Website for Travelers

Ranging from entrusting goods to forecast airline tickets price, here are some website for travelers in order to facilitate your journey.

website for travelers

This site is arguably the arch enemy of shipping company. Bistip offers service to those who like to entrust goods to people who travel abroad.

How it works is simple: just click, search bistiper schedule (travellers who are willing to be entrusted) who are traveling to destinations that you want, then do the tip negotiation that is acceptable to both parties.

Conversely, if you are traveling and willingly entrusted, simply post your schedule to this site. Though this website is started for Indonesian, they might soon expanding the service globally.

This site predicts airline ticket prices and make recommendations to “buy now” or “wait”, with an average accuracy level of 75 percent.

The trick is, Bing Travel analyzes airfare from hundreds of sources, then take the median average. As the result, this search engines can predict whether the price you see at the moment will rise or fall in the coming week.

With 75 percent accuracy rate, the prediction is certainly not perfect, but still better than guessing, right?

This virtual market is for people who want to rent out properties. The difference with CouchSurfing, Wimdu is not free, although its lodgings rates remains less expensive than star hotels.

Another advantage of Wimdu is the offered accomodation very exotic sometimes (ever thinking of hiring the castle in the English Channel?).

Conversely, if you want to rent out your property, Wimdu will take care of every detail, from the reservation to the payment method.

Initially, the site which is a spin-off from is used by film directors and producers as a weather reference when they are about to roll out the set in foreign places.

Now, this site has included weather data in almost all tourist destinations in the world. Two interesting features are: “Hot or not” which can tell you places that is experiencing the hottest or coldest temperatures, and “When to travel” that informs you the best time you should visit a destination.

Through this site, you know suitable places to enjoy a holiday later this year, the Maldives or Lombok?

Staying at home with stranger for free is not only powerful strategy when the budget is thin, but also useful to help you feel the lifestyle of local residents at the destination location.

If this experience is sought, please open the CouchSurfing website. It contains the names of world citizens who are willing to have their house sheltered by travelers for free.

Their motivation? Creating a better world. As simple as that.

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