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Even as adults, there are some who have great difficulty when it comes to the co-ordination needed for sports like baseball. This is where basic baseball drills or sports drills can help even the most inept adult player. For some of these individuals, having to catch a ball can be a daunting task and considered unpleasant. The reason for this feeling of dread is the lack of basic skills that drills or practice can help improve. While some people just seem to have a phobia about sports in general and being involved even at a basic unorganized level is just to painful a consideration.

The problem with just ignoring basic play is that we end up losing yet another part of the child within us. Further, if we have kids, we tend to shy away from playing things that are uncomfortable for us, thereby possibly passing on our problem to our children. This is a pity as with just a little practice, anyone can go out and enjoy getting involved in a a sport. Practice drills will NOT make us everyday work- a- day people into superstars or national league players, but it will allow us the benefit of being active, being with friends, and being involved without the pain of embarrassment.

A good place to start, as with anything is at the beginning. Get yourself a comfortable baseball glove. Believe it or not, I actually prefer getting my gloves at the local thrift shop. The reason for this is the usually these haven’t been abused but have been broken in well enough that they’re soft and supple. So they’re comfortable and cheap!

Get two and find someone in your family or a friend who just wants to throw a ball around. When starting out, I suggest using a a softball mainly because it’s a bigger target to catch. It’s also a little heavier and will build up your throwing arm while also being somewhat softer. A softball is just more squishy and is more player friendly especially when the baseball tossing starts to heat up and get faster and harder. No sense in bruising your hand with that fast pitch!

Another good practice drill is batting. Here, I suggest just going to the local batting cage and start out slow. The batting machines can be adjusted to almost any level or ability. Start slow with the goal to just hit or make contact with the ball. The idea here is to increase your eye hand and motion coordination while having a little fun. As you get better, have the speed increased and you’ll be batting a thousand as they say in no time.

So don’t let inability stand in your way of making some great memories this summer. Get out there and be a part of… Baseball!

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