50 Dalton St, Boston, MA 02115
50 Dalton St Boston MA 02115

Kings Boston – Back Bay bowling, resto and sports bar reviews. Ever been in this place? Write your review and share your experience.

VVS Lifestyle Photography
VVS Lifestyle Photography
03:24 02 Oct 18
Whats not to love and admire. From the decor to the drinks, and you cant forget about the service. Whoever manages this establishment. Is definitely on their toes. Its been there for sometime. And just like fine wine. They can only get better...
The Leap
The Leap
05:20 19 Sep 18
The hubs and I loved this place. We came across it as we were staying at a hotel just steps away. Nefti and Paul took such great care of us and were great at giving recommendations on the menu. Everyone else was also great at making sure we had everything we needed and were happy. They have bowling and billiards but we opted for air hockey and hoops instead. We liked it so much we visited 3x's.
daniel Madrid
daniel Madrid
18:45 31 Aug 18
Had an amazing time at the back bay location this past weekend. The staff were all happy and energetic, a great vibe in the place. It wasnt that busy but still very fun. Bowling was great and they even have skeeball. Watch out for the beers.... THEY ARE HUGE! Food is fantastic and fresh, we got the pig pizza and the spicy hawaiian pizza.... amazing! Highly recommended for date night, or night out with friends!
Julie Christianson
Julie Christianson
14:54 05 Aug 18
This is a great place for late night fun! Bowling, shuffle board, skee ball. Greatly people watching. Snacks were good. Service was inconsistent. Worst part was that the server have my card to a different party. Luckily were able to track it down.
Melissa Severe
Melissa Severe
23:26 01 Aug 18
15.99 unlimited bowling in the beginning of the week was so much fun. If you don't care for bowling, the deal also applies to billards. There is a full bar and dining menu if you just want to lounge around. Other nights they host karaoke and trivia. I was in the area for a convention and this was a nice place to unwind since I didnt want to do the bar thing all the time.
robert harrison
robert harrison
01:03 24 Jul 18
This place is a sweet little bowling alley with lots of Kingpin memorabilia in and around the insides. "One more time sweetness"
Justin Schat
Justin Schat
00:09 18 Jul 18
Cool place and likable people but waiting times were so bad and I got my food after like 2 hours...
Shawn Herron
Shawn Herron
13:25 13 Jul 18
Went here for a friends birthday party and was slightly underwhelmed. The service was great, but the games were expensive and we had to move lanes several times due to mechanical issues. On our third lane the balls were stuck in the return way for over 20 minutes
Rita Lund
Rita Lund
18:35 10 Jul 18
This place was awesome. The staff is very welcoming and polite. We had such great time when it was my husband and I we brought his father and my daughter back the next day and was created again with amazing hospitality. đź‘Ťđź‘Ť
Nick Mardeuse
Nick Mardeuse
11:34 30 Jun 18
This place is great! Good food, great drink options and plenty of games. Just don't try to have a long night on a limited budget.
Joseoh Thomas
Joseoh Thomas
16:57 16 Jun 18
I really enjoyed my experience here! I went with a friend using a gift voucher I got. Everyone seemed to be having a good time and the ambiance was very 80's which was a nice contrast to all the techy ness we all get now and days hahah. I would certainly go again.
Travis David
Travis David
01:23 31 May 18
Food was good. Big screens were fantastic to watch sports on. Lais was a happy, friendly server and definitely made our visit very enjoyable!!
22:11 01 Apr 18
Even during their busiest times, the food is great, service is still great. Thought it may be slow due to the numbers, servers are polite and you can tell they are working hard. The atmosphere of the place makes you want the server to take their time so you can enjoy your company. Whether it is karaoke night or a special event from the convention center across the street, Kings is the king.
Clayton Clark
Clayton Clark
09:58 23 Feb 18
Had a really good time here. The drinks were just fine but what really stood out were the Spicy Thai wings. They were very succulent and flavorful. The bowling was really fun, there was great choice in music, and the staff was friendly as well.
Chrissy Saniuk
Chrissy Saniuk
14:10 19 Feb 18
Just awful.Upon arriving, we pushed two tables together in the bar area, and ordered drinks from the bartender. We asked if they could change one of the TVs to a big sporting event happening that day, rather than the track and field reruns that were playing. We were told that they would “try to find a manager to change it”. If you have to “try” to find a manager, something is wrong. It took 20 minutes for a server to come over to take our food order, after we asked the bartender how we could get food. We ordered right away, as I could tell it would take a while for the food to come out.In the meantime, the bus girl tried to take away my drink that was not yet empty, but I snatched it back. There was also a small fly buzzing around our drinks while we were waiting for the food. There was an oversized Jenga game made from kids’ building blocks on one of the tables in the bar area that sounds like a hundred drink glasses smashing every time it hits the ground, which was causing the girl playing to shriek at the top of her lungs every time it fell. Please get rid of this stupid game. The amount of fun the people are having while they play cannot outweigh the irritation it causes everyone else nearby.While we were waiting for the food, our server never came back over to check on us, so we had to go back up to the bar to order drinks separately from our food tab and bring them back to the table.Once the food finally came (an hour later), two of our six meals were missing. The server came over and explained that the kitchen had made a mistake, and that the correct food should be out very soon. Another 45 minutes later, after everyone else was done eating, the magical 45 minute grilled cheeses arrived. And they were not good.The server was nice about it, and we assured her that we knew it wasn’t her fault. We asked to speak with a manager about taking the two meals off the bill, which she did. She also gave us a card for $10 off for our next visit, but we will never be back.Oh, and the bowling! We put our names in when we arrived at 6 PM. We inquired after dinner at 8:30, and they told us we were next in line. 15 minutes after that we check in again, only to find that there are only two lanes available that are not reserved, so we are waiting for one of two lanes to open up. (We had called early in the day to try to make a reservation, and they did not warn us that there would be such a minimal number of lanes available). Finally at 9- THREE hours after our arrival- we get onto a lane for our ridiculously overpriced bowling. The screens with the scores on them are absolutely impossible to read. Get some better software.Overall, I would like to give this Kings location one star. But the server was finally attentive once our food order went wrong, and the meals that eventually showed up were taken off the bill, so I’ll bump them up to two stars. But I will never come back.
Bill Perry
Bill Perry
03:29 19 Jan 18
We had our Annual Work Party here. My first time here. Lots of fun, excellent food! Great place for a work get together to mingle with co-workers. A little on the loud side! But would recommend for a fun night out.
19:03 09 Jan 18
I've been to this place twice and had a really good time. The drinks are good and lots of options. The food is okay,nothing to kill for, but then again it is an entertainment place so you shouldn't come here expecting top notch food in the first place. The bowling was $28 per game and the rest of the games such as air hockey and basketball were about $2-$4 for two people. I will definitely go back there again.
Alex Costa
Alex Costa
22:59 24 Dec 17
Fun experience! My friends and I had a great time catching up on life while playing bowling and pool. The alcohol drinks seem a bit watered down... but other than that, the food was decent! I recommend going to this place for the games!
Patrice Miller
Patrice Miller
16:44 23 Dec 17
For a bowling spot, the food and drinks are pretty awesome. I also love the late night happy hour.
Austin Jordan
Austin Jordan
03:29 15 Dec 17
Good times, was company event so can't comment on prices but bowling was fun and appetizers were good.
Sandy_ Nile
Sandy_ Nile
00:01 04 Nov 17
The food was great and the drinks were delicious. The staff was very kind and took all our orders well. There was karaoke that we loved, but the drinks and food was a bit expensive. I woukd go back again, definitely, but may not order much food and drinks. The picture of the drink is a Bungalow drink, very sweet and not strong at all, but good.
Matt Rosa
Matt Rosa
02:35 11 Sep 17
This place is amazing. I had such a great time. We came on Sunday Funday and they had a great deal. They close at 11 on Sunday. With the Sunday funday pass you pay $18 for all you can bowl and games. It's 10:20 and we finish bowling and we go into the bar to have drinks and play pool. They tell us we can't play pool because they're not giving out balls because it's close to closing. We ask for shuffle board and they tell us again, they are unable to give us out shuffle board stuff because they close in 45 minutes. So what I'm confused about is why we paid for all you can bowl and games but at a certain time you're all you can play pass means nothing? The receptionist told us we could speak to the manager about it but what we told her was we were not those type of people and it was not a big deal. I just don't understand why it's advertised one way and not followed through.
James Swickard
James Swickard
12:05 03 Jul 17
Impressive setup. Food was great at very reasonable prices. Pool, skeeball, and bowling makes it even better.
Randi Williams
Randi Williams
22:31 27 Jun 17
Great place, had a lot of fun bowling. The wings were great and the fries quite tasty. But the pizza was a bit of a let down.
Jasmine King
Jasmine King
20:44 31 May 17
Came in on a rainy night to find that they were doing all you can bowl for like $15! Manager said that they had promos every night. Drinks and food were reasonably priced. Drink menu and a lot of their apps were super unique. We will definitely be back!! Shout out to our amazing bartender Geisha!! She's a riot. Definitely a "go-to" for a fun night with friends!!!
Brian Geary
Brian Geary
16:33 30 Apr 17
Little slow service. Went with mi esposa and her friends. Beat them all pretty bad. Good time. Good music. Some of the best beer prices in the city. GET THE MUG!!!!!!!!!🍺
Peter Fabianski
Peter Fabianski
23:09 07 Apr 17
Kings is a very well established bowling center here in boston. IT has great food, great drinks and the bowling is great as well. Service was very nice /prompt as well. knocking one star off because the shoes i had were very worn in and kind of grungy. Overall fantastic visit.
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