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helen low
01:45 11 May 19
I'm Malaysian! Their Malaysia food good! Especially char kuey teow, it is the best. The taste is 99% like my hometown one. A must!!! Some other dishes are pretty authentic too.
Gabriel Duch
21:40 28 Apr 19
These people giving less than four stars are insane, in fact, even four stars is underrating this place. There was not ONE dish I even SLIGHTLY disliked. For me, they even managed to do the impossible, make meat with fruit taste amazing. The service was exemplary and quick, we got seated immediately and had our order out in less than 3 minutes. I said it and I’ll say it again. I loved everything we ordered, and we ordered 7 dishes plus 2 appetizers so it cannot be a matter of luck. I recommend the mango chicken and the laksa soup the most. Definitely will be coming back.
Anthony Ross
14:03 20 Apr 19
malaysian food, very delicious. Really nothing but great experiences here, so I will be back. The bill was good for how much you get. Mood here reminds me of Colorado Springs area.
Clifford Howell
12:01 20 Apr 19
Nice place for quality malaysian food. The service was helpful and kind. Prices are appropriate. This place has positive reviews for a reason.
Michael Lafferty
23:41 16 Mar 19
Had lunch at Serai. The server was very helpful. There are a lot of choices on the menu and the server was able to explain things and had good suggestions. Had chicken satay to start. Good but not exciting. Had chicken mango. That was exciting and very good. My friend had a curry soup which he said was a good choice. Ended with the warm black rice pudding for dessert. It was good and very unique. I enjoyed lunch and will be back.
06:41 13 Jan 19
This is one of my favorite restaurants in Logan Square. They have a fairly large menu of Asian dishes, a mix of Malay, Indonesian, Thai, and Chinese. Which is essentially the mix of Singaporean food. I have tried many things on the menu and while I like some more than others, anything you choose will be a solid choice. I recommend trying something that sounds different from anything you've had before - it'll likely surprise you with some great flavors.
Rachel Hooker
02:22 30 Dec 18
We ordered this evening on Grub Hub. Placed an order for Sesame Chicken, Green Curry Chicken, some Spring Rolls, and (2) Steamed Potstickers. We ordered the food at 7:27, and it got here at 7:45. Seems a bit quick for so much food on a Saturday evening. I bit into my sesame chicken, and it had a very strange chewy consistency, as if it was undercooked. This is unlike most sesame chicken I have tried and liked, which is usually crispy and delicious.The pork potstickers were cold and undercooked, too. The only thing in this order that I somewhat enjoyed was the spring rolls. I mean, how hard is it to mess up a spring roll? The woman who helped me on the phone was very nice and understanding, but I requested a refund; I’m not interested in trying anything else! Now I’m just hoping my boyfriend and I don’t get sick.
Erin RavenSkye
15:35 24 Oct 18
Victor, our waiter took the time to explain a majority of the menu items to us, including what his personal favorites were. He was trying to encourage us to order family style, but we were all set on what we wanted. We shared some appetizers, which were all very flavorful and interesting, and seemed to all enjoy what we ordered. I would definitely dine here again!
Ben Sydserff
02:21 15 Oct 18
We had excellent service - the waiter was quick and very flexible for all of the requests of our party of 14. Most of the food was very tasty, medium sized portions. The one disappointing thing was a noodle dish (the waiter recommended) that came out tasting super burnt.
Christopher Forth
01:12 14 Oct 18
The food and service was excellent. The mango chicken (pictured) was one of the groups favorite. The basil chicken was another favorite. Serai was a good choice for a Saturday night meal and is definitely recommended. We'll be return customers.
Lisa Wheeler
01:38 02 Oct 18
It's unique and a fun atmosphere. I looked the good, but the wait staff really made the visit for me. I would recommend the pot stickers.
Ricardo Jimenez Jimenez
23:37 07 Sep 18
Excellent ambiance and food was delicious. Cozy and great place for a date and small groups.
Dan G
02:20 25 Aug 18
Food was great. They were very attentive to gluten free requests. Parking can be tough in the area so be sure to yourself plenty of time.
James Liu
00:47 01 Aug 18
The food here is superb. There is a great mix of Malaysian food and some favorites from nearby cuisines so you can feel comfortable here even with less adventurous friends. Great big portions so each entre is also a meal for later. Super friendly staff who work as a team to help you out. Ask their help in choosing a dish. They've never steered me wrong.Also, no wait on weeknights. Go get a table or order out.
Charles Upton
14:46 08 Jul 18
I frequent this place every couple months and I've always been happy with the food and staff. Always friendly and always accomadating.
Mahima Srivastava
06:51 14 Jun 18
One of my favorite Malaysian restaurants in Chicago. I was pleasantly surprised by the flavors, service and the choice of menu. We ordered the roti canai (paratha with Malaysian curry), lamb curry, chicken sizzler, noodle curry dish and flat noodles too. The coconut pudding dessert was amazing too. Each dish was amazing and very flavorful. Will be back for sure when visiting Chicago. The lady who seated us was very polite and gave us all info when we asked questions. She went out of her way to ensure we had a good meal.
Zainab Tapal
18:08 31 May 18
Decent food. Small quantities. The guy who stood to seat us, not the waiter, wouldn't allow seats or high chairs on the side of table even though there was plenty of room. We ordered another dish, and he never came back. Another waitress helped us out.
Jessica James
03:19 22 May 18
I love this place! The pineapple fried rice is gorgeous. They actually hollow out half of a pineapple and that is your bowl. it's absolutely succulent and well balanced. There's just the right amount of savoriness from the chicken and faint light sweetness to the rice. Their peanut sauce for the chicken satay is one of the most delicious things ever! I asked for extra so that I can put it with the pineapple fried rice. I love that there's a lot of ethnic diversity here with the dishes, it's not one type of Asian food.The bathrooms are clean, the place is clean, the people are very nice and if you go before 5 p.m. it's really not hard to score parking.The downside is there water literally tastes like semen. It has this awful base taste and smell like diluted bleach. I don't know if they're putting old lemons in it or just not cleaning the filter or what. I literally think tap water is miles better. Also, their Thai iced tea is lacking. There should be a little bit more milk and sweetness. I've had Thai iced tea and a lot of other places and it honestly just feels like this place is being cheap with the drink. Also it's really just a little too crowded for the chairs and the first dining room on the right. There was only two in between my chair back and the person behind me. If they would be willing to just move one of the end tables against the wall and sacrifice a little bit of space then it would be better for everyone.
Radhika Gowali
00:38 17 May 18
Came from out of town and friend recommended going to Serai for dinner. The food is phenomenal. Definitely recommend going family style so that you can try variety of the dishes. Don’t have any photos because we were starved and started hashing away the food before even taking photos!
Kenny Chua
02:51 14 May 18
Meh. It was ok. Had better Malaysian food at Penang, in Arlington heights. Service was slow. Wait staff were younger hipster type. Atmosphere catered more towards trendy crowd.
Michael Sokolow
08:29 04 May 18
The food is pretty good, but it doesn't justify the price.
Seongmin Choi
02:44 20 Apr 18
Great food :) I had a RENDANG BEEF and MALAYSIAN ICED TEA.-RENDANG BEEF: fragrant, mild and delicious. Went really well with the small bowl of rice that came with it.-MALAYSIAN ICED TEA: Like chai tea which is iced, but more light and not overly sweet. Overall it was a wonderful experience.
Kim Iu
02:58 06 Apr 18
Delicious Malaysian eats! Seriously came here just for the roti appetizer. Everything else is also delicious, but that roti... Just thinking about it is making my mouth water.
Adella Deacon
01:41 02 Mar 18
Arrived shortly after the restaurant opened. Was thrilled to find that they had a good amount of gluten free dishes to choose from. Had the Singapore noodles for the first time. The flavor was not what I expected, but I still enjoyed them. Also enjoyed a bottle of sake.
Soon Keat Ooi
06:04 03 Aug 17
Really the best Malaysian restaurant I have tried in the U.S.! The food is truly authentic and tasty! The owner was nice enough to chat with us after he learned that we are Malaysians and gave us free desserts! Really mesmerized by the food! I wish I can go back again!
Rito Martinez
00:57 07 Jul 17
I will dream this amazing Roti and Curry dish app! Oh my! Great food. Great Service. A must!
Casey Haars
00:31 01 Jul 17
Great food, we had the mango chicken and mango fried rice, both were excellent. Sweet and sour sauce is spot on. Apps and main courses are cheap. Not too many places in the neighborhood where you and your special gal can eat for under $40. Water is a bit off, tastes like pool water, probably from their sanitation process...easily changed. Oh and the service is awesome and everyone was really friendly. --Carl Burrell
edmund gray
15:04 30 May 17
There's a subtlety to the flavoring at Serai that far exceeds "just another Thai place." Food was prepared quickly and perfectly cooked. Can't recommend enough. The only the downside of discovering a place with as delicious food as Serai is I'll never want to try elsewhere!
Hiba Ansari
03:58 02 May 17
I've been here 3 times and love it! The portions are well balanced and the service is great too. Everyone works really hard hear and always make you feel welcome and appreciated. I do make it a point to call ahead and reserve, which they also appreciate because it can be a busy joint! I love the mango chicken dish and their Singapore noodles. The owner habitually comes out to thank patrons and in our first visit, he assured us that his suppliers provide halal meat, yay!
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