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Lisa Nolan
15:42 23 Apr 19
We adopted our baby girl a wolves game 3 years ago. She was very scared of everything and everyone but she warmed up into such a good girl. She loves her family, her large yard and brother's she's a sweetheart.
Brian Dressel
18:50 22 Apr 19
I went with my kids to get adopt a cat here awhile back. Walked out with two, as one of the volunteers said it would be sad to let them be apart as they were siblings. She had their best interests at heart. Best cats I've ever had and they were buddies until one passed on. Going back to get a dog soon.
05:02 13 Mar 19
Adopted a beautiful pit here during Thanksgiving! Staff was very welcoming and helpful. They helped me choose the best pet for my home and I was not disappointed. Almost took home a cat, but then decided not to since I was content with my choice! The volunteers there also told me how to properly train my dog which was very helpful! They really know their stuff. I cannot thank them enough for helping me become a better owner and I thank them very much for all the great tips they gave me. Highly recommend this place if you're looking for a wonderful pet in need of a good home!
Jeff Lee
23:22 05 Mar 19
Nice walking in. Lots of poor animals there. Don't think it's very clean. They don't have a schedule to walk the dogs just volunteers whenever they get there. Treatment not sure. But adoption is way lower then any rescue shelter. So that was my buying point.
23:25 02 Feb 19
This place is AMAZING! The entire staff that we encountered we're pleasant, kind, knowledgeable and passionate. The care and love that they give the animals in their care is refreshing. The adoption process went smoothly and our newest four legged family member is adjusting well. Thank you so much for everything you do!
Christina Heaver
06:02 31 Jan 19
It was great got my cat Tommy Lee. Got him when he was 6 months. He is going to be 2 1/2 years old on Feb. 12,2019
Lashonda Pool
21:49 22 Jan 19
I was very unhappy about how they handle my dog when I drove her to the back where the decease animal were... I was already emotional because my dog had past away and to see how they handle her really made me more emotional and very upset.. I think they need to be trained on how to handle people animal especially in front of them.. Alot of people love their animals and take good pride in them.
denise h.
19:28 19 Jan 19
They need to FIRE all of their clueless union workers who don't care about the thousands of animals that are killed each year. This place is all about keeping their numbers low. The life of every animal that enters the system is in danger. The only saving grace is the help from the kind volunteers, who work with the animals to socialize and get them outdoors. If it wasn't for them, the dogs would surely be rotting away, killed and forgotten. Chicago NO KILL needs to happen NOW!
DNC Futureman
00:10 10 Oct 18
(Would give Zero stars if I could)Was extremely disappointed with the quality of service here. Came in to adopt a dog, spent several hours with a few dogs, found one that we fell in love with, only to be told (after filling out the application truthfully) that we did not currently meet all the required criteria (side note.... Had we just lied on our application, we most likely would have had our dog.... But we're not like that). After speaking with a few people, the lady overseeing the adoption said she couldn't help us that day, but would gurantee the dog would be held for us until 3:30 the next day. Well, we came back the following day, all requirements in tow (children, paperwork, verification), and after waiting an hour just to be seen, were told that our application was never processed, and the dog we were interested in had already been "promised" to a different rescue shelter, and there was absolutely nothing they could do. We were all heart broken, spent the next 2 hours pleading our case to the case manager, asking for the executive director, or anyone that we could explain how unfair and discriminatory they were being, and finally left after they ignored us for another hour. I would not recommend going to this place. Yes, there are opportunities to save dogs from this horrible place, but if you happen to find a quality, loving dog, and want to try to adopt it, just beware that they might pull it right from under you (quite possibly to the highest bidder or "shelter"), and leave you feeling very sad. They seem to feel they know what is better for you and your family, better than you do. There are definitely some very friendly volunteers that seem excited for you to adopt a dog, but others that feel they know everything, and almost try to discourage you from getting certain dogs. There was a beautiful rottweiler that was being evaluated, and the volunteer we were with said something like, " Oh, I bet (insert name here) would take that dog in a second." Everything seems very fishy.... Please, please proceed with caution..... Especially when bringing your children.
Brittanie Matza
22:15 15 Sep 18
I was really disappointed. I follow you guys on Facebook as well as your adoptable pets page. From viewing your posts, you claim you are at max capacity and beg people to adopt/donate. I’ve even donated when you were out of wet cat food for the cats. I brought my 2 kids and husband there today to hopefully adopt a cat as a family pet and was saddened to find that only 2 were up for adoption. They were a companion pair and had already had someone viewing them. When asking a person as to why there were not more cats, a woman said she would be right back to see if there were any more available. Sadly, there weren’t. I just feel sad that there are all these poor animals waiting to be adopted but how can they be when they aren’t being shown during view times? Although we didn’t find a fur baby to add to our family, I have to give credit to how cleanly everything was. We viewed the dogs up for adoption, just to see, and they all looked well taken care of and their cages were very clean.
Raven Campbell
14:41 12 Sep 18
The volunteers here are really uninformed. There shod be more knowledgeable informed personnel working here. I support the mission and how they treat the animals. The desk personnel are inviting and very nice. The staff working in the pet rooms really serve no purpose but to open pet cages.
Pat DeLacluyse
14:33 31 Aug 18
Adopted a 2 year old Bully Breed. Process was simple and straightforward. Volunteer Linda allowed me sufficient time to interact with the dog so I knew the fit was right. Regular staff was friendly and helpful and the dogs looked to be well cared for. Both of us couldn't be happier.
Sarah Lundin
06:25 09 Aug 18
I will NEVER give another donation to Care again. And I have. I had and have an urgent situation with a stray cat in dire need of care. I know he's been in our neighborhood for quite a while belongs to no one. After a week I hadn't seen him he came towing his bud stray behind him. He could NOT stand up. I put him into a crate and brought him in my basement against my father's and brothers wishes to try to help him. I found out Today they neighborhood digest and social networking that I should bring him to a local vet and see if he had a chip. Guess what? He Does TO YOU PEOPLE I was told.by my vet had a direct contact to you all and the cat very well may be picked up right away to give help. NOPE the call I received by Marcia said " cant you just let him back out and feed him?" ARE YOU KIDDING ME? He is thin. Way thin barely just started eating. My.POINT is that i am fighting with my family cause i took him in. He WAS chipped by your "Care" agency and now you won't take responsibility the bonus from you Marcia ? She sent approval for ME to take the cat to YOUR approved vet hopefully tomorrow. And THEN WHAT? You all Chipped Him. That tells me he is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY yet you ALL ARE BLOWING ME OFF again. I will NEVER donate again. I have posted all this on social media and around my neighborhood. -SHAME ON YOU FOR DROPPING THE BALL ON THE VERY THING YOU CLAIM TO DO
Tab ord
02:52 18 Jul 18
Not much to see. 99% of the dogs are pitbulls. They are more likely to give the better breeds to rescue groups and friends of the shelter. Maybe 10 cats total. Hard to find anybody to help. Small parking lot. Not worth the trip
Gabby Perez
00:03 16 Jul 18
I wish I can give them 0 stars. They are just terrible! How are you suppose to check up on your animal when they don't even answer the God damn phone!!! We didn't abandon our cats, we would never abandon our cats! The city even had the audacity to accuse us of abandoning them. If worse comes to worse, we would have a plan. They have ZERO respect. I swear if anything happens to my 3 babies...?
oliver mason
20:48 10 Jul 18
I love it, so many animals to choose from but we need more volunteers. I would but I work to much. I'm getting a dog from there soon. the systems they have in place, keep people in order and I love order. PLUS it's free adoption right now so go get an animal!
Gaspar Gutierrez
15:43 10 Jul 18
We got our new fur baby from here. We paid no adoption fees due to the June-July event. I believe we got extremely lucky with our girl as she is very well behaved. There's a bunch good looking dogs, mainly bully breeds, exhibiting great potential. Volunteers allow you to spend a little but of time with the dog of your choosing in an outside cage type deal and see how he/she behaves with you and your family. Don't try and calling this place, it's all voice recorded with general info. Bring your ID to see the dogs. This place is great and do their best with what they have, volunteers help make this place well.
Kathy Gnoffo
14:20 16 Jun 18
This place is immaculate! They take great care of the animals.We adopted a dog, the staff could not have been more caring through the process. The fee is ridiculously low.He is neutered, had all shots, heartworm treatment and he is chipped. They also made a name tag for him.Please check this place out and give a cat or dog their forever home?
Laura Zidek
14:57 21 May 18
They have the most wonderful and caring people working and volunteering their time here! I have gotten two amazing dogs from this facility over the last five years!
Elgin Person
09:26 15 May 18
We got our wonderful dog here. Staff was super friendly. The entire time we were there was great. Very happy with the dog too!
Rebecca Kass
19:37 30 Apr 18
I had a horrible experience with Magnificent Mutts before and was skeptic about adopting another dog until I came across CACC. They are so patient and nice and they really take there time with you and giving you tips on what to do if you adopt one of there dogs. Thanks so there amazing service I adopted my new friend from there yesterday. This experience has been the best I've ever had yet and I honestly recommend this place to everyone! I am so happy thank you!!!!
Emerald Woods
19:58 11 Apr 18
The staff could have been more attentive and actually work with us to find the dog we wanted. FYI: They don't let you see the dogs or cats til noon. Seriously, they won't even let you sit down in the building til noon. They pretty much just have big dogs if you're looking to adopt. So if you like big dogs, definitely take them away from this place. The smell of the rooms where they keep the dogs is unbearable and all the dogs seem miserable there. We wanted a small dog, so we'll be looking elsewhere for a more humane shelter.
Jaime Sotelo
19:38 20 Mar 18
I rescued my Major from this facility back in September. Best dog me and my wife could of chosen to save. It took him a while to trust us because he was so scared but we welcomed him with amazing arms and patience. The only reason I'm giving it a 4 star is because I tried adopting 2 times before hand and they kept refusing. The third time was the charm and even though majors paper work said no kids under 8 he's so loving and caring with my daughter that's 5yrs old. I know I cant never fully trust a dog around her and he's constantly under supervision by me or my wife major is always watching over her.
Kyle Dunn
05:55 02 Jan 18
Wow what a great place to adopt an animal. I love it. That are like family now that we adopted a precious dog named Lula.
Genova Izguerra
15:21 20 Dec 17
A cat person interviewed me for dog adoption, her perception on dogs was really off... Especially pitties....by the end of it, I couldn't adopt because my dog wasn't spayed... made sense, but that poor dog I wanted now can't be in a good home, big yard, good company because my girl has the ability to have babies. Twisted operation to force an owner to spay before she can rescue an already living dog .
Irena Sromek
20:27 26 Nov 17
I adopted a dog that was here for over 100 days. They have long term dogs here who need a chance. He's turned into a pretty awesome dog who learned many tricks along the way. They were honest about his behavior traits, which we work on. If you have an opportunity to adopt, check out the long termers first.
Erin Landwehr
04:35 15 Nov 17
I read all of the reviews on here before I went, and I expected it to be some horrible place with employ from hell. The lady in the front who checks you in was very nice, she looked like she had a long day but I was polite and greeted her and she was polite back, she told me where to go to see the dogs and the volunteer in that room was very Nice. I met 2 dogs both of which won my heart but I'm favoring the one who is a bit older, all the dogs looked to be in good health, however they were all very loud which is understandable because some have been there for quite a while and get anxious when people enter the room. They all wanted a bit of attention so I let all of them sniff my hand when I walked by their kennels which made them quiet down a bit. To anyone who reads these reviews and decides not to come here because of the bad ones, those people might not have been very nice or polite to the staff so in return, the staff was not pleasant back. After all, they work in a noisy place filled with animals all day long if I worked there I wouldn't want someone being rude to me, especially if they are there to adopt an animal that I have been caring for. Also this is an animal shelter, there were a ton of kennels (most of which had animals in them) and not very many volunteers when I visited, they have a lot to do when they are there. Just be patient and polite.
Gina Ybarra
21:30 04 Oct 17
I adopted my Oliver back in July of 2017. He's very sweet. I had a great experience there. The woman who helped me adopt him was very friendly. I wish I could remember her name. The staff has always been friendly to me anytime I interacted with them. I was there all day and left with a new little buddy for me and a companion for my other dog. I'm sorry those who had a bad experience there didn't get treated better. As for the volunteers, same thing. They've always been very helpful and answer as many questions as possible. I'd rescue another pup from there if I could afford 3 because sadly it is a kill shelter. As far as giving the animals human food like I read in another review. I've never seen anything other than dog kibble being given to their dogs.
Leny Bahena
22:34 11 Aug 17
I would like to have a kitten, someone could help me find it. I love cats but I do not find a place near where to look for a kitten. I wish they could help me.
Kevin Ochalek
11:09 09 Aug 17
My girlfriend went there to look for her lost dog and they treated her so horribly and the guys in the back were laughing at her because she couldn't get it and she just day there waiting. The supervisor Danielle disappeared and wouldn't talk to her and finally another girl Shanelle or something walked up and said she wouldn't let her go walk the shelters either. She drove an hour there and I've never seen anyone so disrespectful. I will be sharing with everyone I know not to support. These workers need to be let go and Chicago really needs to look into.
Jeanette Martín-Freeman
18:33 26 Jul 17
I found a dead possum in my yard who had just given birth to 4 babies. I called 311that morning around 10a.m. Now here it is Day 2 I'm still waiting for animal control. Recalled 311 they created another ticket with a different reference number. The operator stayed animal control was bring a trap, for what? The babies, really! Frustrated ? Who monitors and manage the ticket intake at Animal Control? How do they prioritize the calls??
Judy Gilbert
23:18 25 Jul 17
I read most of the reviews and my heart is breaking. Do all the volunteers here have mental issues?! Sounds like they're working at the shelter to release all of their frustrations on people and animals. These are criminal acts and the people who commit these crimes should be in prison! I volunteered at an animal shelter and all the workers had deep compassion for all the animals there. Place is very clean and animals are very well taken care of. City of Chicago has enough money to do a much better job to protect all of these animals. Chicago cries broke but it's a lie! City spends a hell of a lot of money to beautify the downtown area. Very cold hearted government. Anyone who gives this shelter 4/5 stars is delusional.
Jessica Gronau
12:25 06 Jul 17
Never take your unwanted pet to a kill shelter!! You're risking the poor animals fate of being killed. Do some research on the shelter first!! Make sure they're a no kill shelter and will do all their best to find a home for your pet. Can't believe the horrible ratings and ppl still bring their pets here. Its cruel. I feel so sorry for these animals. Please adopt!! They deserve a happy life.
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