How It Works?

Either You Are Business, Consumer, Blogger... or All of Them

Local Businesses

City Shopping Point provides independent businesses an opportunity to reach educated consumer audience through enhanced business directory profile page. Further by producing in-depth article, your audience can be your loyal customer.

Educated Audience

At City Shopping Point, you’ll always discover an interesting take on what you were looking for. And every article is original. From product or service how-to, to money saving tips. -- it’s a rich and vibrant experience.

Show Your Expertise

Love writing? Love traveling? Love shopping or just hanging out at cool places? As a blogger, creating content is a rewarding process. We at CityShoppingPoint reward it further by making your content visible in front of large audience hungry for local updates.

Excellent Support

Whoever you are, we hear you. You can even grow your own local support system. In community area you can gather with fellow local businesses to understand your industry, group with similar bloggers to create an editorial team. Our standard is high. Yes.

For Business

We help local businesses to improve online visibility in affordable and simple price plan.

For Consumer

Review section where consumers might see what others have experienced with a business.

Blogger Make Money

Write generous, fully informative tips for consumers. Gain credibility and make money in the process.