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Pastime Locations in Times Square New York

Times Square is the heart of New York City in so many ways, this neon-lit district is the Las Vegas of Manhattan. For nearly twenty years, apart from Broadway shows, the area was almost unbearable owing to the seedy inhabitants and shops. No more. Originally developed in the 1830s by the wealthy Astor family as …

Cultural History of New York

Why is New York so famous? After all, the weather is terrible, the city is overcrowded, and even the buildings are second to many others elsewhere. The cigar-shaped strip of land called Manhattan is difficult to access with bridges crowded with cars, streets clogged with buses and taxis. Where after all were some of the …

Manhattan Brooklyn Bridge

Manhattan Brooklyn Bridge is one of the world’s most famous bridges, who could think that a steel roadway could engender such controversy and passion? Yet, that’s the history of the Brooklyn Bridge since before its construction began to the present day. Brooklyn Bridge History Initiated by John A. Roebling, who by 1867 had already created …

New York City Overview

This article shows the New York City overview for you to easily prepare a trip to this amazing city. Nearly 40 million tourists from around the world visit New York City every year. What they find is a bustling metropolis, dense with museums, parks, theaters, shops, famous buildings and inhabitants as diverse as themselves. Far …

Netherlands Travel Guide, The Dutch Culture

Netherlands is a beautiful country, which borders the North Sea, Belgium and Germany, with diverse culture showing reflections of Dutch and the foreign immigrants. The country, with plenty of tourist attractions is home to a range of historical paintings and replicas of Dutch buildings with rich Dutch architecture. The country is often referred as the …

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