Why Is My Business Links to “Unclaimed Listing” Page?

Unclaimed listing means the business page you recently visited in CityShoppingPoint has not been claimed by its owner or representative.

You are seeing this page because you clicked the link/URL in an unclaimed listing page. The business has probably been manually added and promoted by its customer, or by us free of charge.

Just having your basic business information listed in CSP alone can improve NAP (Name, Address, Phone) citation consistency that is useful to raise your local business search engine rank as long as they are correct.

Unclaimed listing at CityShoppingPoint is marked with this orange button

To claim your business page, click on the orange button halfway to the bottom

If you own the business, or is a representative you can claim the page, and add/change the URL pointing to your business website – even making it “dofollow link” with stronger SEO power for your business website, or just delete it if you don’t have website and still gain many benefits of claiming.

In fact, you can control many aspect of your business page by claiming it.

Why Should I Claim My Business?

By claiming your business page, you have full control over the listing, like add unique content and rich/ lengthy description about your business, events, promotions, product, or service that you want customers to see.

  • If you have business website, you can have a live (dofollow) link in description section which further increases your local business website prominence in search engines over time.
  • You can add many beautiful visual content regarding your business to attract more eyes.
    The combination of UNIQUE and lengthy description around your business name with attractive photos and videos of your business, along with dofollow link pointing to your business website can significantly boost your local business rank in major search engines. Also known as SEO: Search Engine Optimization.
    More fact: local business usually wants to have top position in search engine listing for primarily (if not only) narrow local area search. Being listed in CityShoppingPoint is a great way to achieve that since CSP business pages is designed to improve local SEO. Even if your business don’t have a website.
  • You can have direct contact form to capture leads if you wish to.
  • You can evaluate your business rating and see what customers think by evaluating the Review tab of your business page. Respond properly to reviews. Manage your business reputation.
  • We help build content, promotional materials, and do magic to help your business grow and attract more customers. 🙂 Our business is to promote your business. Not only that, we always look for affordable unique and custom opportunities in helping your business needs.

See full benefit of claiming your business.

Will My Claim Expires?

No. Once you claimed your business it applies for… ever. *)

Our claim process is simple and fast, almost instantly. No need to wait for days for verification by post card, you don’t even need to wait for hours for verification by phone or SMS.

We want to keep things as simple and affordable as possible (even free). Your business money and effort should be on attracting more customers and improving your business reputation while stay being competitive, rather than on expensive administrative processes.

*) Few exception does happen, read further

What If People I Don’t Know Claimed My Business?

Well… what for? To claim a business page at CSP one must register and the person in question usually use email address with business domain name (ie. [email protected]). A working email address is mandatory, since we send registration detail and “must-click” verification link to the email. Fake email won’t be able to activate the account.

In situation where your business don’t have email with own business domain, whoever claim a business page first and provide sort of ownership or representation proof will generally be approved. This usually is done by a marketing representative of your company, ie. a SEO agency appointed by you.

But if you think that a non-representative has claimed your page, you can monitor and assess if your business page content do harm to your business. If it helps your business more than you can or are willing to do, we suggest just leave it be.
We can foresee some rare situation where claim dispute arises. In such situation we advise you to reclaim it (by first creating an account with CSP) and send us proofs of ownership to [email protected]

* In a very complicated situation we may release claim ownership back to unclaimed status or even completely remove it from CSP.

What Differs CSP From Other Local Directory or Review Sites?

  1. We don’t extort business owners. We never will because we keep our costs low and reasonable. It’s no secret that many big name of directory/ review site is “allegedly” practicing such thing.
  2. Big names have their own top qualities, but with it come greater challenges for business owners. Like: err… 1) disappearing/filtered hard earned customer reviews, 2) pick wrong category and your business would be banished to the bottom of the list, 3) long and challenging claim process, 4) generally tougher competition and simply pricier just to get your business listed on top.
    While we actively promoting your business, we are also promoting ourselves. As CSP grows, your business grows as well. We aim long term and we are growing.
  3. You may argue about the effectiveness of directory/ review site like CSP when all top search engines and even social media have their own local business listing and review feature. The fact is that they are better with us than without (hint: NAP citation). In always changing internet and marketing scape, this fact won’t seem to change in any foreseeable future.
  4. Our authority and organic traffic grows month after month. If we decide to go with paid traffic route (PPC) it will be laser-targeted upon your business keywords and positioning. More sales to you.
    You can do PPC campaign directly to your business website, but we advise you do that when it has some ranks in authority and Quality Score. Else your cost will rise beyond control.
    And no, this last point is not an extortion. 🙂

My Paid Plan Has Expired. Will My Listing Be Deleted or Set Back to Unclaimed Listing Status?

Unless in a very rare and difficult situation, no listing will ever be deleted from CityShoppingPoint, neither will it be losing its claim status *).
However, it will not be Featured again and losing significant visibility in CityShoppingPoint only.
But you will always have full control over its content, still able to manage your business reputation, and retain boost to your local business promotion we have done (or ongoing) as part of our service to Paid Plan members.