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Blum Animal Hospital veterinarian ratings and reviews. Ever been in this place? Write your review and share your experience.

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Marcia Slomowitz
21:07 10 Feb 19
Just took my pup for a vaccination at Blum Animal Hospital today. The moment we walked in, the place was spotless, with separate entrances for dogs and another for cats. Attuned to anxiety the pets may experience, they offered (free) bandannas with pheromones for calming. The staff was caring and knowledgeable, relaying detailed information about potential side effects of the vaccination (which are uncommon).I would heartily recommend Blum Animal Hospitals for veterinary care.
Russell Lee
18:34 03 Feb 19
15 years.. lots of vets come and go at Blum, but each and every one treated us and our sweet boy amazingly with attention, care and compassion. From his first shots at twelve weeks to his last breath yesterday.. thank you for all that you do for animals and their owners! Definitely be back when we get our next puppy.
E Green
00:30 14 Jan 19
Best vet ever. They clearly love my silly yet adorable dog and work around her quirks. The Cheese Muzzle is a stroke of brilliance. Love all the doctors and staff here, they clearly love what they do. And put our minds at ease about keeping these little beasts that share our lives healthy and happy.
Kris DeVries
21:30 06 Jan 19
This place is the greatest. Separate entrance for cats and dogs and if your pup is sick, you skip the waiting room and wait in a private room instead to avoid spreading the illness. They have treats, water, calming blankets with the pheromones, non slip covers, etc. They have really thought of all details and implemented everything possible to put your pet at ease. They also encourage random drop ins for treats and love to help your pet feel less anxious about the vet. The workers and doctors have all been excellent as well. Friendly and caring and patient. I love this vet and won’t go anywhere else.
April Hiller
16:33 06 Jan 19
Every other vet I go to in Chicago is all about dogs (which I love), but I have a cat. And Dr. Cohen knows cats! He has cats. He loves cats. I always have a great experience with this whole office.
meghan matlin
14:13 14 Dec 18
Dr.Marks is by far one of the most compassionate vets I have met. She takes the time to answer all your questions even when you can tell (by the number of people checking in the room) that she is busy. She is thoughtful of what she says when explaining difficult news. All of the staff here have always been wonderful. Very happy with this group.
Katie N
15:12 03 Dec 18
I knew from the first appointment that Blum was going to treat my pup like family. From the people behind the desk who greeted us upon arrival to the person who escorted us to the room for Brando to have his yearly check up and shots to the vet, everyone was fully invested in getting to know Brando and making sure he was as comfortable as possible. Even when a recent emergency struck, it was near closing time on a Friday night and the staff welcomed us with open arms, took Brando back to be looked at, thoroughly investigated the wound on his foot, cleaned and bandaged him up without making us feel like we were keeping the team there late on a Friday night. I would send anyone with a four-legged best friend to Blum because everyone is treated as priority number 1! Brando and I love you all at Blum.
Catherine Wieczorek
00:28 02 Dec 18
My dog loves to visit Blum! They take wonderful care of him. The staff is always friendly and accommodating. Also, the hospital is always clean and welcoming.
Raminta K
17:41 20 Nov 18
Our Ophie loved this vet! The vet we saw really took time and effort to get to know our pup (and feed her peanut butter) to stay calm for an ear cleaning. Also really appreciated a personalized thank you from them we received a week after out visit. Will be coming here again when it's time.
Marcella Flowers
15:37 09 Nov 18
I have been taking my dog here since I moved to Chicago in 2016 and have always had great service. I recently went in for an appointment and realized afterwards that I had to have my car towed from out front, they were so nice about letting me and my dog wait in their office, use the restroom, offering drinks and really going above and beyond with friendliness and service! They always recognize my beagle when we are there and give her so much love. I recommend this place to anyone!!
Katie Keiser
15:51 06 Nov 18
One of my biggest concerns when adopting Cliff only a few short months ago was finding a vet that I could trust. Blum Animal Hospital made this easy! From the moment I called to schedule my appointment, I was treated like a VIP customer. The receptionist was warm and welcoming. I actually needed to visit the vet 10 days before my scheduled appointment due to a small emergency. They were able to squeeze me in 30 minutes later! Dr. O'Reilly was kind, reassuring, and informative! She made sure to explain all procedures and get my consent ahead of time. I will be going to Blum for all of my animal needs - highly recommend!
Matt Allerton
21:56 11 Oct 18
Blum is the best. Only place I will trust to take care of my lovable mutts! Great staff, fear free trained to give your pet a great experience. I cannot give enough praise to this vet!
Kristen Klipfel
20:21 03 Oct 18
My dog was in and out within a matter of minutes. The staff were terrific and answered all of my questions. I appreciated being able to schedule with a technician for a shot, rather than have to wait to see a vet for such a simple procedure. Great facility!
Hilary Cromwell
19:52 01 Oct 18
I am never surprised by the effort and ability to go above and beyond that Blum offers their pets and pet owners. They are so quick to shuffle around their doctors schedules to fit in your sick animal and ease your mind. From setting up an appointment, to the kind greeting you receive every time to the professionalism of all front office, nursing, and medical staff they are absolutely remarkable at their job. I am always pleased when I leave Blum and although I have moved a greater distance from their vet office, I still find them irreplaceable and make the trek to lakeview to have my dog seen by the cities best veterinary clinic.
Theresa Padilla
16:59 05 Sep 18
Went yesterday for a checkup for the first time and I, as well as my pup, loved it. The staff was super friendly and the pricing was completely fair. Super convenient free parking and separate wait area for dogs and cats. My pup was a little nervous since this was his first vet visit ever but the staff did everything possible to try to make him feel safe and comfortable.
Paul Haschke
16:38 04 Sep 18
The Dr. was amazing. She listened thoughtfully about my problem, discussed previously sent blood work on my dog, and explained everything thoroughly. We both had an inkling that it was cancer, so she said let's do an x-ray first to confirm and go from there. No other needless tests, and everything was quick and efficient. This is why I have been receiving pet care at BLUM Animal Hospital since 1993!
Briant Daniel
14:03 01 Sep 18
I have been taking our 2 mini Dachshunds here for years. They have had numerous medical procedures done and it’s cost thousands. That part doesn’t bother me, I know they are expensive but when I leave I feel they got the best care. To me it’s worth the money. I love Blum and their staff. Here is why the 2 star review. Took them in for 2 nail grinds. $69 !?!?!? Blum, love you guys but that is absurd!!Kriser’s at Belmont and Kenmore does the same service for $36 for both pets.
Jon Brockelman
01:37 10 Aug 18
I have been going to Blum since 2001. Dr Georgesen has been there pretty much the whole time. She always greets me with a smile and a hug and addresses my concerns with compassion and a sense of humor when it's called for. I arrived early for my appointment yesterday and didn't wait to long before Toby and I were taken back to the room. Toby got his checkup and shots and we were out in less than 40 minutes.I can't imagine taking my pet anywhere else. When I call with questions the staff is helpful and friendly. When I bring my dog for appointments it's always a very pleasant atmosphere (even if my dog is being disruptive). What can I say? I love Blum! They are the best.
Julia Sadove
15:16 30 Jun 18
Blum has taken such good care of my puppy, Alfred, who has needed to come into the vet office more often than I’d like. Each time he is greeted by friendly, well-organized team members who seem happy to help him. We have seen three of the doctors so far and all three were professional, caring and took the time to answer all of my questions and to follow up with us as needed. The customer service and technology through the online services is excellent too. I highly recommend Blum!
Alex Leary
04:21 18 Jun 18
We had a crazy situation... we were passing through Chicago on a road trip and our dog got a crazy injury that needed immediate attention. I found the first highly rated vet on Google that was close by and called. They were so kind and helped squeeze in our dog into their busy schedule. Everything was incredibly efficient the moment we got there. They went out of their way to get everything done that day and to try and accommodate the fact that we'd still be traveling in the car. The doctor and technicians clearly cared very deeply, even though we weren't regular patrons. Would definitely recommend to anyone.
Rebecca Hosley
22:00 16 Jun 18
I love taking my cat to Blum Animal Hospital. They really add a lot of extra touches to make the experience as calming as possible for pets, including separate entrances and waiting areas for cats and dogs. I also liked that they add calming scents to the towels used on the exam table, and offer treats - although my cat could not care less about that, I'm sure most appreciate it. Thanks for being awesome, Blum!
William Kearney
01:47 15 Jun 18
The most valuable asset for a vet is trust, and Dr. Baker has earned my trust completely. She is always thoughtful, kind and thorough. She's responsive to all my inquiries and always ready to do what is best for my dogs (even if that means staying late on a Friday when I messed up and let my pup pull out one of her stitches.)The staff is also equally kind and professional. Blum is not the cheapest animal hospital in the city, but as long as Dr. Baker is there I'm happy to pay the premium to rest easy knowing my dogs receive the best possible care.
Tahnee Lacey
13:09 14 Jun 18
Reasons I love Blum:1) The vets and all staff are so nice!2) They provide your pet with Feliway, pet friendly music, and treats to calm them during their visit.3) They send your pet home with a new toy sometimes.4) They don’t judge your cat for being fat.Also, they offer referrals so if you end up there tell them I sent you! 😝
Leigh Anne Sokalsky
04:10 20 May 18
All the staff are incredible at Blum, but Dr Baker is INCREDIBLE!!!! She is and has been amazing with my cats and is so warm, caring and nurturing even when times are tough. She treats each pet she sees like they are her own. Every penny is worth it to go to Blum and to see Dr Baker.
J Anderson
14:48 17 May 18
After 26 years of taking my pets to Blum Animal Hospital my opinion of their excellent service is higher than ever. From the greeting when we come in the door until we leave they are unfailingly polite and professional. The vets and staff will explain things in as much detail as I need and are always supportive, providing options and recommendations for care. The practice is constantly evolving to reduce stress and raise the comfort level of both patients and their people. I cannot recommend them too highly.
Tara Kennedy
17:01 05 May 18
We love Blum! They were so helpful and sympathetic when our previous pet passed away. We recently got two new cats and we brought them to Blum right away. Everyone is welcoming, professional, and knowledgeable. We always feel certain that our pets will get the best care and that we can ask as many questions as we have! We see Dr. Baker, who is awesome and very accessible!
Meagan Bechel
01:35 04 Apr 18
We've been going to Blum for several years now and I've yet to have a bad experience. The vets and techs are all wonderful - caring, patient, and well-informed. Everything about the experience is easy, from scheduling to the actual appointment itself. They've got an online portal that's very useful and their waiting room is split for cats and dogs. The appointments are pricey ($100-300 depending on vaccines), but I still think it's worth it. Top notch, a practice that I'd recommend to anyone 👍
Candice Peters
16:30 01 Mar 18
We have been taking our dog here for over 4 years to see Dr. Baker. This place is absolutely amazing. They are true professionals who really care about your animal. Dr. Baker is so great with our dog Ghost and I can tell she really cares and wants what is best for her. There is no where else in Chicago that has better patient and customer care for your pet!
Cassandra Hubka
15:12 21 Dec 17
A star for cleanliness. Be careful when going to this vet. They take advantage of your love for your pet so they can force expensive services/tests on you that you do not need. They do this every time, but this time was the last straw for me. I went in because my dog had diarrhea for a week and needed a prescription/food/something to make it stop. The vet ended up performing a test and cleaning on her ears after I said nothing was wrong with her ears. I was right. He found nothing. That was an additional $130 on top of other unnecessary items that he basically ignored me saying no to. Maybe I should have pushed harder, but that shouldn’t be necessary. He then told me I needed to schedule her for a teeth cleaning, presumably because the file said that from last time (note this service is around $600+ and requires the dog be put under). He clearly didn’t care that her teeth are spotless, because what he didn’t know was that I went to a different vet for a teeth cleaning just 1 month ago for a quarter of the price they were going to charge. I’ve been taking my dog here for 4 years and each time I walk away a little upset at the extraordinary prices, but this was the last straw. I will never go back there again. I absolutely would not recommend taking your pet here. They will take advantage of you in every way they can find.
Robert Edelstein
04:45 20 Dec 17
We have been going to Blum for a long time. All the vets are highly qualified and competent and the assistants/techs/staff are all incredibly helpful and friendly. It's modern and clean. Only qualm is that it is pricey. You want the best, pay the price. I think they are worth the money as the service is first class and the doctors are excellent.
Rachel Raven
20:33 16 Dec 17
I've taken both my cats here after a questionable experience (and apparently being WAY overcharged) by another vet closer to my place (hate naming names but, Broadway Animal Hospital). Both visits I was BLOWN away by this place! They have separate waiting rooms for dogs and cats, treats in the waiting room and the friendliest desk staff ever! (Tons of free goodies too, like calendars and whatnot).The kitty I took in today had hyperthyroidism (which was treated by radio iodine 6 months ago) and is still showing symptoms even after having a cleared blood panel two months ago). Anyway, he pooped himself on the way there (poor baby) and they cleaned him up, gave me a new pheromone laced towel and a ton of treats and toys to help him calm down (FOR FREE). The vet assistant was the sweetest chick ever! She was extremely gentle and treated my baby as if he was the best cat in the world (which he is, but ya know)Dr Arbogast was AMAZING! She truly set my mind at ease and was very honest about what needed to be done to figure out what is causing my cats symptoms. We had blood work and a urinalysis completed and (I kid you not) it was literally HALF of what I paid for the same testing at Broadway! She even gave me a prescription to help with his traveling issues (pooping... so much pooping!) which is the first time a vet has EVER offered to help me with that (he's 13 and we've been to a lot of vets!).All in all, believe the good reviews!! This place is by far THE BEST vet I've ever gone to!I have also seen Dr Cohen, and he was equally incredible! I even got a hand written note from him a few days after my appointment with my other cat! Such a great place, they truly care about your fur babies here and WONT nickel and dime you! I'll definitely be back! Thank you Blum!
Esteban Izquierdo
16:39 08 Dec 17
Can't thank enough what Blum Animal Hospital has done for my dog Ramon. He was in terrible pain on his teeth, and the only place that really took care of him and made arrangements to see him immediately, was Blum Animal Hospital. Dr. Hudson was amazing with him, and we can't thank him enough. He explained in detail all that was going on with him, and helped him right away. 2 weeks later he is back to the happy dog he always has been. You will see a lot of places that say they care of your pets well being, but not all will move things to actually help them. Blum did that for us and we are forever grateful, I literally called all the city and most of the places would give me appointments a week or 2 weeks ahead. Staff, Doctors and the whole will make you feel at home. I never write reviews, but this was something I needed to share my experience with anyone that loves their pets as much as my wife and I.
Katie Matthews
02:24 23 Nov 17
Dr. Baker is the best!! After experiencing poor service at two other clinics in Chicago (Uptown and Duke Animal Hospitals) we’ve never been more impressed with the service that Blum provides. We feel like our pup is finally getting the love, dedication, and care she needs and deserves. We would recommend Blum to anyone without a doubt!!
Matthew Cowan
20:00 17 Aug 17
Just moved to the neighborhood and they got us in as a new patient same-day after a small emergency. Very clean/welcoming place, friendly staff and doctors. One of the few vets in the city where I didn't feel as if they were trying to up-sell me on products and services.We were going to keep going to our old vet on the other side of the city because we had such a hard time finding a good vet in the first place. After this experience, we'll get our care here, near our new apartment.
Beverly Clark
19:17 07 Aug 17
Blum has become my cats' main vet clinic since it's nearby, and they're always very friendly. However, they are quite costly. My most recent visit was for a simple rabies vaccine, which ended up costing $175 for everything. Granted, they also gave him an anti-histamine in case he had a bad reaction to the shot, but it was about $20, as well as $15 for ear cleaner. My previous vet had just included the anti-histamine for free, which at $150 for everything else, would have been nice here, too.I've edited my review and deleted the comments about the wait time because they reached out to me after this post. I appreciate their attempt to alleviate my concerns.Again, they're friendly people and seem to care about your pets, and I did like Dr. Baker when we saw her. The only caveat to coming here is the higher prices.
Mary Hildebrandt
12:57 22 Jul 17
The Vets and techs here are very friendly and personable. They treat my dog super well, and have ample treats for during the check ups. The service prices are pretty high, though probably on par with other city vets. There's free parking for customers in a back alley.
Cassie Craven
14:21 14 Jul 17
This was our first visit to Blum and the staff was super friendly from start to finish. My doggo received a nice frozen peanut butter cup to calm her down while the doc was taking a look at her and they also gave her a free toy because it was her first visit. I received her lab results within a day via a personal email from the doc which was nice, and when I replied, concerned about a bruise on her chest, the doc replied back quickly letting me know it was where her blood was taken and that it should be gone within a week. I would definitely recommend taking your animals to Blum! The staff and Dr. Hudson are absolutely wonderful!
Karen Shenefelt
20:17 25 May 17
Blum Animal Hospital is by far the best vet I have taken my dogs. The entire staff is friendly and the facility is always clean. They move quick to get you back but the veterinarian takes their time with you in the room. Dr. Evans is the best I've had and extremely thorough! I leave happy every visit. Thank you Blum..........your simply the best! :)
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Mrs Prindables invented the Gourmet Caramel Apple over thirty years ago using only the finest of ...
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First Fence Company designs and installs attractive, long-lasting residential fences and commerci...
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ValoreBooks is a leading provider of innovative solutions throughout the textbook industry. We of...
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Stateway Auto Transport provides door to door premium, standard and express auto shipping service...
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Get Personal Prophecy for your bright fortune by personal prophecy today in Australia. Here you w...
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Our services at Gate Options include new installation, repair service and upgrades to existing ga...
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Chicago Tag & Label offers the industry’s most innovative print solutions when it comes...
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