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7 Good Reasons Why SEO Consultants Need To Look At Your Web Design Plan

Does web design impact SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? You wonder, and the answer is YES. You can think of SEO as the signage that you put up on the frontage of your shop. If you have a very nice signage, but your shop is empty or cluttered or disorganised or the lady at the counter is not engaging, then your nice signage has little or no use at all. Potential customers who initially felt intrigued by what you have got to offer via your signage will eventually decide not to purchase once they feel that your shop is a mess. Search Engine Optimization and web design work the same way. Why SEO? Well, if you have good SEO, people will come see your site. But once in your site, you have to be able to engage the visitor enough that he or she decides to buy.

Why SEO From The Very Start Of Web Design

Here are seven good reasons you should consider SEO elements into your web design plan from the very start:

  1. Your main objective for putting up a website is to sell. Whether it’s a product, a cause, a service, or just about anything, you are designing and developing a website to sell. How can you sell if people don’t know that your website exists at all? SEO will get you noticed. You are designing a website not for aesthetics but for you to be able to attract visitors to something you are selling.
  2. Some web design elements have no SEO value. For instance, Google does not index flash.
  3. Some web design elements have SEO value. Recently, Google announced that it will start crawling AJAX based submission forms. Imagine that.
  4. Google can take down your site for violations. You simply must be aware of what Google does not like if you want your site to always be there. Good SEO practice does not involve buying links. From the very start, you should know if you are dealing with a good SEO practitioner. If one of the strategies to be employed involves buying links, then you know for sure that this SEO company does not offer stable SEO results.
  5. The choice of your CMS affects SEO. There are content management systems (CMS) which are not SEO focused. You should know during the design phase which CMS will give you the best SEO advantage. In this case, WordPress continues to be the most SEO-ready CMS which is also easy to use and highly customisable.
  6. Finally and in connection with the blog, you should get an SEO consultant to set up your website and blog so that both become a powerful SEO platform. There is onsite optimisation to be done for this to happen, and it is something that web designers are not trained to do.

Indonesian? Read Panduan SEO untuk Pemula.

Why SEO Comes First Before Web Design

Seeing that both SEO readiness and an engaging and simple web design affect conversion, the important thing to note is that taking into account the SEO elements should really come first, and then the web design follows. Web design essentially should focus on keeping the customer experience pleasant and also of WOWing the customers, but simplicity will always be the overarching most important element. Because of that, even simple websites but with solid SEO makes more business.

Speaking of business, there’s another branch of SEO you need to know about. Namely local SEO/SEO lokal, which focuses more on physical presence of particular business to show up on local user search queries. But that’s another story.

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