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Teresa Bramble
19:07 30 Mar 19
We went to adopt a pet for my aunt. We went to see Lily. We were the first ones to see her & apply for her. We went back a few times to see her. They are a very busy shelter & a lot of times the phone doesn't get answered, but if you go there, they're very friendly & will answer all of your questions. It took a week but we finally got the call that Lily was ours to take home. Yippee! THANK YOU FOR ALL THE HARD WORK YOU DO!
Amy Hoffman
11:06 24 Mar 19
I have visited Almost Home a handful of times over the past few years looking to volunteer. I took my two children most recently. We went on a Saturday late morning / early afternoon. Ms. Cindy was working the office (window & phone) as well as managing the volunteers & anyone who came in to see a cat or dog. It was a lot for one person to handle but you can tell she’s a veteran as she handled all this with ease. We started out our day as volunteers in the cat room. My children absolutely loved brushing and playing with them, it was an extremely enjoyable experience. After our time in the cat room we volunteered to walk a dog, after being introduced we took the dog outside and were shown where to walk him on a stretch of grassy field. I was very pleased with how knowledgeable & accommodating Ms Cindy was, it was evident by the stories she shared of each animal that she really loves and cares about all of the animals in their shelter. Volunteering at the shelter was such a great experience that I would highly recommend!
Kathlina Leotti
15:33 21 Mar 19
No kill shelter that I've donated to before and they also helped me with a dog that someone abandoned with me while I worked at a pet store. People we're friendly. Location is a little weird but don't over think it as soon as you make the right or left to get in it's right there on the left. There is a small sign. Also did I say they don't murder animals?
Julia Gross
00:21 21 Mar 19
I have visited Almost Home a few times, and I've always been so happy with my experiences there. When I was looking to adopt a dog, I came in and was greeted right away by two very friendly women who asked me some questions and gave me an adoption application to fill out. They were very knowledgeable about the dogs and it was clear to me that they really love and care about all of the animals in their shelter. They also asked me if I would like to take the dog out for a walk after I was introduced to him. It was a great opportunity for me to spend some time one-on-one with the dog and see if we were the right fit for each other. The second time I went to the shelter, I was there as a volunteer in the cat room. Again I was very pleased with how friendly and knowledgeable the staff were. On the day that I was there, I had the pleasure of seeing at least two families take home their new best friend! In the cat room, all of the cats seemed very loved and well taken care of. I got the chance to play with some of the cats outside of their cages, and I even fell in love with one of them! I would definitely recommend Almost Home Animal Shelter to anyone who is looking for a new best friend, whether it be a dog or a cat. Even if you aren't looking to adopt, volunteering at the shelter was such a great experience that I would recommend others to give their time to this shelter as well!
Mary Tanealian
15:56 19 Jan 19
We recently adopted our Winston from Almost Home. Winston is our third dog adopted from this wonderful, caring and loving shelter. When we stopped there, we had just recently lost our dog, Fisher, who we also adopted from Almost Home. We have another dog at home, a hound mix, named Annabel, who is up in years. We wanted a very affectionate dog but also one that was more low key because of our Annabel. We spoke to Nancy, the Shelter Director and told her what we wanted. She recommended a few dogs that she thought would meet our needs. Winston was one of them. When we came back with our Annabel for a dog meet, we were so unsure of which dog to choose. There were two that we really thought would be a good fit, but Nancy and her competent staff, Cindy and Katie, suggested that Winston would definitely be the one more suited to our needs and Annabel's so we adopted Winston. What a wonderful choice he was. Winston is not only a very affectionate dog, but he loves his sister and is very tolerant of her moods. Winston fit into our household almost immediately and every day he gets more and more comfortable. Nancy and her staff was absolutely correct in which dog would fit into our life and Annabel's. P.S. I know a lot of people get put off by the fact that you can't go back and look at the dogs, but that should not be an issue. You can ask to see as many dogs as you want and if you tell the staff what you are looking for, they will help you choose. Don't hesitate to visit Almost Home if you are looking for a new companion.
elaine levitt
23:31 04 Oct 18
I adopted my sweet Joseph from Almost Home a few years ago. The staff really cares about the animals and works hard to find the best homes. Thank you for saving my boy off the streets! He is now a well adjusted chiweenie in charge! ?❤️
Georgia McGee
04:24 31 Aug 18
My experience here sucked! I felt that the women cindy was not helpful. Everything I asked she she tried to convince me not to get a pet. Told me that I should wait. Made me feel like because i live in an apartment that I was not good enough to have a dog!! Will NEVER go back and never referr anyone here!!
Shamar christopher
20:41 18 Aug 18
Great place helped my girlfriend and I out as soon as we stepped in. Made us feel “wanted “ and didn’t push us away like other local shelters.
Troy Bundy
11:02 12 Aug 18
They take very good care of the animals. Great place to adopt an animal.
Jem Juliette Jewels Jade
16:39 17 Jul 18
I went several times, interested in adopting a cat. They never called me back to tell me whether or not my application was rejected or accepted for the cats I wanted. I went back again to ask about the cat I wanted and about my application but the cat was already given to a different family and they said they didn’t hold applications for long so I filled out another one. I still haven’t heard a peep back from them whatsoever. I thought they were a bit sketchy with the location being in a very far warehouse district, but they didn’t seem interested in letting the cats be adopted. I really wanted a cat from here because they were local and it would help them but unfortunately this doesn’t seem like a good place to adopt if you want a cat, according to other reviews they do well with getting their dogs adopted. If you really would like to adopt a cat Camden County Animal Shelter, they do same day adoptions so you can bring your fur baby home the same day!
michelle smuzinsky
14:26 01 Jun 18
Very very loving staff that take care of these homeless animals.
S Price
05:30 21 May 18
This buisness has a very hard working staff that loves and takes care of the animals. Nancy works so hard at keeping all the animals happy and well cared for. If you are looking for a dog or cat this is the place to go. You will not find a more loving and caring crew of hard workers!
Rach Rivera
13:10 02 Feb 18
Infinitely better than it was a few years ago. Friendly staff and cleaner conditions in the office area. They also sell dog food and some pet supplies. Lots of cute dogs to adopt.
Wonder Woman
02:25 24 Jan 18
This shelter has many good intentions but their funding was cut off by the state so now they are operating with a skeleton crew of very tired and overworked pet lovers. It stinks as soon as you open the door which gives an awful first impression. Plus they are almost impossible to get a hold of by phone or email. You can literally leave message after message and never receive a call back from them which is what happened to me and a few others that I spoke to. The director of the shelter is also the local Animal Control Officer and she is the person who makes the final decision on which homes the pets go to. She is very overworked as well because of splitting her time between 2 full-time jobs. I had to actually go down there to speak to someone in person and when I got there I saw how run down the place looked. I met the pet that I saw on Petfinder and was interested in. We got to spend a good amount of time together getting to know each other and I knew that she was the one I had been looking for. I asked for an application and filled it out very happy and excited to know that she would be coming home with me very soon. I was there on a Friday and they told me that they would give me a call on Monday to let me know their decision after checking my references, former vet, landlord, etc. I never heard from them so by the end of the day on Monday I called and actually talked to someone. She told me that they would call me right back when they had all of their information. THREE WEEKS LATER, after calling them every couple of days and going down there to see the pet that I wanted very badly, I was told that she was going to another family!!!!! I was heartbroken. I was frustrated and angry that this whole process dragged on for 5 weeks from my first application through Petfinder to this awful day when I went down there and found out in person! They didn't even have the decency to call me and tell me!!! The director said "I'm sorry I thought I called you".....Really??!!!! I don't believe that they have the animals best interests in mind over there. I think that they take them in and care for them but they really don't want to let them go because if they did they would have many more adoptions than they do. The animals shouldn't have to be there week after week when there are many eager people out there who want to give them a loving home. This was a really frustrating experience for me and I hope that I can save someone else from having to go through the same thing. I've bought a car in less time than it took me at this place!! No bueno!!
victoria Modestowicz
18:28 26 Dec 17
I adopted a 5 year old German Shepherd 7 years ago. I still have him and he's doing great! Anywhere else probably would have put him to sleep, since he was 5 years old and he was with them for over 4 months, but they gave him a chance.
Christina McLean
03:16 09 Dec 17
Visited the cat room. Gorgeous healthy cats in a clean environment. Adopt today for $75!
chandler tanner
23:53 04 Oct 17
Worst experience I’ve ever had with a shelter. Called 4 times no on answered emailed them and never got a email back so we decided to take the 2 hour drive in hopes to adopt a dog. When we got there the two ladies didn’t even acknowledge us. When we told her what dog we wanted she said he was “probably adopted” then she proceeded to tell us that it was the most expensive dog and taking care of those kinds of dogs are very expensive as if we didn’t have any money, when we never even asked anything about the cost. So when I asked if we could look at the other dogs she said no that would be too hard we are doing clinics tonight. Then proceeded to help someone else. Do not go here.
Nikki Winiavski
23:04 16 Aug 17
The ladies here are amazing! They where very informative and answered all my questions and some. Brought my kitten in and they where loving all over her! They keep the facility very clean and organized. I was in an out very quickly. Highly recommend the vet clinic on Wednesdays 5-8.
Elissa Williams
13:30 10 Jun 17
Very understaffed. My dog was here because she was in the car when my husband got in an accident. I arrived during posted open hours to find it closed. Finally someone. Came as the police brought another dog. Needs more staff!!!!
03:34 21 May 17
Went in excited to meet a puppy and was immediately judged. When the owner found out we had an older pup she immediately made a face, "you realize the dog you want to meet is a puppy right." Yes , that is our decision thank you we realize that. It went downhill from there when we Felt like we were being punished because our older dog isn't neutered. We were told we would never be allowed to adopt from them regardless of the situation and that we would have a hard time ever adopting. She than asked if we still wanted to meet the dog .... why would you put us through those emotions when you just shunned us from adopting. Left frustrated and embarrassed. Will never recommend this shelter.
ttstrike hilarious dude
19:34 12 Feb 17
Pretty good service. Friendly to dogs. Cared so much when we donated to them.
Ed Konschak
22:57 14 Dec 16
sent email via Petfinder and directly requesting information on a specific dog. No response. Can't call due to my hours don't coincide with theirs.
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