics, music, movies, video games. You're able to test out, video games, test out tv's etc. They also offer desks and office chairs as well. The store is always, kept clean, the employee's are helpful and knowable. It'd be so nice, if they offered layaway! Especially during the Holidays! There's restrooms, they're kept clean. Plenty of checkstands, to get you checked out fast. I highly recommend this location. There's plenty of parking, along with handicapped parking as well!
bobo hays
bobo hays
22:54 15 Jun 18
Arron Elliott gave me excellent service he was very attentive and gave professional recommendations on the laptop of my choice. He recommended to have the computer delivered since it wasn’t at the store. Altogether it was a great experience. Anthony was also helpful.
Tom Higgins
Tom Higgins
03:17 14 Jun 18
I've shopped here many times and the staff has always been friendly and helpful. The only ding is the fact that at times it takes a bit too long to get someone's attention and have them offer that help. Four stars is my rating, if they could be more attentive to waiting customers I would go with five stars.
Kurt Brouwer
Kurt Brouwer
15:40 23 May 18
At my first visit to buy a samsung s8 plus and spend 750$ I was approached by a female employee. I told her I was interested to buy this phone and asked if she could show me one. She took her personal phone out of her pocket and put it in my face saying that now I saw it. Really? After looking for 5 minutes in a draw she told me she had a blue one that was returned and a new black one. Why would I buy a returned one? For the same price? I decided to leave. I came back after an hour and this time a guy helped me out. No attitude and professional. I love my phone.
John Allen
John Allen
00:04 12 May 18
I purchased a new 65" Samsung 4k television. Best Buy delivered it the next day which included set up and calibration. The salesperson was knowledgeable about the system but not pushy. The next day delivery was pretty amazing because I made the purchase at 6:30pm. From the time I chose the system I desired to the time I concluded the purchase was no more than 10 minutes. Finding this store was easy and there was ample parking.
Ace Smith-Reveron
Ace Smith-Reveron
11:20 05 Apr 18
Every time I have come here to ha e geek squad help me...its The Same Little girl who just can't help me. With products I bought from Best Buy! Every time. Sorry, I do not know. Can't fix it.. Ugh! Don't bother!
Vince Rymarchyk
Vince Rymarchyk
22:53 15 Mar 18
Best Buy was a great store about 20 years ago. If you're lucky enough to find what you're looking for on the Shelf then you're ahead of the game. If you actually need to ask somebody for help... Good luck. I stood in the store looking at empty shelves where PlayStation VR units we're supposed to be and could not find anybody to check stock. I even went so far as to call the store's main number and nobody answered. If you're into this kind of store you're in luck
Steven Crawford
Steven Crawford
14:32 03 Feb 18
When I was greeted at the door the employee was very nice and told me exactly where to go to find what I was looking for. After I got what I needed I proceeded to checkout. There was only one person checking out customers and he was with a customer. After about ten minutes of waiting it turned out that it wasn't a customer being helped, it was an employee and they were talking about some new game. The employee who I thought was a customer moved aside and allowed me to check out. I understand that if you get board at work and want to BS with a fellow coworker. However when people are waiting to check out maybe you should put it on hold. Other than that the store was clean and organized as expected.
Modenna Rueda
Modenna Rueda
23:12 21 Dec 17
Possibly worst customer service I have ever received. First I am aware of the time of year, so I know that everyone's busy. First walking in I was impressed with the amount of staff on the floor. I soon realized that was merely for show. My cousin and I waited in line for 10 mins prior to anyone acknowledging us, only when we asked if there was anyone going to assist they responded someone will be there shortly. My cousin was paying her credit card bill, she was paying in cash. They made her feel like some criminal checking the money, in a huddle staring obnoxiously instead of just marking it, like in a normal retail procedure.i am just not impressed at all with my experience and I highly doubt I will be returning.
fred orellana
fred orellana
22:43 20 Dec 17
Best Buy has the worst customer service help assistance in the store over phone the worst especial the by centennial the General Manager Is rude sarcastic Mo willing to help I came to purchase a bumpbox I found one open box when I took it I notices on top they have. Another for. Less price I ask if he can match the price and the answer was very sarcastic in other words Buy it or Get out of the store WORST place ever
Robert Dunham
Robert Dunham
18:26 30 Nov 17
What has happened to customer service is the reason Best Buy is failing, not because of the internet. I purchased a smart watch and then went through an hour long phone call to cancel the order. They confirmed the cancellation over the phone and lo and behold a week later, I get an email telling me it is available for pickup at the store and they have charged my card. Been trying to contact them by phone for 2 days now and can't get them to answer the phone. The local number only connects to their 800 system and there is no way to contact anyone at the local level. Yesterday, I tried to get a price match online and was told they could not do it because the item was on sale at the other store. What is the point of a price match policy if you don't match sale prices? I want to support brick and mortar stores, but it it is getting hard to do when they just don't get it. We still want to be treated with respect and the courtesy we deserve for spending money with them.
Cassia Costa
Cassia Costa
22:01 29 Nov 17
Terrible customer service!!! Don't buy anything there or you will regret later. After they get your money no one there cares, even if they are the ones that made the mistake. Worst experience I ever had. They changed my delivery date without talking to me and have my permission to do that. And I took a day off from work just to be there at the delivery date that I had scheduled.Now all they tell me is sorry. I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars at BB but not anymore
Mal Telloian
Mal Telloian
23:35 20 Aug 17
So far, I've bought a microwave oven, dryer, washer, refrigerator, smart phone, and now a new Mac laptop. They took the time to help me get adjusted to a Mac as I'd always had HP's with Windows, and that says a lot because I'm pushing 90 and not the sharpest tack in the box! ;o)
Kathleen O'Hagan
Kathleen O'Hagan
18:17 09 Aug 17
I'm a longtime Best Buy customer and really appreciate the associates. I've always found them to be knowledgeable and willing to patiently answer questions. If they don't know an answer they are willing to work to find it. I believe somebody is doing a good job making sure they know how to deal with customers, even grumpy ones. I REALLY appreciate Geek Squad, and have benefited from their expertise in the store and on the phone (and occasionally online). They really know what they're doing and they are so patient with me while I try to understand the technology that didn't exist outside of science fiction during my formative years. I shop there for everything tech-related, and I love recommending them to others because I know they'll have a good experience. I highly recommend Best Buy!
Beau Caldwell
Beau Caldwell
20:39 24 Jul 17
would be nice if someone answered the phone, been waiting for anyone from any dept. to pick up for over 20 minutes now (calling from multiple phones)30 minutes of ringing and no answer... I have a line ringing with sales, geek squad, and delivery/installation, nobody is answering...after an hour of waiting for someone to pickup on multiple phone lines i gave up, cancelled my order, and went with another company
Eric Romero
Eric Romero
06:06 09 Jul 17
I got into the store about 20 minutes before it closed and was in the market for a gaming laptop. One of the associates that worked there was highly knowledgable about computers (the young lady with the pink hair). She knew right off top of her head the specs and details of the computers I was looking at without reading the price tag description.I was able to buy my computer 10 minutes after 9 and she rung me up at the front. She was super patient with my wife and I really appreciate that. Thank you very much for your help.
Amanda R Fekete
Amanda R Fekete
01:40 01 Jul 17
Waisted 1 hr and half of my time, for on online purchase. Employees tried to accommodate me, but didn't put much effort into it. I odered online, was supposed to be available within an hour. Upon arrival, the product hadn't been pulled. So, I walked around store with my 20 month old daughter. Purchased speaker mounts and cell phone screen protector. Came back, it had been more than an hour, product was unable to be located. Only out-of-box was available, I paid for New. They couldn't tell me if one was on the way or not. 20 minutes later, when one of the employees walked to the back to talk to someone about it, all of a sudden the availability was cancelled. I ended up having to cancel purchase, which was gift for my husband.
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