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Kumiko Kitagawa
06:44 18 Apr 19
I love the FOSTER program. Megan takes care of all the dogs so well. She will give you the dog both work to you and the dog:) I foster the dog for adoption and drop the dog everyday:)You could drop the dog 7am~11am or a little bit later. Pick up 6pm~6:30pm.Always come here to pet when I pass Sugarhouse:)
Taylor Warner
19:32 13 Apr 19
Such a nice staff and a beautiful organization. They helped my best friend get a cat and we're so understanding and patient with all of our questions! They also have the best interest of the animals at heart, which is a wonderful plus. I highly recommend checking them out the next time you want to adopt an animal.
Brittany Martin
06:56 28 Mar 19
Adopted my cat from here a little over two weeks ago! He's the sweetest thing! All of their cats that I've interacted with are so kind and have had different sorts of touch training. You can go and meet the cats and hang out with ones you like one on one. I definitely recommend adopting from here!
Eric Carlisle
05:50 14 Mar 19
My partner and I had a great experience here. We adopted a cat who is now loving her new home. She had some after care because she had a small infection, but the adoption team and veterinary staff were accommodating and thorough throughout the entire process.
Emily Bagley
00:06 16 Feb 19
I adopted a sweet cat here yesterday. The staff was very attentive and honest about the challenges and natures of the cats in which I expressed interest. It was clear that they knew their animals well. I was able to spend time alone with my potential adoptie and it was just what I needed to make an informed decision. It was such a positive experience!
Amanda Murphy
14:13 03 Feb 19
No kill animal shelters are the way to go! Best Friends are so much cleaner and more inviting than the county shelters. The animals are there to see during the day then go home to a loving family at night till they're adopted.
Jake Fouts
23:15 04 Dec 18
This place was great, especially considering what they have available as far as location goes. They are in Salt Lake Proper, so no yard space. Their animals are clean and cared for. The associates and volunteers there care about the animals and finding a good home for them. I would recommend here if you are looking to help a dog. But if you want a specific species or personality, this is not the best place. It is small and does not have a lot of dogs at a time, only around 10 or 12.
Angie Johnson
00:46 08 Aug 18
The staff was great to answer my questions and provide me with information on adoption. It's obvious that the staff members love animals and they love what they do!
Blue Fire
01:34 07 Aug 18
This place is Great! I feed community cats and they help me. They give me food and such. They also have given me 4-5 bags each time I went of dog food when I told them that I go to the senior community center and that there's low income seniors whom could use dog food. I've always picked up treats to hand out to all the dogs which is nice for them and there owners. I brought applications back a while back and handed them out to those in need. I actually had to fill out the applications online and since I was going to pick up food I picked up food for 5 other people. The employees are very kind. You can volunteer there and help all those animals we all love so much.
Aubrey Bennett
18:15 04 Aug 18
They did a really good job fixing my cat. She was back to normal fairly quickly and had no problems with the incision. Only downside to this location is the floor was super sticky and that kinda grossed me out...new cleaning solution maybe??
Kyle Bata
03:49 11 Jul 18
I have been a volunteer here on the clean-up crew for about a month now and have enjoyed it! The staff that works there is always amiable and willing to help when I have questions. You can tell how much they care about the animals which then makes me want to leave the place sparkling! I look forward every week to being able to do my part to help the NKUT effort :)
Susan Catton
02:22 06 Jun 18
Our May 26-27th, 2018 visit was amazing! We toured the Sanctuary and volunteered to work with the dogs for 2 half days. This was our grandson's 13th birthday vacation (his choice). The staff were welcoming, friendly and committed to the Best Friends cause...caring for and saving animals. We were impressed with the cleanliness of the entire property. It's well organized, efficient and professional. The dogs have a wonderful place to call home while they await adoption, they are loved and well cared for. I will continue to support this organization. I hope you will too.
Pete Lauber
15:12 25 Dec 17
Awesome place to adopt your new best friend or even spend a little time with the animals.
Carie Higgins
17:58 03 Nov 17
We took our uncle's cat to the Orem clinic to get neutered and vaccinated. The cost was much lower than the Humane Society and we were able to have it done on a Saturday. I was very nervous about the surgery but he did fine. The cat had been treated for ear mites 3 weeks prior but they double checked and found he still had them. They gave him another treatment and went above and beyond by cleaning out the gunk in his ears. I believe they truly care about animals. I had email and phone communication with them beforehand. They were very professional and answered all of my questions.
Lisa Palazzolo
04:56 05 Oct 17
The only animal aid society I ever contribute to. I love every thing about them!
Dona Ganzorig
03:47 29 Aug 17
I've been a part of their foster program and have had a very positive experience with them. This organization does a great, generous job looking after pets in need. I would definitely recommend adopting/fostering from them and donating.
Amanda Llewellyn
01:14 29 Aug 17
I bought a kitty from this shelter and they are so amazing if you ever want to adopt an animal I highly recommend this place! They are so caring to all of there animals I could tell every staff member truly and genuinely cared about all the animals! They are a non kill shelter they take really good of the animals the place is very clean the animals are very clean the staff is very nice! And if you are looking to put your animal up for adoption I would definitely recommend best friends they are so caring and sweet they will definitely take good care of them.
Annemarie Plaizier
23:22 20 Jul 17
I was expecting a bigger collection of animals to see, but after talking with one of the staff members and learning how they do their adoption process it makes more sense. This is more of a "satellite" location, and they get their animals from shelters, rather being like a central shelter location itself. Nothing wrong with that, just not what I'd expected. The place was spotless! I loved the cat rooms that you could go and play with them before you pick them out. The staff was super nice too and are good to help you interact with a pet before taking it home to make sure it's a good fit. Would definitely recommend as a place to pick out a pet. :)
David Rudger
22:55 05 Jul 17
I have adopted Animals from here and all of them have died after one year I don't think that is a coincidence! I have had other pets for 10 years and 5 years I have adopted from other shelters that are doing just fine! I have had friends adopt animals from here with similiar experiences NEVER returning to adopt another animal from this place just to fall in love with it and have it die!
abhishek gajra
23:36 20 Jun 17
Nice and cute rescue cats and dogs. Please check.out the awesome pets they have for adoption
angela kerns
15:57 04 Jun 17
How do you give a bad review. It's clean and friendly. They help animals. That's fantastic
Taylor Lamb
15:25 01 May 17
I love best friends animal shelter! You can adopt here as well as a number of other things. It's right next to Sugar House Coffee in case you get the caffeine craving kick while you are visiting with the puppies. I want to adopt from here SO bad. They do a number of different love adoption things at different locations and it's always a good time. They care about every animal that walks in and that doesn't walk in, good people with plenty of love to give!
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