You’ve heard claims like you can buy cars for as little as $100.00 at repossessed car auctions, but is this true? If so, where does one find listings of repossessed car auctions?

To know where to go to purchase one of these cars, you must first know what a repossessed car is. Most of the time cars get repossessed by the banks, because the owners have defaulted on the car loan or lease payment. When this happens, the institutions such as the banks, the police, the customs or the IRS offer these repossessed cars offered for sale at auctions.

The main reason why repossessed cars are priced cheaply is not so much for the state it was found in or the brand, as much as the continuing supply and the expense of storing these cars, that tend to lower their prices.

If repossessed cars are dirt cheap, why do only a very few buy at these kinds of auctions?

Three reasonable explanations have been put forth; one is that there is a lack of information on these kinds of auction, including pertinent information on schedules, venues and which institutions actively hold these kinds of auctions.

Another credible point put forward is that the reason why this is so, is because car dealers want to keep these auctions a secret. They can re-sell the cheap auctioned off car at retail prices to the public. Allowing them to generate more profits.

The third explanation that a majority of car buyers find it hard to change their buying pattern. They are used to buying new cars from a car dealership. Provided you do your homework and research well, there is no reason you can not go home with an also brand new vehicle priced at $200.00 or less.

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