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LEGOLAND Discovery Center Chicago reviews. Ever been in this place? Write your review and share your experience.

Daniel Zimmerman
Daniel Zimmerman
14:12 06 Feb 19
We went for a special needs event on a Saturday morning from 830 to 10 for our son who is ASD. It is a good idea but the staff could have cared less. The movies where not functioning until about 45 minutes after and they showed an off movie that was not billed. Exhibits where closed “Star Wars” and we had to wait for rides. The staff was more concerned about chatting in the cafe. In addition, the ride where the kids get to shoot at screen for points had about 50% of the videos not working which is unacceptable plus an extremely rude ride operator who gave attitude to my son with ASD when he touched the gate. The was excited to get on the ride and if these staff where trained they would have realized that this behavior by the ride operator was unacceptable. If your staff does not want to be there the send them home. This was a big deal for my son and the experience was sub par. I would not recommend this LEGO land. The kicker is, once the doors opened at 10 everything magically worked and all the exhibits where opened. Keep in mind LEGO land that parents still pay full price for admission for this garbage. If you don’t want to do this event then stop doing it and stop wasting my money and my kids time. I would appreciate a replyDr. Daniel Zimmerman
Ryan Friedburg
Ryan Friedburg
18:55 23 Jan 19
Great fun for the kids. They loved making cars, and racing them down the ramp. Also they loved the play area, rides [both], pleasant staff, Lego setups that they would look for spiderman and batman in.
Eddy Cuisinier
Eddy Cuisinier
19:41 19 Jan 19
A very fun but unequal place. Some areas are very interactive and fun and some others seem to be there to simply fill the space. The exhibit as you first get in is fine and show some of the Chicago main attractions built as LEGO. The kids playground is a little small considering how many kids are playing there. The rides are fun but a little short (understandable considering the lines but still)Overall, a good experience that is interactive enough for children - and to a certain point adults to have a good time.
Cassie Chester
Cassie Chester
20:17 06 Jan 19
AMAZING! I can't say enough great things about this place. We took our three young children there ranging in ages from 1 to 7 and they had a blast. We had plans afterwards but I wish we would have been able to stay in that town and discover what else they had there too, it looked fun.
Mollee Lamb
Mollee Lamb
13:49 06 Jan 19
Our family loved it. Our 5 and 9 year old boys enjoyed it all. The center really exceeded my expectations.
Joanne Chambers
Joanne Chambers
18:26 31 Dec 18
Way to crowded can’t even take the time to really look because you hold up the line; legoland needs room to spread out so it can be enjoyed.Also the jungle gym play area has three exits and the bridges are blocked where you can’t see - if a child is in there and turns to go the other way you might be at one exit and they come out another( especially if you are trying to watch a couple of children) - needs a safer design plan. It was still fun
Darryl Brownell
Darryl Brownell
14:44 29 Dec 18
It was definitely on the kid side, but as they say, kid is only a state of the mind... I took 2 grandparents and 2 kids along with my wife and actually enjoyed it. We did skip a section or 2, but overall very enjoyable. Even though a little cheesy, loved the 4D theater.
melissa Karl
melissa Karl
01:11 17 Dec 18
The scavenger hunt was fun. Loved the ride that you lazer the spiders. The places to build things was allot of fun.
Phanie Jay
Phanie Jay
01:40 16 Dec 18
Edit: I was contacted via email by a woman named Christina who promised that they would provide me vouchers for our horrible experience after I sent her the original order number. This happened on Sept 11 2018. It is now December and she has totally stopped responding to my emails. I emailed her twice more to find out what was going on. The first time on Sept 28 - she admitted that she forgot and that she would have her “team” get on it right away.Legoland actually invited me to write this review via a promotional email. I emailed again on November 1, it is now December 15 and I have not received a response of free vouchers. Maybe she thought I’d forget too. We had an awful time. Both of the featured rides were down. After waiting in line for the ride that kept shutting down we went upstairs to find that there were no more workshops around 5:30 even though the place is open until 7:00 pm. The theatre was janky. Most of the seats were dirty. We didn't experience most of the 4D part because all of the seats didn't work. We got the snow and the wind - the screen was also a bit hard to look at. Make sure you get in the back somewhere in the middle otherwise you'll have a migraine. Definitely wasted a four hour drive here though there's one in my own state we've had a better experience here in the past. Highly disappointed.
Angelina Lennon
Angelina Lennon
02:03 14 Dec 18
i was able to enjoy the experience through bounce children’s foundation and it was an incredible experience, everybody was so lovely and helpful, they helped make it a great family day/evening 💛 i am very grateful
Robert Wilson
Robert Wilson
04:15 07 Dec 18
Took my daughter here for her birthday. Was so worth it. Had a blast.
Steve Green
Steve Green
19:52 25 Nov 18
We have been here before and had expected to have another wonderful time. However, this time we wine and were greatly disappointed. Specifically with the customer service. At one point we were trying to enter the theater which was not well manned, and upon entering the staff berated me in front of the audience for disturbing the show (which had not started). After embarrassing me and my family she allowed another 10-15 people in before starting the show. I love LEGO, but we won’t be back to this location.
Patrick Moukheiber
Patrick Moukheiber
21:07 21 Nov 18
$18 per person and most of the parts of the exhibits that are supposed to work when activated did not work. The staff at the checkin and at the Coffee shop were not very friendly. When I asked a supervisor if there was something I could clean the table with, she snapped back that the second staff member was just arriving. All I wanted to do was sit at a table that was not filthy, and I was even willing to clean it. The master builder was very friendly and answered all of my two and four year olds questions with a smile. Would have been worth $6 - 9 per person, Not $18
Mohamad S
Mohamad S
02:53 13 Nov 18
A great place enjoyable for any age. The play area where children build their own cars is a load of fun and the 4D video is witty and entertaining.
Jason Rice
Jason Rice
17:46 12 Oct 18
It's a good place to go. The Lego constriction displayed is pretty amazing. The Chicago display was amazingly spot on and everything else is great to look at. If you're expecting Legoland like they have in Florida or California you will be disappointed. Here, they have 2 very small rides and the rest is made up of cool creations and an s load of Legos for kids to play with for as long as the parents can stay. Worth the trip. Kind of worth the money even though it can get expensive. Go for it.
Sarai Jaimes
Sarai Jaimes
17:07 07 Oct 18
Never been here before but I was going to buy a groupon and read the fine print. So if you don’t have a child you can’t enter? What if you are a Lego enthusiasts and you want to see their displays? If the fine print was correct it’s a bit discriminating don’t you think?
joe blow
joe blow
19:13 23 Sep 18
Kids absolutely love it. Buy tickets online to save some money. The Lego sculptures are fun there is not too many. My children enjoy the playground much more though.
Amanda Hecht
Amanda Hecht
20:03 02 Sep 18
Legoland was great! Buy your tickets in advance to avoid the line. We went at noon and it wasn't too crowded yet. We did wait in line for 20 minutes for the ride, but relatively wasn't too bad. Was much more packed when we left. My kids loved it, was a great experience.
Amy Bowen
Amy Bowen
20:32 01 Sep 18
My 5-year-old loved this place, but objectively what he liked was the building sites. As a parent, Legoland is fine, but I’ve been to more interactive and more thoughtfully designed theme parks. The master builder class was a highlight. My son made a snail. He was impressed! The attached store had a nice selection, but it was crowded.
Catherine Zastrow
Catherine Zastrow
14:13 31 Aug 18
Something terrible has happened since our last visit here. The ENTIRE jungle portion was closed as well as the ride upstairs. The upholstered chairs in the upstairs cafe are I unbelievably filthy dirty. I ordered a hot chocolate there that made me so incredibly ill so quickly; I just made it to the bathroom to throw up. They gave me a refund; but did not appear to care when I told them I never in my life ever got so ill so quickly and they better figure it out before they give that to another person. The hot chocolate just tasted like hot water so I am not sure what they gave me.
Iniki Evans
Iniki Evans
14:41 27 Jul 18
Best time we ever had! Me and my husband thought it would be a little too advanced for our 2 1/2 year old but she jumped right in and started master building better than all of us! This was our first time so we didn’t really know what to expect but I do know that we will definitely be back!
Tim Vance
Tim Vance
12:13 18 Jul 18
Family had a great time playing and building at the Discovery Center! The only issues I can think of are the laser guns not all working on the Kingdom ride and slow service time in the cafe. Neither of these were enough to ruin the fun but could certainly be addressed.
ctopcole Hordyk
ctopcole Hordyk
15:38 11 Jul 18
My 6 year old had a blast. It could use some more variety in the Cafe. They have a Starbucks at the Cafe. I tried to order a Frappacino but didn't end up getting one due to the pump was being cleaned at the time. This was at about 2 in the afternoon & the establishment doesn't open until 10 a.m. Was there approximately 4 hours. Didn't see a Master Builder in the shop & 4D movie experience was not being shown at that time which was disappointing.
Tammy Leroux
Tammy Leroux
02:29 09 Jul 18
Overall thought.. meh. It is connected to a mall, smaller than I expected. Bottom floor was all statue "look at" stuff with a ride that the guns didn't work for us. The top floor was all interactive stuff with a ride. Nothing seemed unique. The building a car to race down a ramp was neat, but nothing seem to have much of a thought to it. It was all very standard in my opinion.
20:58 22 Jun 18
Awesome experience for my five year old. He loved the helicopter ride, and the water stream where he built a boat. The short movies are great and with amazing special effects. The staff is really friendly and the place is mostly clean, although you will find a piece of legos laying around in a random place. I enjoyed the mini cart ride, and the laser gun. The only part I didn’t expect was the LEGO store at the exit, the play sets are above average price! - Double check amazon for best deals - I still bought a few sets.
Donna Bockisch
Donna Bockisch
13:16 04 Jun 18
We visited with a 2 and 4 year old and they both had a fantastic time. They loved that they could build things and then race a car down the hill or build a boat and race down the water. The pirate area was great for the little ones. I suggest you get there at 10am on a weekend as it does get crowded.
Louis Ham
Louis Ham
13:29 14 May 18
There is are a lot of hands-on activities to participate in for younger kids. We took our 3 year old for a family fun day & he cannot stop talking about it! He loved the pirate ship & raising the flag. The rides were fun too. Of course the most fun was bringing home more Legos! We will be back!
Alicia Osorio
Alicia Osorio
01:26 15 Apr 18
The staff were super nice, informative and friendly! The outlay of the place was very spacious compared to the one in Kansas City, Missouri. This one has a place to purchase drinks and snacks which is great for those kids who are hungry and thirsty all the time. It would have been amazing if most of the equipment wasn’t broken. With the amount of money you pay per person you’d think they’d have things working. First, the ride that takes four people and yours supposed to save the princess by shooting bats, spiders, etc... well those carts didn’t have all working guns, actually missing guns. Second, the Merlin’s Apprentice ride had several seats that had signs on them saying the pedals did not work. Lastly, it was VERY disappointing that during the supposed 4D movie, none of the special effects worked except for the fake snow on less than a 1/3 of the right side of the theatre. I even asked the worker about this. All she could say was they didn’t have better equipment like Kansas City because their place is 10yrs old. I replied with that shouldn’t make a difference especially with the amount of people and money people pay for tickets. But who am I? I am someone who other mothers like to know my experiences that I share with my kids, so I would definitely recommend the Kansas City location rather than this one because why would anyone want to take a drive to this location when their kids could play and build legos at home if they don’t even get the experiences supposedly offered? We had such a great experience at the Kansas City location that I wanted to take them to this one. What a waste. But it’s good their staff are in high spirits and nice.
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith
03:10 08 Apr 18
It is a fun place to take the kids. Although the staff seemed mildly discombobulated when we first entered, it didnt detract from the overall experience. My personal favorite was the cityscape showing Chicago. It is worth the time, but be prepared for the crowds as well. Buying tickets in advance online allows for quick entry. Definitely worth the trip.
Kate Pastor
Kate Pastor
14:12 19 Mar 18
The idea of it was awesome, we drove almost 4 hours to visit this attraction. Although it was great & everything would have been awesome it was packed to the brim, we would have stayed for hours had my 3&5 year old been able to move around. In the play area there were kids throwing blocks & because there were so many parents there you didn’t know who belonged to who there were no workers around to control the chaos. I thought by me buying tickets in advanced & picking my time to be there would have made it a much more hands on experience but appearently we there you buy your tickets in advanced or not you still get in. Definitely not worth it!
Shaune Denson
Shaune Denson
13:44 18 Mar 18
We drove 4 hours with 2, 5 year old boys to visit LEGO land discovery center. It was well worth the drive. The area is very nice, parking is free. The staff was very friendly. We ate lunch at the cafe it was affordable and the staff working it was patient and kind. We couldn’t find a table to eat at and a staff member came and found a table cleared it and made sure everyone had a seat. The kids loved it. There is so much to see touch and explore. I recommend this place and I will be going back.
Mr McBunnerson
Mr McBunnerson
22:57 05 Jan 18
After a childhood spent in hours upon hours (upon hours!) of Lego wonder - where we built an entire city sprawl of Star Wars, GI Joe + Transformers + Go-Bots + TM Ninja Turtles &c. (from dozens! of Lego sets) mish mashed with a sheriff's, the local FD, a forest ranger fire lookout - all sourced from television and cinema and imagination... I was a little disappointed at how lacklustre this Legoland proved to be. Yes, the sets were ok, well built, ...but they lacked any feeling. One, maybe two exhibits were 1/2 interesting, and the play area was great. But there was no magic.
Cesar Besne
Cesar Besne
16:28 31 Dec 17
The activity book is quite confusing for kids, and the stamps don't get stamped with the force of an 8 year old. The cinema has several destroyed seats, some with no seats at all. My kids would have liked 4 wheels already assembled. We give an 7 score out of 10.
Craigslist Reply
Craigslist Reply
06:27 31 Dec 17
Fun place, but it did not hold our attention for more than 2hours. $18.99 for an hour and a half of fun is a little extreme. Fun for a one time visit.
Elida Solis
Elida Solis
05:00 22 Nov 17
I took four 12 year olds today so that's how my review will be based. The first part is more like a museum, very cool displays I was immediately impressed. Unfortunately after that it pretty much fell flat for my group. Everything else is geared toward young kids, very young -the movie, rides and stations. Again seems great for the little ones, just not for kids near 12, the top end of their targeted age range.A helpful tip is to go when it first opens, we did on a Tuesday and it was very comfortable, but when we left it was already getting extra crowded by 1130.
Jess Matheson
Jess Matheson
21:13 20 Oct 17
We paid about $45 for a family of 5 (our 2yr old was free and had coupons for the other 2 kids (5 and 6) to get in free). We spent about 5 hours there. We left for lunch and came back in with no problem. Although I'm really glad we went and there was stuff for everyone, I doubt we'd ever go back. You literally just build with piles of legos almost the whole time. The pieces aren't anything special. So, its hard to build anything cool. The 2 rides were fun (kind of scary) and the short film was REALLY fun for the kids.
Tracy B
Tracy B
04:50 01 Sep 17
I was confused at first when they welcomed us in, she said welcome to "mini" legoland... I don't believe it mentions it's a mini version anywhere. It is very small and to us it wasn't worth the 2 hour drive or cost to get in. Our 5 and 8 yr old got bored quickly because the only thing they really have for you to do is build. They can do that at home. We were hoping for a lot more. They do have one quick movie and a small ride.
Nicole Becker
Nicole Becker
22:17 26 Aug 17
The theater is very run down and missing seats. Everything, EVERYTHING, is covered with a thick layer of dust. It seems like no efforts are made to clean things. This place could use an update.
Bobby Mrowiec
Bobby Mrowiec
22:23 22 Aug 17
I took my 2 girls here and it was as expected, kids running around getting there kid energy out... no problems there, great place for that. My 2 star review is based on safety issues. When my children were playing in the playground a big piece of plywood fell from about 15 feet up. There was a kid about 3 feet away from where it fell. If it would have hit him the child would have been SEVERLY hurt if not worse. I immediately informed the manager and took my kids out of there. Seriously a child could have died! I will never go back
Cameron Estes
Cameron Estes
19:43 16 Aug 17
Lego land is the best. It has two awesome rides. There's so much to do. I say you should go.
Ashley Schmidt
Ashley Schmidt
18:40 29 Jul 17
This place was exactly what I thought it was going to be:expensive and crowded. We went on a Sunday afternoon. We were less then impressed by the pricing. I know that the pricing includes the 4-d movies and rides but it would be nice for them to add the option of not doing those and maybe paying a cheaper price. My 5 year old loved this place. He is obsessed with Legos and loved every bit that we were there. The place was clean and the employees working were very nice. It just might be better to try on a week day.
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