Top 13 Things To Do In Chicago

Things To Do In Chicago: Restaurants

Restaurants in Chicago are also first rate. Maybe you just want a great burger at Billy Goat Tavern in Navy Pier. Or, you might want the best pizza in the world. Gino’s East at 8725 W. Higgins, or Pete’s at 3737 N Western, or Home Run Inn at 4254 W 31st St, who can decide? You might prefer Brazilian at Sal & Carvao (739 N Clark St) or jambalaya at Joe’s Be-Bop at Navy Pier.

If you want to just drink, there’s no better place than Chicago. At Charlie’s Ale House at Navy Pier you can find over 70 beers to choose from. Or, you can sidle into the Volo Restaurant Wine Bar (2008 W Roscoe St) for one of the finest selections served. After that you might need a cup of coffee. Try the Julius Meinl Cafe (3601 N. Southport) where the Viennese is authentic and you can hear a string quartet play while you sip.

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List of things to do in Chicago

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