5837 S Kedzie Ave, Chicago, IL 60629
5837 S Kedzie Ave Chicago IL 60629
(773) 434-6923(773) 434-6923

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tabithA graham
22:10 02 Jan 19
Good service
06:13 26 Sep 18
Amazing nail salon i went there to get long nails and i love it ill start coming here often
Sonny Mitchell
15:07 20 Sep 18
The first time I came here. I got funny looks but the young lady was so nice. And she really fixed the bad job the other nail shop had done before. So I ignored all the funny stares and comments. So I decided to return today because I really like the service. Today I got the looks and the comments again, but this lady was totally disrespectful to to me. Called my name wrong. With an attitude at that. And when I corrected her she got snarley. Rolled her eyes and said sit over there. She didn’t point or anything so I don’t know where she wants me to go. The other people are looking at me like I’m crazy and she’s talking to me like I’m crazy. The whole time I’m sitting here thinking like why is she talking to me like that. Whole stank ass attitude all because I just happen to be black 😡😡😡😡😡. This is the worst service I have ever experienced in my life. Pure racism. I’m use to the funny looks because I live in a Predominately Hispanic neighbor hood but come on now. I’m human just like you my money spends just like theirs does. So I do NOT deserve to be treated this way. I will never return to this place. I wish I could give negative zero stars.
Desiree Rivera
00:17 13 Sep 18
They were great. They do sculpting and custom colored acrylic powders as well. Very reasonable prices, and they listen to you and make sure it's perfect before you leave.
cyndy soriano
00:00 07 Jul 18
Good place but is gets too crowded at times and they take long to call down the list but is a good place with good price range
Eddy Regalado Sr
23:04 05 Jul 18
Very nice place and people.
L Legis
14:50 28 May 18
They take their time... you cant rush great service... especially working on some of these people's feet... I wouldn't be able to do their job... so be patient ladies...
Hilda Diaz
23:30 11 May 18
Long ass wait, slow ass working people, and they attend people who come after you before you
Yania Rodriguez
18:02 03 Mar 18
Super long wait every time, but the do a great job.
Brenda Gomez
03:22 24 Oct 17
it's a long wait but they pay really good attention to your nails. Ask for Sue.
Mayra Rodriguez
17:10 09 Sep 17
I visited this place for years but due to the waiting l stopped coming. I came back today and encountered the same bad attitude. I asked one of the girls to see the non-chip colors and she responded that l need to wait until my turn gets closer with a face. Definitely they need to improve their customers's service skills. You come here and you feel you have to take their attitudes. However, other than that the work the girls do is great!.
April Stanton
22:40 01 Aug 17
Slow service but well worth the wait!! Always love my nails, quality service
Mekia Wilson
00:05 16 Jul 17
Always an attitude with the owner. I was there 40 minds b4 close and she wouldn't let me in. That was the last straw. The nail shop on 50th in the strip mall does a better job and the staff is pleasant. Don't spend your money here.
Chiquita Denton
10:51 26 May 17
I get a pedicure every 2 or 3 weeks & Suzy is the best at what she does I'll be there this morning
NaNa NuNez
23:23 29 Mar 17
Wouldnt suggest ANYONE to come to this place. ANYONE. very poor service. waited an hour with 2 ppl ahead of me just to leave when they started to do my nails. Ignorant OWNER made a face when I told her I wanted my nail shorter .Told her there's no reason to be mad I could go somewhere else ,then told me I could go if I wanted to. Coming from an owner? Lol yea just because u work in the ghetto doesn't mean u have to act likewise . Would give this place a -10 if I could
Stephanie De La Torre
19:27 25 Jan 17
Poor service. No urgency to the staff whatsoever. Waiting over 30min and was told it would still be another 20min to be called. I came here because the location was convenient and I figured it wouldn't be a long wait since it's a weekday afternoon. Will not be coming back.
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