1054 N Broad St, Bloomfield, NJ 07003
1054 N Broad St Bloomfield NJ 07003
(973) 893-0990(973) 893-0990

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Frank Alvarez
01:41 29 Mar 19
They were holding a cat adoption program the last time we went there. My kids held the kittens and had a lovely Q and A session with the owners.
Janie Gastaldi
07:49 01 Mar 19
Great local pet shop. They carry a good selection of quality dog food. Friendly, helpful workers.
Colin McCarthy
20:36 18 Feb 19
Best local pet store. They have a great range and good prices. Support small businesses!
Johanna bensi
01:55 03 Jan 19
The amazing Staff at Brookdale pet center are courteous and knowledgeable. I highly recommend to shop there.
Fredrick Gardin
00:06 20 Dec 18
Nice folks who clearly love animals.
Stephanie Shapiro
20:08 27 Sep 18
Seemed to knowbwhat they were talking about a little expensive
Michael Martini
13:31 19 Aug 18
A friendly local pet shop with all the essentials and a fun assortment of little critters to "adopt" (purchase). Always pleasant & helpful staff.
Glorivette Ethan
01:50 15 Aug 18
My son won a goldfish at his camp which brought us to this store to get the fish! Staff was nice and friendly especially to my six year old who had a billion questions. We walked in to get a goldfish and we ended up walking out with the goldfish and a lion main Rabbit. Lol they do adoptions and the process was smooth and easy. Their prices are a bit high as well as the adoption fees however you have to remember you are paying for convenience of a local shop. I rather pay a bit more than travel father.
Elizabeth Leonard
19:23 25 May 18
Great staffpeople, very friendly, good selection. We love shopping here for our dog, two cats, and fish.
Mary Ann Mehegan
06:01 01 Mar 18
A pet store with everything you need. I like that it has a local feel, not like a huge chain, but has all the inventory you need. Warm, helpful staff.
Haliemarie Ungermah
00:13 06 Feb 18
I bought a fish 3 weeks ago and I tried to clear up his disease. I had a filter and everything but he died anyways. I wouldn’t recommend getting the fish there but maybe the other stuff is good
James Garner
04:22 24 Jan 18
Great small shop that had covered all bases for over 20 years
David 712
08:36 10 Jan 18
Great friendly staff
Latin Rican
12:32 12 Dec 17
Specializing in pet foods you won't find at a chain pet food store. Small but well stocked. The store is clean. The fish tanks are sparkling and the one cockatiel bird is very sweet. The staff is friendly and helpful. The only drawback is parking. Only street parking is available and this is a busy road with lots of shops and restaurants.
Linda Eve
23:14 19 Sep 17
Staff is friendly helpful and knowledgeable. The store has only healthy food options and safe toys, etc for your pet. So glad I found this place! :)
George Mello
15:16 24 Jul 17
It is a good experience
Glenn Gargiulo
04:17 17 Jun 17
I had heard this place carried the raw food we feed our cat. Seeing that it is much closer then the other pet store where I usually purchased it i decided to give it a try.Parking is a bit of a pain in the ass here. But once I found a spot in found that not only do they carry my cats food but a much greater selection then the other place.Not only did they have my cat's food but the two young men who worked there were very helpful and knowledgeable.They gave me samples of other flavors of my cats food. Outstanding service. I will definitely be giving them my business for now on.
Gail Pecoriello
00:25 06 Jun 17
Always helpful. Good variety of holistic let food. Friendly staff
guy anello
15:39 05 Feb 17
Very friendly, want to help, willing to order anything you're looking for.
Conor McNamara
14:54 02 Jan 17
Great staff. Super helpful and patient.
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