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Legoland Discovery Center reviews. Ever been in this place? Write your review and share your experience.

Adam Catlin
Adam Catlin
15:12 27 Jan 19
Very confusing when you first enter. We spent a while looking for the lockers with no one to ask for help. Overall our kids had a blast but it is very dated. The Legos you can play with are dirty. Very dirty. Most Lego scenes have buttons to activate so sort of motion, half of them don't work. The 4D movies were awesome. We drove 3 hours and would probably not go back. It was fun just not that fun.
Phil Chadwick
Phil Chadwick
12:47 23 Jan 19
This was recommended to us as a half day activity and I would totally agree that it’s a great half day activity for little ones. It’s quite expensive for one trip but found a discount code online and saved 40%. There are two rides which are quite enjoyable for a 3.5 year old and then there is the Lego, the displays are amazing and interest the adults more than the kids. The staff need special mention as very friendly and helpful.
Malice L
Malice L
17:54 18 Jan 19
Friendly staff, and great activities for kids to have fun and stay busy. I brought my 2 year old (which was free) and she had an absolute blast even though she couldn't play with everything due to her height. I highly recommend the experience.
marissa coleman
marissa coleman
01:29 18 Jan 19
I will never recommend this place or take my son her ever. they discriminate people with disabilities especially intellectual disabilities cause of there so called policy no ty change it maybe I'll think about it you are rude and it's not fair on any aspect to you so called policy called mental discrimination and it not right
Lindsey-Rae Bouchard
Lindsey-Rae Bouchard
19:13 30 Dec 18
Underwhelming at best. Went with a group of children for a field trip which didn't last too long because there wasn't too much to see. When lunch came, we had the kids get their lunches and sit to eat in the cafe area. We were quickly told that we could not eat inside Legoland unless we buy food from them (no outside food allowed). This was never explained to us before going. We tried to explain we were a daycare facility and had nowhere else to eat and not enough money to buy each child a lunch. But they kicked us out anyway. So just be cautious. They will not allow you to eat there with your own lunch.
LaCea Stewart-Roman
LaCea Stewart-Roman
04:46 28 Dec 18
We came here to celebrate my son's 8th birthday. He enjoyed going through the exhibits and riding the two rides. The venue was smaller than expected but luckily we went on a day where it wasn't too crowded so we were able to walk through a few times. We had lunch at the cafe and was surprised that the items were reasonably priced and delicious. When I asked my son if he would like to go back one day I got an enthusiastic "Yes!".
Xinrui Wang
Xinrui Wang
01:16 23 Dec 18
Very small facility. We spent 1.5 hrs there with two kids. Not many attractions. We bought discount tickets, which made the trip worth the cost. The kids did enjoy it. Wouldn't go if had to purchase the tickets in full price, though.
Susana Sanchez
Susana Sanchez
19:55 25 Nov 18
My 4 year old had a blast! Lego structure was amazing and we had fun on the rides and short movie. My negative complaints would be the lack of cleanliness of the women & men's bathrooms and play area. Didn't see any staff around. They should have someoneperiodically picking up legos from the floor and cleaning up food and things left behind from customers. I would definitely go back again.
Kelsey Ernst
Kelsey Ernst
19:07 19 Nov 18
Underwhelming and needs upkeep. Our family made a trip to Boston to the LegoLand Discovery Center. I paid for the lanyards for the scavenger hunt/activities. Over half the "stamp" stations were broken. One of the best interactive areas- the race testing- didn't have enough wheels to for each of my kids to make cars at the same time... defeating the purpose of racing! We one of the first families in, so it wasn't that they had gone missing during the day. Similar feelings for most of the areas. Generally underwhelming. The build workshops with the MasterBuilder were great. Props to the Master Builder for salvaging the experience.
nick condrell
nick condrell
20:02 15 Nov 18
This used to be the go to place for us. Over the years it has become tired and in need of repair and cleaning. Staff is great , however two of the attractions were broken. I did speak to the acting manager.. he said they just got 80 k to fix things. Make sure to check recent reviews before you go. Once this place is fixed it will be great again. Again the staff is fantastic
Holli Martel
Holli Martel
19:07 03 Nov 18
Only half the rides worked, only one person running the attractions we went on was actually nice. But the kids had a great time. Expected more for the money you pay.
Susan F
Susan F
18:01 17 Oct 18
I had a question about their hours. Called them several times. No one ever picked up the phone. I left messages both online and phone, but they never returned my phone call. Poor customer service!
Rabiah Rafique
Rabiah Rafique
23:56 13 Oct 18
Great kid's place! Lots of fun activities for the kids and adults too!! The rides are fun. The VR (virtual reality) experience is amazing! Be ready to burn some cash for the Lego experience!
Alyssa Holmes
Alyssa Holmes
15:03 01 Sep 18
I brought my 6yr old son here and we had a blast. There are a couple rides to enjoy, lots of LEGO building stations and activities, a huge jungle gym with more LEGO’s inside it, a snack bar with lots of seating, and a virtual reality ride that was amazing! It’s expensive ($5 per ticket separate from admission), but super worth it at least once! I bought the mid-priced admission tickets that came with a toy, and it was a tiny LEGO set. Overall the experience was super enjoyable.
Bridget Derek
Bridget Derek
14:40 24 Aug 18
If you are planning a visit to the area this is a must stop and see fun experience for all ages. The staff here is incredible. Andrea went above and beyond expectations for customer service. Made sure myself and my family enjoyed ourselves at all times throughout our visit. There are so many things to see and do make sure you are not a on time schedule to make sure you do no have to miss anything. Your will be greeted by a smiling face from the lobby to the time you exit.
John Saunders
John Saunders
20:40 16 Aug 18
I went here with my family. We are all big Lego fans so it seemed like a slam dunk. I couldn’t believe the price to get in.. Way overpriced for what you get.. I think my kids had some fun looking at the Lego displays and enjoying some of the attractions but we were all bored and deiced to leave after about 2 hours.. We walked to a local public park down the road and spent several hours there. I think we actually had more fun there.. There were things that where cool about the place but I think I spent about $150 to get in for 2 hours of entertainment? I won’t go back again.. There is simply not enough to do for the price..
Jeremy Dukette
Jeremy Dukette
21:27 14 Aug 18
Went here with my 8 year old and 2 year old while visiting my dad, whom was staying at the Mass General Hospital. We all had a very good time there. We got discounted tickets for ordering online after 3pm. It would have been worth it at full price. All kinds of cool things here. There was all sorts of Boston landmarks built out of Lego. Including Fenway Park. It was cool. There is things to both look at, and things to play with. There's a couple of rides. It was neat. There was a lot to do. We were able to see everything within a 3 hour visit. there is a place to order food inside, which also sells Starbucks coffee. There is also a store to buy some Lego sets. Didn't really notice a discount on sets, I think there is if you get a season pass. Not 100% on that, but I'm certain I read it's a 10%-20% discount if you're a member. Very good time, check it out if you are in the area. We were able to get there taking the "T" so look up what line to take and enjoy yourself.
Gale Stanley
Gale Stanley
21:39 26 Jul 18
We decided to order our tickets ahead of time. They advertised tickets through their website for 14.95. I quickly ordered the tickets for the family. It wasn't until we were there that I realized that I was charged way more. So I inquired at the desk and was told it was the school day price. I went back and it does not state anywhere that the advertised price is only for school days. We were charged 21.95. Very Misleading to say the least!!!!!
Ginette Place
Ginette Place
19:59 24 Jul 18
First LEGOLAND discovery center I've been to. It's awesome! The attraction is abit dated. But It was definitely an impressive sight to see if you've never been.
Kori Miller-Pierce
Kori Miller-Pierce
20:40 05 Jul 18
My husband and I took our 2 boys here during g our vacation to Boston. We absolutely loved it. Everyone had a great time and if you order your tickets online you can save a lot of money.
Terrance Smith
Terrance Smith
15:36 05 Jul 18
The kids had a lot of fun and so did I. The master builder is very good at her job and great with the kids in the building classes. 4d movies are fun , we love the rides and the building areas are nice too. Typical of these places foods a little pricy and wish there was a better selection but all in all a great experience.
Matt Wheeler
Matt Wheeler
19:32 20 Jun 18
Pretty disappointing. I know Lego takes pride in their attention to detail, but this attraction clearly does not share that value. Everything feels very dated and over-used. In their brochure they advertise "New for 2018: Star Wars Episode II," Which is 16 years old and the exhibits certainly look that old, I doubt the glass has ever been replaced, it's covered in scratches and there was trash and random blocks just tossed over and sitting in the middle of these otherwise dusty dioramas.The 4D theater is a neat idea, but for the kind of 3D they're projecting on the screen, they use 2 projectors and one of the projectors has a malfunction that gives everything a yellow sheen...that you can only see with one eye. It's difficult to look at, gave me a headache.95% of the staff is clearly phoning it in, with dead stares, no enthusiasm and not even bothering to pretend they're not reading from a script. I brought minifigs for my son to trade with the staff as suggested in the brochure but none of them felt approachable and so I was glad I kept them in my pocket and didn't tell my son about it.Positives: The recreations of the Boston landmarks are well done and the highlight of the experience. My son and I did get some enjoyment out of the, "Build and test," race cars, and just fiddling with blocks in one of the other areas. The cafe seemed to have good but limited options (though when I asked for butter for my muffin, the guy looked at me like I had 2 heads). There's also a play area, which if you go when it's not too crowded seems pretty fun for the kids.My 5-year old seemed to enjoy himself and we managed to spend about 90 minutes there, but it's not something I'd enjoy returning to.
Drew Hanft
Drew Hanft
14:48 12 Jun 18
The kids had a good time playing with the various options available. One ride was down but there were enough things available to keep the kids happy. Some of the professional displays are seriously impressive. The stadium really looks good and a couple of the star wars ones capture the movies spot on. We didn't get a chance to try the food, but it looked fairly typically. The kids did like the indoor playground as well.
Kristin Prout
Kristin Prout
03:20 07 May 18
It's OK. I feel like they could be doing more. Food options are terrible. Couldn't see myself spending on a birthday party here as they don't offer much to do for the price
James Doyle
James Doyle
20:51 26 Apr 18
A little bit over-rated and a little bit over-priced, but fun for small kids. Adults are allowed without children one night per month. Near the MBTA orange line Assembly station and free parking next door. I was a member for 2 years and went often. Cool shooting gallery ride and a 4D theater which is sometimes broken and becomes 3D. Very nice Lego models of Boston. The customer service is very weak.
Konstantin Tyurin
Konstantin Tyurin
15:34 22 Apr 18
My six-year old son enjoyed the lego house where he spent hours working on his project (he was building a ninja base). The mosaic class in Lego master academy was his favorite, too. Needless to say, the store where we got a gift for him is one of the best parts of LEGOLAND for him. Overall, we had a great experience in LEGOLAND, even though it was pretty crowded on the last day of school holiday week. The cafeteria line was a bit too long, and the menu was quite limited. But having the Ninjago movie on screen in the cafeteria made my son entertained enough to make his waiting time enjoyable, too. We will come back, sooner rather than later.
Gina Mendillo
Gina Mendillo
12:39 18 Apr 18
My 6 year old had a good time! And the place was very clean! However, the overall process from buying tickets entering the building, eating lunch, and the exhibits was not what I expected. Buying the tickets on line, and seeing the opportunity to use coupon codes, I never saw the spot to actually enter one when checking out, the price is not worth the amount of stuff to do for the drive we need to make to get there. Having pre-bought tickets, and getting there at the beginning of our time slot, we waited a long time in line to enter. We bought the activity badge, but there was nothing to do with it at the park, we were told to do it at home, but get the pin on the way out. The stamps at all of the stations were of no use. Then we were going to buy the kids lunch. Waited in a long line and was then told there were no sandwiches, the delivery never came. So we got a milk and chips (great lunch!), sat down, and then 5 minutes later 2 staff members brought out boxes of sandwiches! But no one could answer that when we were in line! The rides and movie were cute, but not a lot to do once inside. Overall disappointed in the value for what you spend! This will be our only trip!!
Aydin Afonso
Aydin Afonso
19:30 30 Mar 18
My family and I went to LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Boston and we had so much fun! Right when I stepped foot inside the Boston Lego Replica Room, I was so amazed! Eventually that became my favorite room! There is 2 rides and a 4D theatre, my kids enjoyed their time playing, I enjoyed my time talking to the staff and asking them questions about the Boston Replica. Overall it is so much fun for adults and kids! I recommend you go there!
Joi T
Joi T
04:11 31 Dec 17
Not impressed at all. For the price of the tickets we expected more. The floors were dirty and the entrance smelled like puke. We saw a staff member sweeping blocks off the dirty floor and dumping them back into the play area; so I guess they don't clean them..gross!! The snack area was also very dirty and no napkins were available. We did enjoy the Lego Boston miniland and the wizard ride.
colleen keach
colleen keach
19:02 28 Dec 17
The cafe only serves cold food. Every sandwich comes with cheese, mustard and tomatoes already on it. This includes the kids sandwiches. When I asked to get one without cheese and tomato, I was told we do not make them here and they tested well with kids.Next time we are bringing our own lunch.
Norman Rohr
Norman Rohr
19:30 25 Dec 17
Good spot to go to on a rainy day. I'd say it's probably best for kids 6 - 8 years old, but even younger ones get their fair share of fun. Overall, very small but a number of things to do for maybe 2 - 3 hours.
jessica flaherty
jessica flaherty
14:36 27 Nov 17
Me and my 7 year old doesn't over 5 hours here. It seemed like we were there for 1 hour. The cafe could really use some more hot food options considering you can't bring outside food in. 4 4D movies included in the admission also 2 amusement rides included. The scaled model of Boston in Lego's is awesome it goes from night to day and some of that exhibit is interactive. Scaled down Gillette stadium with the patriots on the field and fans in the seats. Also Fenway park fans and players. Logan airport. So much detail.
Michael Berry
Michael Berry
21:15 26 Nov 17
This place is really going downhill. My kids and I have been members for 2 years. I think that this may be the last year that we renew our passes. The 4D movies that were once routinely updated are now the same over and over again. The place is filthy, bathrooms are disgusting (as of this post the faucets in the women's bathroom can't be turned off. Nice waste of water!) Most of the crew is friendly, but they no longer greet you off of the elevator or do introductions to the movies. It's turning into a "one and done" kind of place. I hope that they can do something to get new life into it as it has a lot of potential. Oh and not that this is their fault, but the parking garages on either side now charge money! If you're there for 3 hours or less, you're fine, but you still need to put your credit card in. It can be time consuming to get in and out of there now!
Stacy Pinner
Stacy Pinner
12:37 24 Aug 17
Great customer service. The entire staff did everything to help make our trip a success. The staff really went above and beyond for our family. They helped us deal with coming straight from the train and storing our bags in the lockers. We also had a child who lost an item. The children (ages 10, 8, and 7) really enjoyed themselves building among the exhibits and watching the 4D videos. As an adult, the most rewarding parts of the day were the classes that taught you how to make Lego mosaics and dimensional creations and the beautiful rendition of the city of Boston. The trip to Legoland Boston is still talked about by the kids and has inspired them to build and create at home.
Emily Siu
Emily Siu
20:16 20 Aug 17
This review is about a trip a few months ago, so keep that in mind. However, one thing I am sure hasn't changed (and is the main result of the 3/5 stars) is the costly admission for adults. For a place like this, it would make sense to charge more for kids who can actually participate and allow parents in for a minimal amount if anything (think $5 instead of the ~$20something), particularly because of the sheer fact adults are not allowed in without children, so it is clear who Legoland is geared toward.As for the attractions themselves, I would recommend you bring younger children. We brought an 8 year old who was bored fairly quickly. The Boston Miniland was pretty cool and the two rides were alright, but other than that it was not the most entertaining for solo older kids (or their adults). Now if you have little kids or a larger group I could see how this place would be more entertaining and occupy them longer.One last thing. You can't bring food/drinks but what they offer is underwhelming and pricey. I recommend eating beforehand.
David Wiener
David Wiener
23:16 04 Aug 17
Better to save your money. The cost benefit is just not there. I would not be surprised if it is out of business within a year. So don't waste your money on a season pass. It looks like they are trying create Legoland light, but it fails horribly. They have this whole intro section that they make you go through that just had me scratching my head what's the point. When you are done with these section you finally get to the heart of the place. A play area that falls terribly short. The climbing gym is decent but very small compared to other ones in the area. The other play areas your kids will be bored with within minutes. The toddler play area is something your would find in a typical small daycare. They would do so much better if they got rid of 50% of the big rides (most likely their biggest expense) and expanded the play gyms and plus more. ( so much to improve I can go on for a while. Lego people; feel free and contact me if you want help making this play a profitable venture. I have a lot of suggestions.)
Jonathan McKay
Jonathan McKay
18:32 12 Jul 17
No AC, very rude staff. Manager was very rude. Rule about no outside food "due to" allergies is BS, they sell a sandwich here for ten dollars and they were the same thing my kids were eating. Not like it's already expensive for admission. I asked for water, dude was confused. I had to help him figure it out. I asked for a lid and he said they don't fit. I've been here a hundred times and they do, indeed, fit. Didn't feel like arguing. But the result was my kids left hungry and wet from spilling water on themselves. They also have sanitizer things, but they're never filled and the place is kind of a mess. They wouldn't let my kid play in the jungle gym area because he didn't have socks on. Very disappointed. And hot. Kids would have had fun if we didn't have to leave to eat. The staff in the store were helpful, though, in helping my son find a Batman Minifigure that he didn't already have.
Monk Tong
Monk Tong
04:40 05 Jul 17
My 2 YO son had a blast, that's all that matters! Has two rides that he wanted to do over and over. Excellent place to bring your kids and just build stuff. You need to bring children to enter or come during adult night. Parking around here can be bit tough. Meters are 4 hours max, but can refill with online app.
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Image 4 Curates Your Constituents’ Experience in Your Brand For over 30 years, we’ve ...
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