23 Brandt Ln, Bloomingdale, NJ 07403
23 Brandt Ln Bloomingdale NJ 07403
(973) 838-2220(973) 838-2220

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Mathew Alaya
14:05 11 May 17
Helpful and caring.
Matt Ricucci
18:03 15 Oct 16
Denied three times cause this woman thinks she know who I am and judges u on the way u look thinks she knows a person by what she sees and apparently she knows how much money u make very bad judge of character she says she would rather have a dog sleep in a cage for weeks than give it to a warm home because she apparently thinks I live paycheck to paycheck
Ethan Gries
23:36 17 Aug 15
This place lies about all they do and they don't walk their dogs. I'm disappointed in them all around. Also the animal control woman that we dealt with is all over with what she says and contradicts herself constantly.
Krux Valle
02:32 06 Aug 15
They are very kind and helpful!!!!! God bless them! !!
Robert Zaentz
17:03 24 May 15
No doubt one of the best "no kill" animal shelters around!!! We adopted a beautiful Border Collie/Spaniel mix named "Cotton- Eye" Joe from them in 2011. We decided to adopt another dog in early 2015 to our growing "pack" and did not hesitate in making Bloomingdale our first choice while searching. We ended up adopting a small Saluki mix named Barbie who has turned out to be a wonderful addition. She gets along well not only with Joe, but also with Bailey, our Beagle/Jack Russell Terrier mix. The people who run this shelter genuinely care about all of their animals and show extraordinary patience with prospective adopters. Their priority is to make certain that proper matches are made by being totally truthful in describing their cats and dogs, as well as other "critters" that may be in their care. Thank you Ellen for allowing our family to adopt two amazing and extraordinary dogs and "best of luck" this coming September at your new facility.
21:22 28 Jan 15
They treat their animals with love and care. Nice people and lovely animals!
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