2002 Old Alvin Rd, Pearland, TX 77581
2002 Old Alvin Rd Pearland TX 77581
(281) 652-1970(281) 652-1970

Pearland-City Of Animal Control animal shelter and pet store real reviews and ratings. Ever been in this place? Write your review and share your experience.

Juan Cantu
Juan Cantu
13:46 22 Sep 18
Good staff although they can use volunteers if you are interested. Animals seem to be well taken care of.
John Mirrer
John Mirrer
07:26 08 Sep 18
Adopted my dog here almost 4 years ago. He's not my first dog but he is my first adoption/rescue. One of the best decisions I've made. If you are looking for a pet, please consider adoption. You'll save a life and it will benefit yours.
Fred Black
Fred Black
16:46 05 Sep 18
I called Pearland Animal Control (PAC) to report that a feral cat had 4 kittens on our patio. Only 3 of the kittens survived. The lady (I won't name her) at PAC said that it was my responsibility to retrieve a cage from PAC and trap the mother cat. She said that PAC would not pick up the kittens until we secured the mother, because it was "unfair to the kittens". She said that the kittens would die without their mother. I explained that we could not pick up the trap during the PAC operating hours, and asked if it could be delivered and/or set out by PAC. She said that PAC would not do that either. I explained that I was concerned about caring for the kittens in the interim, because the dead kitten and/or the 3 surviving kittens may have rabies or some other infectious disease that could be transmitted to our child or other children in the neighborhood as well as our pet. She had no response to my concern but continued to express her concern about the fairness to the kittens. I then demanded that PAC pick up the kittens, or that I would take it up with the Texas Infectious Disease Unit at the state level which oversees PAC. She relented saying, "I will tell the animal control officer that you want the kittens dead, and that you want them picked up!" I was appalled that this lady had used such demeaning language in an effort to guilt me into doing her job. Concern for the welfare of animals is expected of everyone. However, it is deplorable, when PAC places the welfare of animals above our own children. I hope that the supervisory personnel at PAC will examine their policies (or at least this lady's behavior) with consideration to the threat these policies pose to the residents of Pearland.
Ryon Ludlow
Ryon Ludlow
21:59 18 Aug 18
It’s Clear The Shelter weekend. We showed up 5 minutes before 5. Not thinking we were gonna get to adopt but at least take a quick look. There’s a sign saying no more intake. No one is here. You’re an embarrassment. If you really wanted to clear the shelter, you wouldn’t leave early.
Steven Mills
Steven Mills
18:28 12 Aug 18
Everyone at this location that I've dealt with has been really nice and helpful. We adopted a kitten that was at the petco location. After we filled out the paperwork we received the call we could pick him up. Had to drop off the vet papers and everything was good.
Valerie Torres
Valerie Torres
21:14 23 Jul 18
This is the worst place! There customer service is horrible. When I went to go ask for help I was talking to the lady then the phone rang so she said I have to take the phone call. I said okay I waited so that she could finish. I was polite and waited then the questions I asked she was like did you have anymore questions and she never even answered the questions I asked in the first place before she answered the phone. We left and we decided we would like to adopt the kitten we seen.We called and she said all three kittens in that cage had just been adopted by a lady who came in but yet she said we would have to put an application in for the kitten?!!! If I could give 0 stars I would. The low reviews didn't lie.
Evelyn Henderson
Evelyn Henderson
18:54 12 Jul 18
The animal shelter only euthanizes animals who are sick or hurt and can't be healed. If a very young animal, that has not been weaned, is unable to eat regular food it will be humanely euthanized to keep it from starving to death. They do not have the staff or the means to hand feed these animals. Dogs are kept in chain link dog runs, and cats are kept in small metal wall kennels. I wish they had more room to walk around. The city of Pearland needs to provide more funding. The city is growing, but the shelter is not.
Helene Fitzgerzld
Helene Fitzgerzld
16:59 08 Jul 18
Great staff. Great pets!!! Please adopt, save a life. Spay and neuter! I love my new family member!
kristine perez
kristine perez
17:43 22 Jun 18
Great staff love their professionalism. Very caring.
Julia S.
Julia S.
22:42 03 Mar 18
If you want to adopt a pet PLEASE do it thru a shelter versus a pet store. Adopting 2 cats instead of 1 was the best decision I made. They keep each other active and more independent. I adopted 1 about 16 years ago and he was well taking care off. HOWEVER, I regret that he had no playmate.
Julie bengalipunk
Julie bengalipunk
21:05 24 Feb 18
We put our application in on 2/18 ...pending our animals records... they adopted out the cat my family fell in love with who had been there since 10/25 and we couldn't stand that he could possibly be put down.... the next day 2/19 despite being told he was pulled and put on pending status for us...to someone else. At least he's safe now with another family which is what we wanted, but that's pretty crappy to do to someone. We spent a lot of money to prepare our home for his arrival ...
brandi hicks
brandi hicks
21:44 19 Jan 18
I just called to get this ladys name and they refused and hung up on me. I live in Friendswood and Pearland animal control came to my door this morning saying my dogs were out which was a lie became they had not been out yet. The lady was rude and said we have to put leads on our dogs in our own yard as well as close our gate. She also said she called Friendswood and they told her I was Pearland. Also a lie. I called Friendswood to verifi that they said that, no they didn't.. Another incident was a Pearland animal control lady coached my dogs out of my yard and tried to take them. I saw her and stopped it by calling Friendswood and Pearl and supervision out. They gave me my dogs back and the lady was never to be caught on my street again. She should have been fired. FYI be careful when dealing with Pearland animal control if you love your animals..Remember as far as she is concerned leash your animals in your own yard. She even threatened to call cops on us. She was not getting her way and started threatening us. I had to go over there heads and probably not done. That lady don't need that job. Plenty of people who would love and appreciate it.
servando ramos
servando ramos
19:21 05 Jan 18
City of Pearland Animal control, really make me feel that they care and love for our community pets and safety, the are always nice ,greet you and smile.
Mrs. Patricia
Mrs. Patricia
17:11 18 Dec 17
My son found a cat with three kittens at Pearland. I went to leave them, but the woman in charge was frankly angry. She wanted to "interrogate" my son on where and how he found them, but he was at school. She told me that the cat was not "friendly" and that she did not want us to go there "ever again." It is their job as an animal shelter to accept animals found in the area, right?
Monica Muller
Monica Muller
14:11 15 Dec 17
Extremely rude employees, I have a little dog that wandered onto my property and I've been trying to find something to do with it before I have to leave town for the weekend because I don't want to just leave him here by himself to wander around in the cold at night. I delayed leaving for my trip just to wait for this place to open and called and advised the woman who answered that I was in Southeast Houston, literally practically right on the border of Pearland. I gave her my cross streets and also attempted to use landmarks such as a high school I live next to to give her an idea of where I live, and she interrupted me and didn't even attempt to click her mouth 2 times to open a Google map to get an idea of where I was, she interrupted me and she said she would not take the dog because they " euthanize animals and would not want to euthanize a dog from Pearland to make room for a dog from Houston that the owner isn't going to come looking for"...um, hello lady, you are one of the closest shelters to my house that is open right now. She wasn't even polite about it, her monotonous irritated voice said it all. While I'm sure that they are overwhelmed with stray animals a little bit of kindness would have gone a long way this morning. I have literally been running around trying to take care of my infant child and figure out what to do with this little puppy while also trying to get ready to go on a trip to Dallas. It's extremely stressful and I could have definitely used a little bit more kindness and understanding for the situation that I am in rather than a rude woman basically telling me that they're just going to kill off a bunch of animals including this dog anyway.
Dereck Ray
Dereck Ray
23:15 28 Oct 17
Met Austin (rat terrier) and Doug (bull terrier) awesome pups but the adoption process Ummm no comment
Robert Williams
Robert Williams
21:44 18 Oct 17
They do the best they can with the challenges that face them. I would give them a five star which they probably deserve but the animal pounds just break my heart. Very nice staff, animals appear to be cared for. They do deserve a 5 star, so I'm going to upgrade this review!!!! We love our Django pup, thank you!
Laura Hyatt
Laura Hyatt
22:26 18 Jul 17
I adopted a cat here years ago. Had no issues. I also adopted a mini dachshund here some years ago. First let me start by saying that the shelter is pretty clean and I had no customer service issues. However, the health check on my dog that the shelter did, said she didn't have heart worms. She DID in fact have them. We had them treated, and she is now a happy 14 year old senior dog.... The thing that always has bothered me about her adoption.... What if she had been adopted by someone that didn't have the financial means to treat heart worms? What if she had been adopted by someone who hadn't taken her in immediately for a check up? Her life could have been very different.
01:39 05 Jul 17
After seeing a few of the dogs they had up for adoption at Petco, one dog in particular caught my eye and heart. Her name is potato, given to her by the Staff at Pearland Animal Control. A nine year old Chihuahua and she seemed so sweet. She had been the pet of someone who had loved on her but how she came to be on the loose and picked up by Animal Control is a mystery. No one came to claim her so my wife and I did. A trip to Westside Veterinary Services to correct tooth and gum disease after adoption and Potato was rid of her mouth issues. Today she is a happy camper with her three sisters, all rescues. The Staff was wonderful to deal with.
Cathie Brown
Cathie Brown
18:33 16 Apr 17
I visited yesterday and was so pleasantly surprised by how clean and orderly the shelter was, it even smelled clean! The staff was friendly and courteous. I'm waiting on the application process to complete before I take home my new little buddy!
Janelle Jorgenson
Janelle Jorgenson
04:29 23 Mar 17
Nice people. Busy place. Very helpful.
Hailey Tran
Hailey Tran
17:24 13 Mar 17
Great Volunteers! I just visited.. Besides I got mud on my pants by dogs but it's OK. Besides might be adopting.
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