5287 Covington Hwy, Decatur, GA 30035
5287 Covington Hwy Decatur GA 30035

PAWS Atlanta animal shelter, pet store and community service reviews. Ever been in this place? Write your review and share your experience.

John Moore
John Moore
16:57 12 Jan 19
I love this place for their mission and for their super friendly staff. We are thinking about bringing our dogs here for vet care, which helps super the mission. If you want a dog or cat, please come here and adopt. You will be a hero.
Chaundria Wynn-Campos
Chaundria Wynn-Campos
19:08 07 Jan 19
I love Cletus, my new dog. He deserves so much more than he's gotten over the last 4 years and my family will do our best to help him overcome the challenges he's had to face in the past. Three stars because staff were sweethearts, -2 because I feel that the severity of my dog's behavioral issues was downplayed. I recommend PAWS, but be sure to ask a lot of questions and cross examine staff for accuracy.
Katt Rokkor
Katt Rokkor
18:29 08 Dec 18
Amazing staff. They do so much for the animals in their care and assist those that foster and adopt. No kill shelter.
Sarah H.
Sarah H.
00:42 01 Dec 18
Love this place! Everybody is super nice and helpful and of course the puppies and kittens are all just adorable. Come and volunteer or fall in love with one of them!
Joanna Romain
Joanna Romain
08:50 22 Oct 18
If you are a true animal lover, come here to adopt your next pet. The love and compassion that they give to all their fur babies, young and old, is unmatched. Be prepared to surrender your heart upon arrival. One look is all it takes: an addition to your family is inevitable. Immediately, I fell in love with two sibling puppies and the only dilemma that remains is whether to choose one or both...
Jenna Lyn
Jenna Lyn
16:58 07 Oct 18
Great experience! Helpful staff! They gave us so much stuff when we got our Hendrix! And they are always available if we need help!
Whitney McGinniss
Whitney McGinniss
01:02 07 Oct 18
We knew we wanted to adopt a rescue dog, rather than purchasing from a breeder or a pet store. We made the rounds to several shelters in the area, but PAWS Atlanta was BY FAR our favorite. The facility is clean. The animals are well cared for. And the staff is SUPER FRIENDLY. We came by several times before deciding on a 3 year old Maltese/Mini Poodle mix. Each time the staff was very attentive, and even seemed genuinely sad for us when another dog we were looking at got adopted by someone else. After the adoption, PAWS answered a few questions I had about caring for our new pet while I was waiting for our appointment with the local vet. Ultimately, we ended up with a FANTASTIC dog, and we got him from a GREAT rescue organization!
Kelly Truong
Kelly Truong
00:08 28 Sep 18
I had the opportunity to volunteer here alongside my coworkers. Goodness, it was hard to not come home with one of these dogs. I’m so glad a place like this exist for our furry friends. If you’re looking for a pet, don’t buy! Adopt! If you can’t own a pet for whatever reason, like myself, come and volunteer. You can just drop in and walk the dogs or play with the cats. Can’t get much better than this!The people and soon-to-be pets here at PAWS are amazing! You can tell the people are passionate about what they do, and the dogs and cats here know they’re safe and in good hands.
Jeff Carter
Jeff Carter
17:31 09 Sep 18
Fist thing you must know before visiting Paws. Leave your ego 😙at home and go with and an open mind, and a mission to give a pet a home.. Their mission is to re home pets in a healthy environment for life. You should be willing to open yourself to the idea of being scrutinize. IT IS ALL ABOUT THE ANIMALS🐕. This place is a nice, very clean NO KILL shelter for cats🐱 and 🐅dogs. Paws have a very large park, and trail to walk your new found love. Located off of Covinton HWY. In unincorporated Dekalb county, Paws 🐾 see to their animals health and shower them with love💚 until finding them a new home. ⚠️THIS NOT A PLACE TO ABANDON YOUR PETS.⚠️This is a well kept shelter. Volunteers keeps the place in Immaculate condition. I have never seen it any other way, and I visit at least 3 times a week. Paws Atlanta, requires a lot of love and money, so feel free to Volunteer 🙋‍♀️or donate. I live 1 mile down the street and visit often looking for my 4 legged 🐴friend. AND YES. A local celeb. volunteers at this 🐾 Paws and would be happy to show you her love when you adopt one of their kids😁
Angel Tamayo
Angel Tamayo
03:01 07 Sep 18
This place is a great rescue organization! The kennels are very clean and don't smell and they have a variety of dogs. They also have a special cat section and another house. I really enjoyed the little library that they had that had all dog related books for children and adults
Everett Sandoval
Everett Sandoval
13:14 02 Sep 18
If it was possible, I'd give this place a 10 star review! Instead, I'll have my girlfriend write another 5 star! The facility is well maintained and is very dog/human friendly! The curb appeal is nothing to write home about, but once you enter the facility, it's a dog's dream! They have a fence trail where you can walk your dog as well as a fenced play area where you can let your pup off the lease and really get to know them.We spent the last few days visiting different shelters and humane societies, but this one was our favorite! Partially because we found our new family memeber. BUT mostly for the love that the staff and volunteers give to these animals! Beth, a volunteer, kept checking on us, making sure that we were happy with the different dogs and providing different options.Finally, we meet Gene (formally known as Royale) and he was a perfect fit! A HUGE thanks to Paws- Atlanta! We love our Meanie Genie!
Renee Levene
Renee Levene
12:09 16 Aug 18
This is a no - kill shelter that loves their residents and takes great care of them. I donated dog supplies after my dog died, and they were so grateful and sweet.
Kelley Maxwell
Kelley Maxwell
13:41 16 Jul 18
We adopted the cutest, sweetest dog a week ago We have a Dachshund mix already and now our new Dachshund mix fits perfectly into our family. They are rolling around in the grass, running and playing so well together. We lost her buddy last year and now she has a new one. Fenced yard, dog door he has mastered. We truly love our new addition to the family !
Hitomi Gantt
Hitomi Gantt
01:40 13 May 18
We heard about this shelter at Java Cats Cafe and had been wanting to come. We only checked out some cats today but the place was pretty well organized and the staff was nice. It would be a great place to adopt a cute family member from.
22:02 09 Apr 18
We came to look at the cats in the hopes of adopting one and were greeted by nice staff. We signed in at the reception and then were directed to the cat cottage to look at the cats. No one was there to officially greet us or tell us what the protocol was for seeing them. Eventually we realized we could walk into any of the cat rooms ourselves to get a feel for the cats. The facilities were ok, there were some cat towers, large crates and some toys for the cats. There were about 8-10 cats per room. Since there was no one around to talk us about them we hoped there would be some information on the walls. A white board was up on the wall with names, colors and ages in some cases but that was it. Not very descriptive and we had no idea who was who in the case of multiple cats being the same color + the handwriting was difficult to read.When a member of staff did come around to see if we had questions she was nice enough, but didn't seem really knowledgeable about the cats to assist us. I'm sure with the right staff member/volunteer this place would be fine to find your future pet, but our visit was underwhelming and we ended up finding our cat at Lifeline in Avondale Estates, which we would highly recommend!
Dasheaka Heard
Dasheaka Heard
22:50 05 Apr 18
Had to surrender my fur baby which was very hard for me. They made me feel comfortable. Clean environment and everyone is so friendly. Love the fact that this is a no kill shelter. Thank you Paws Atlanta. Plz take care of my sweet baby 😢
Fran Garvey
Fran Garvey
22:58 23 Mar 18
They are reasonable, they love the animals and they did a really good job spaying my cat. I've had many cats spayed and this is the quickest recovery I've seen. She recovered in 3 days. A week later there was no sign that she's had any surgery. I'm impressed.
T Johnson
T Johnson
04:26 19 Mar 18
Great place! They offer a low-cost dog and cat vaccination clinic 2 Sundays out of the month. The prices vary depending on your pet's needs, but no service at the low-cost clinic costs over $100. They accept credit/debit cards as well. They were very gentle with my little 7lb Yorkie!
Sam H
Sam H
18:49 06 Jan 18
Everyone was friendly and I was able to meet and play with the cats. I'll definitely come back when I get ready to adopt.
Teresa Slaughter
Teresa Slaughter
12:51 31 Dec 17
Great place to take your pets too for great care and really good prices.
Ms Cruick
Ms Cruick
01:44 22 Nov 17
Very helpful staff. They really love animals. ..it's not just a job!
Kevin Pack
Kevin Pack
20:48 16 Aug 17
We adopted out biggest son at Paws Last year. You can tell they really love the babies they have, and even call to check on the children every so often. Paws tries to help people make sure they can keep the babies they have, and be able to take care of them properly. When we decide to adopt another baby in the future, it would be through Paws
danea whitney
danea whitney
06:00 14 Jul 17
Disappointing service. My children and I found a kitten that we couldn't keep. We've seen Paws Atlanta all over the news and I follow them on social media and they portray such friendly and compassionate service. The woman at the desk turned down the kitten and hardly seemed to care that we had nowhere for it to go. And to think, I was also considering volunteering.
Nikki Soleman
Nikki Soleman
22:20 23 Jun 17
The cats and dogs are kept in a seemingly clean areas. Several volunteers came in on the Friday that I came to visit and love on the animals. Only a few kennels had feces left in them, but the place generally smelled clean to have as many animals as they did. While I was looking out of the cat window, I saw a man jerking a black and white dog by the leash. I met this dog earlier and he was so sweet and obedient. The man continued to jerk the dog by the neck as if he were very frustrated and didn't know much about dog training. As a certified dog trainer, one of the things we are taught to understand is that if you jerk a dog by its neck over and over, the neck will become numb and desensitized essentially deadening the nerves around the neck. It's cruel and abusive. But I do understand that some people don't understand the long term effects of doing this, so I gave the man the benefit of the doubt. I walked outside toward him and the dog and as I did, the staff member Harriet walked up as well. I didn't know if they were a couple or together or what and I asked if they were adopting the sweet dog. The man said that he was just fostering him for the weekend. I told him that I had been watching him from the cat house jerking the dog around and tried to help him understand the effects of doing that. He denied jerking the dog by its neck. Then the staff member whom I later found out whose name was Harriet, jumped in and said, "Well actually the dog has a harness on so it's ok." She said that she worked at the shelter as if to provide some credibility. Longer story shorter, she was very rude and dismissive and seemed not to care of the dog was being mistreated by the man.The lady at the front desk whose name I didn't get was kind and answered question me for me about the animals. I went inside to fill out an application for an adult white cat, and Harriet followed me in there asking me why I was filling out an application. She was so smug and hateful. I ignored her, took my application with me, and left. A great experience at first ruined by the nastiness of one employee. 2 Stars
Jerimiah Easley
Jerimiah Easley
20:33 18 Jun 17
Summer Camp - my son attended the summer camp here and absolutely loved it. For kids that like animals, it's a great camp. I sure wish the camp was longer though. 9-1 makes it hard for working parents.
Ed Burns
Ed Burns
08:49 27 Apr 17
My last three fur babies have come from PAWS. Healthy animals kept in very clean surroundings. This is a "no kill" shelter and they rely on donations. The staff is super friendly and helpful. My last trip, I stopped by to make a donation and ended up with a new cat! If you are looking for a "forever friend" please stop in.
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