10305 SE 82nd Ave, Happy Valley, OR 97086
10305 SE 82nd Ave Happy Valley OR 97086

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Car Toys Happy Valley (mobile phones, car stereo installation, auto detailing) customer ratings and reviews. Ever been in this place? Submit your review and share your experience.

Car Toys
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Anna Lancaster
Anna Lancaster
15:42 14 May 18
Update: i picked up my truck and it looks and sounds absolutely amazing!!! Big shout out to Brian for the amazing installation and clean job. The stains on my seats are gone and i cannot see 1 dog hair. I know that wasn’t an easy job. Everyone i dealt with was friendly and professional. BIG BIG thank you to Brian and Jessica!!!!went in to Car toys yesterday knowing what i wanted the equipment to do but had no clue what i needed. Jessica walked me through every step and helped me pick out everything. She was very patient, friendly and knowledgeable. They were even able to get my truck right in and do same day install, i had to leave it there overnight and cannot wait to see (hear) the finished product.
Brant Scheibner
Brant Scheibner
03:50 14 May 18
Had a great experience. Had a full system installed in my Subaru. Both installers were very knowledgeable and love what they do. Very happy with my purchase. Install was super clean. A little pricey but you get what you pay for. Would definitely recommend this place. I read a lot of negative reviews about people not being helped right away, but to me i don't want to feel like I'm walking into a used car lot when in trying to buy stereo stuff. All the sales staff were really nice.
Heather Guy
Heather Guy
21:27 12 May 18
I recently went into car toys to get a new radio and also ended up getting new speakers, along with the radio. Their salesman Cameron was very helpful with helping me find exactly what I needed plus more. My radio system sounds amazing now and I couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend car toys for anyone looking to upgrade their cars! Service was great!
Michael Tulipat
Michael Tulipat
21:58 27 Apr 18
I bought the Groupon for $100 and add $66 for stemming my seats. Don’t give me an expectation that the stains will lift up. If your going to do a poor job at least vacuum some of the hard to reach places. Too long of a wait. I dropped my car at 9am and picked it up at 7pm. I would try another place for detailing. Not worth $166 and an all day wait.
Galin McMahon
Galin McMahon
19:44 14 Mar 18
I have a 2016 Crosstrek with factory radio. When the car was brand new I paid Car Toys a lot of money to install an amp and wiring. Ever since, the left rear speaker hasn't worked and there has been a high pitch hum. I replaced the amp recently because my old one was stolen. Same issues persisted. I took my car in to Car Toys to get it fixed and even though they installed the wiring, they refused to honor their warranty because I swapped amps (the problem is the wiring, NOT the amp.) They told me that the line converters they sold me (for like $60 each for 3) were junk and that's part of the reason for the noise. At no point did I shop based on price. I want it to sound good but of course they insinuated that I was lying and insisted that they always offer multiple options (they didn't...they told me what I needed and I approved it.) They did do the work to fix the problems (very fast - less than an hour) and charged me for it...but neither of the problems actually got fixed. Now they want me to go there AGAIN and pay them AGAIN to do what should have happened when they installed the amp the very first time. Needless to say, I am looking for a competent installer right now.
Nabiel Azar
Nabiel Azar
04:49 09 Mar 18
I got great service at this place and felt like the store manager really went out of his way to make sure my new stereo system was working well. I would highly recommend this place. The quality of the work they did in putting together my sub-box was top notch. Even when I had some issues with the radio the manager was willing to help me try to figure out how the android car function would work since I was such a noob at it :) Wish you guys the best.
Ryan stearns
Ryan stearns
18:27 04 Jan 18
These people are SHADY! They sold me the wrong cable harness and when I returned they tried to upsell me a 150$ installation fee to bypass my factory amp. I went down the street, bought the correct harness, and it works like a charm. If I listened to car toys I would have spent $250+ for an inferior sound system. I WOULD STRONGLY ADVISE EVERYONE TO AVOID CAR TOYS AT ALL COSTS!
Travis Devore
Travis Devore
23:17 02 Jan 18
This specific car toys on 82nd av, near king road is fantastic!!!Ryan did an excellent job on my install of a navigation, amp, rear camera, alarm, new speakers, 110 power hook-up, and much more!Managers Amber, & Bobby took great care of me at the counter, finding every discount & adjusting the over all cost for me to make sure that I left happy & I did!Thank youRyan, amber, and Bobby!
Michael Minyard
Michael Minyard
18:28 01 Jan 18
Bought a Kenwood amp to replace a cheap SSL one. Hooked it up and it played for a few minutes then turned off. Amp was not hot, could not find any blown fuses. Hooked old amp up, and it played fine. Called Car Toys and they said too bad you fried it, no exchange, and didn't even look at it. Now I have an expensive paper weight.
Mitchell Dunn
Mitchell Dunn
11:08 31 Dec 17
Unfortunately, I have to strongly caution everyone from using this car toys. Experience was terrible pretty much throughout the entire process. Sales people here work on commission, so they have no incentive to find the right items for you, only to make your bill as expensive as possible. After purchasing a stereo unit, ended up with many items marked as “miscellaneous” on the receipt that added roughly $100 extra to my bill. I was initially told that the stereo install would take 1.5-2 hours. 4 hours later the shop was closing and I was told I would need to come back in the morning for some finishing touches because they needed to 30-60 minutes to “add some lacquer”. The installation was HORRIBLE. Huge gaps around of edges, was crooked, and they took a Dremel to the dash trim piece. I was told that doing the installation would be difficult, and required special tools, and that I shouldn’t try to do it myself and that the $125 for their professional service was well worth it. I came in the next day and gave them my keys. I returned after a little over an hour and was informed that they had not started on my truck yet.At this point I brought up that on the receipt they promise to price match any local shop or online retailer for the same unit. I started to bring up that on amazon Car Toys is selling the same unit for $100 cheaper. I was cut off and told they would not price match that. I was very confused - they can’t price match their own prices? O, right, the sales workers are paid on commission... The only good part of the experience was that In the end the shop manager pulled a rescue mission and the stereo unit looks great. Unfortunately it’s probably only because I spent a few minutes telling the staff that their first attempt look terrible and ruined the inside of my truck. If I wouldn’t have said anything they would have felt just fine sending me on my way with a pile of garbage they call “professional installation”.
Jeff Johnson
Jeff Johnson
21:06 11 Nov 17
They defiantly compete with online pricing, even better.. The happy valley car toys have done 2 amazing installs for me. They get five stars for backing their work and being chill.
Victor H
Victor H
12:48 25 Sep 17
Staff was very friendly and gave informative advice about setting up a system. Didn't try to sell me stuff I didn't need.I would have rated them 5 stars but they forgot to tell me that the speakers didn't come with grills I had to purchase them separately witch meant I had to drive all the way back to there location .
Sarah Bithell
Sarah Bithell
22:17 31 Aug 17
Brought my car in for an interior detail. Ty treated me kindly, was professional, and did a great job in a timely manner.
Aaron Callistini
Aaron Callistini
17:36 19 Jul 17
First stereo didn't work perfectly, so I had it swapped out with the next model up. Same wiring harness and everything, should have been a quick and easy installation. However, it took upwards of 40 minutes just to swap out a stereo. Veey disappointed. :(
cindy peterson
cindy peterson
18:09 21 Jun 17
Had my truck interior detailed. Used Groupon. Added an exterior wash with tires done for 60$. Truly disappointed. Interior was good. My husband came home to finish the exterior wash and tires!!! Seriously! Didn't even do the front windshield! Not happy. If it wasn't so late I would've complained and got my money back!!
Kevin McCullough
Kevin McCullough
22:05 22 May 17
Upgraded my stereo here with excellent service. I also brought my car in for maintenance on the sound system installed before I purchased it. They discovered many problems with the equipment and the installation and explained how to best solve it and what my options were. Very friendly, fast, and knowledgable. Danielle helped me through the whole process.
Steven Ruscheinsky
Steven Ruscheinsky
15:58 21 May 17
To the two people complaining about This Robert guy, sounds like you're complaining because you wanted something for nothing. I would say if they touch your car, they should charge you. If you don't want to pay for someone to do something, do it yourself. Don't go complaining saying it's really easy and could be done with a couple tools. You use a service, expect to be charged. GROW UP!
Jesse K
Jesse K
17:43 19 May 17
Don't ever get your work done here!!!Spend your money down the street, ROBERT is not a good person and wanted to charge over 60 dollars for a job I did by myself in their parking lot. I was lucky I had two tools to get the job done. Robert will do everything to rip you off and make sure he gets his $$ no matter what. I would NEVER EVER go back here to get any kind of work done. Robert destroyed my experience and my high regards for CAR TOYS. If you do end up going here, make sure you find an associate that will actually help you, don't get helped by Robert. He'll just rip you off any way that he can. Don't work with Robert. That's all I have to say.
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