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20:43 25 Mar 19
GROOMING SERVICE I had high hopes of taking my puppy to her first grooming appointment at the vet we go to, since they always take great care of her when needed. I was very particular and direct on the type of cut I wanted, which was just a "puppy trim" as we wanted to leave her coat on the shaggy side. I also referenced wanting her to look more like the retriever in her than poodle multiple times because I know most groomers like to cut doodles more like a poodle (which we didn't want). I even sent pictures before the appointment and brought some with me, to avoid any miscommunication. I brush my puppy every day to avoid mats, so she doesn't have to be shaved because we love her longer coat. I was very upset when I picked her up, to find the opposite of what I asked for. Her hair was basically shaved, they went scissor crazy and gave her a poodle face/head that I did not want. It almost looks like a terrible bowl cut toddlers got in the 90s. It was an overall disappointment. If you are expecting the type of cut you ask for, I wouldn't use the grooming services here. First pic is for desired "trim" length reference.
Jon Erickson
09:05 18 Mar 19
Since the corporate takeover of this vet clinic, the service has declined drastically. The office is loud, disorganized and strangely dirty. They eliminated the wellness package and are clearly trained to up-sell and order a litany of unnecessary tests. Sad. Went there yesterday for help with a sick dog. Office manager was quick to ask for my credit card, but ever even asked about symptoms or solutions. Absolutely amazing. Not a single question or helpful tip. Find another vet. Corporate takeover strikes again.
christina stelyn
07:49 12 Mar 19
I also used to like this place a lot but, they changed. They used to offer a wellness package which we were on for many years until a few months ago when I got a call saying it had been canceled two weeks prior to the call. I told the lady it would have been nice to know prior so I could get my pup up to date on vaccines if needed, which are covered under the package, she assured me that my pup was up to date. Come to find out she was due for shots and it would have been covered under the plan I was paying for.. Trying to talk to anyone there is useless.
15:24 03 Mar 19
The staff they are so welcoming and so AMAZING. I just love the whole atmosphere. I will not take my furbaby no other place. Keep up the AWESOME job you guys. 👍👍👍😍
R Martin
04:57 24 Feb 19
Dr. Thay and Haley are amazing! I brought in my Yorkie for a dental checkup and it was the BEST visit ever! Very thorough and informative. Thank you both!
Ralph Hickman
22:56 01 Nov 18
This was my first visit to the VCA Animal Care Center on Washington Blvd. This was a great experience. Our Vet gave us plenty of time to ask questions. He even covered topics that we were not thinking of, but needed to consider. Nicholas Niemiec was our vet for the day. He was super friendly and informative. His advice was clear and honest. The front desk staff was very friendly also. This will be our permanent vet based off of this visit. The office is very clean. So glad that we have this office in our neighborhood.
05:23 01 Nov 18
We've been a customer for over 6 years, since our pup was 12 weeks old and 19oz. We LOVED the walk in appointments, we loved the staff, the front desk, and the doctors. We never had an issue, it was a breeze. Since VCA took over we've been nothing but disappointed with the changes. Extremely long wait times on the phone, not even being greeted on the phone before you're placed on hold with blasting music, coldness of staff, doctors and rudeness of front desk as well. Multiple times I've called for assistance, availability of a doctor for my dog and been told to make an appointment WEEKS (3 to 4) down the line. What good is that going to do for her when she's ill now ? My insurance is through your establishment. Going somewhere else for the care that I pay animal care center for is counter productive and a waste unless your establishment would like to shell out the costs of HAVING to go some where else in the heat of the moment. Essentially I see this as my own vet is refusing to care for its patients in the moment of their need. What happened??
Linda Edmondson
13:28 30 Oct 18
I’m contacting the better business bureau about my experience here. On top of having to wait over 30 minutes every time I visit, they had the audacity to try to charge me for three exams in less than 2 months because it’s “policy” every time your dog gets a vaccine. This turns a flu shot into a $140 experience. And when I asked the vet why my healthy, 3 year old mix needed a third exam since August, she said “to make it fair to the other customers.” Nope. Never coming back.
joseph guerrero
01:33 13 Oct 18
Friendly staff and a nice facility. I just wish that the parking was better but I might try Ubering next time. Coffee in the lobby. This location does not do vaccine clinics, FYI
Migna Romero
17:47 03 Oct 18
We have been taking our pet there for 3 years when walk -in were accepted. I never had an issue although every time we went a different doctor saw her which I also didn't like. VCA took over and now it by appointment only and I have tried to make appointment in 2 occasions when my dog had inflamed eye and when she wasn't eating and looked sick. Both times they wanted to give me appointments 2 weeks away when my dog needed to be seen right away. Then wanted to cancel my wellness pkg and some asst said I need to pay a cancellation fee. When asked to speak to someone they said she was busy and they would relay the message for a call-back. THEY NEVER CALLED! I have a teacup yorkie and they should be seen right away due to the tiny bodies. Still nothing. They even stated that if I came in without an appointment I would have to wait for all the customers that did have one go first. We're cancelling and going somewhere else.
David W. Miller
22:38 24 Sep 18
My experience here was pretty good but not amazing. The wait was a bit long about 20 minutes past my scheduled time. Not bad. The doctor was a bit rushed but also liked her. She seemed to have a pretty straightforward attitude, but didn't give me all the information till I probed a bit more. The checkout process was pretty smooth, although I got charged a bit more than I anticipated due to a misunderstanding of what was covered for the supposedly free check-up. That said the facilities are very clean and I very much like the overall care received
Billy Zuccaro
18:06 24 Sep 18
Not the review leaving type but I’ve had enough of this place. Been a customer of this place for 9 years. They have gradually gotten worse by the year. Hope they treat their future customers better than their past loyal customers. Unbelievably bad customer service!
Alex Alex
18:50 23 Sep 18
I adopted my dog two and a half years ago. He had been sick once before this recent time. The first time they told me at VCA he was fine. The next morning I had to rush him to the emergency vet where they told me he had pneumonia. Since then I've been leery about him getting sick and me taking him here. He gets all his shots and gets board here. He recently got sick again, I was unaware they changed from walk-in ER to appointments only. We were advised it would be a 2-4 hr wait. They took a (bloody) stool sample, we left due to the wait. They called and said the sample was negative, he was fine. I took him to another doggy clinic down the street, not only did they see him right away, prescribed him the necessary meds, they also followed up with a call to see how he was doing for the next two days. I like the people at VCA would continue to go to them for basic needs but I do not recommend them for ER care.
Sherri H
21:04 09 Jul 18
They have been my vet for over three years. I loved this place before new ownership. The ability to walk in for appointments was so convenient. Now it’s by appointment only. Our dog ate 6 Hershey candy bars so called to see what we should do. I was told he needs to go to see a vet ASAP but I would have to take him somewhere else because they were booked. What?!?! They are our vet for three years since we got our dog and they can’t see him. I guess it’s time to move on to another vet who values their customers. I also find it very interesting you cannot leave a review anymore on their Facebook page.
Riojas Kahleen
10:16 02 Jul 18
Best vet ever! Always friendly and helpful. I don't get the feeling we're being either hustled or rushed out like I have at other places. We moved slightly further away recently and now have a vet clinic literally across the street... but we still go to the VCA!
Nemanja Pintar
22:35 07 Jun 18
I took my cat in for a rabies booster, and the cat just had its exam two months prior. When I came in I told them that he was only due for a shot. The vet saw him and examine him for only about 30 seconds looking at his ears teeth and poking him i. The stomach. Then she gave him the shot. I ended up getting charged for an examination and a shot for the cost of 85 dollars. I told the lady that checked me out that i was only in for a shot and she tried to excuse how he needs an exam before a shot. They also recommended a tooth cleaning for my cat and send me an estimate via email saying it will cost anywhere from $600 to $1,000. The cleaning up my last vet in the South Loop only cost $400. This places is a major rip off and they practice shady business, i wouldn't recommend it at all.
Clinton Shapley
20:32 14 May 18
I certainly noticed a dramatic change in the service provided within the past couple months and from reading the recent reviews it sounds like we are all experiencing the same issues as of late. I do receive odd reminders about vaccines that we recently received or just simply wrong dates.Never see the same doctor, which I've typically accepted but now that my pet is getting older it would certainly be nice to have a doctor come in and have some knowledge of my pets history.Appears there may have been a lot of staff turnover because I didn't recognize any of the employees our last visit which likely was the reason we left the location without receiving the services our appointment was intended for.I used to love the convenience and service here...I do hope they get things turned around but I'll be taking my pet elsewhere for now.
David Orr
20:01 08 May 18
This place seems to be having problems with new ownership. Twice now I have received a string of emails about a shot that was due for my dog. I call promptly to make an appointment for the shot. When I arrive for the appointment I am told they don't have the medication in stock. When this happens repeatedly, one begins to wonder about the trust level a customer can give them. Nor does it help to see a different vet at each visit -- never one that has been seen before. Nor learn that that front desk has incomplete records for my dog, or issues receipts that mix my dogs records with anothers.
Jamieson Brady
00:34 17 Apr 18
I used to take my dog here but I wound up switching to a different vet. For one, I got a different doctor every time I went in which I didn't like. Most of the doctors are young. The place is large and fast paced. Waiting area is nice with free coffee. When my dog got hit by a car I got quoted a really high price for just an x-ray/diagnosis, and when I questioned the vet why it was so expensive, she dropped the price significantly on the spot. This kind of left a bad taste for me- why was I originally quoted 300% the national average for an x-ray and then why was it so easy to drop the price? It didn't seem honest. The front desk is really helpful and nice. Everybody is polite. But whenever with the doctor it always seemed they were in a hurry since there were tons of people waiting. The prices are definitely in the top range but I guess that comes with the area. Overall this place has pretty good reviews so if it is convenient for you to come here, maybe give it a shot, but it was not a good fit for me. My new vet (Wicker Park Veterinary Clinic) is smaller, slower pace, and definitely more affordable.
Sean Cook
02:25 08 Apr 18
Our dog loves going to this vet. We've taken her there for 2 years now. The vets are all nice, professional and caring. We have also boarded her there whenever we go out of town and she always comes home in good spirits.
David Moore
11:26 21 Jan 18
This place is wonderful. My Chase loves being here so much that I have to drag him out. The staff goes above and beyond to make sure my dog is treated like he's at home. I love VCA Animal Care Center Of Chicago.
Jackie Gaines
09:54 15 Dec 17
The staff is knowledgeable and know how to handle injured animals. You will not regret doing business with them.
Beatriz Beckford
22:30 10 Dec 17
Great staff, quality care. We love this place and so does our pooch!
Debbie Jang
15:34 01 Dec 17
Top notch standard of care. I love the team and staff here. They take the time to explain things until you're comfortable no matter how long it takes. My French bulldog had several surgical procedures done here, and the team was amazing from pre surgery to recovery care etc. Wouldn't take my pup anywhere else. I've tried a number of vets in the Wicker Park / Bucktown area (closer to my house) but none have measured up to Animal Care Center.
Ashley Rodriguez
04:08 25 Nov 17
I lost my dog Scruffy today I had the nicest nurse and vet. Made this much easier. Thank you guys.
Ursula Brangwen
01:11 04 Nov 17
When Dr. Coyne owned this place, vets knew your name, the front desk staff were super friendly and helpful and you felt like this was a nice hometown vet you could count on. Since the ownership switch, I have experienced nothing but incompetence. Just recently I took my pet in for vaccines and to stay the day. I called an hour before I wanted to pick them up to make sure all the vaccines were done and was told they were. Yet when I arrived I was informed they had not been done and had to wait 30 more minutes for them to be completed. The front desk and back staff seem to never communicate, a complete disconnect. Every time I have to bring a pet in there is something similar that happens. I order flea meds, call ahead to make sure it's there, and when I arrive, it is not.. It is like they are lying, and for no reason. I have 5 pets I used to take to this vet and each time there is a different vet. No one knows who you are, it is like a giant supermarket of animals. Just scan and move on. The vets roll over quickly which also makes me think that the care is not to most of their standards. This used to be my go to and my recommendation for everyone, now I am ashamed that I sent people here. Their prices are not so low that anyone should consider needing to use them for their vet. There are so many other animal and people friendly veterinarians out there that you shouldn't settle for this one. Try Wicker Park Veterinary Clinic..worth the short drive!
Anjali Sud
19:15 23 Aug 17
Very glad I opted for the puppy package, makes every visit a breeze. Also, the emails reminding me of upcoming check ups / shots are extremely helpful! Everyone is friendly and professional to my Husband and I and our pup!
12:52 03 Aug 17
I had a wonderful experience boarding my dog while I was out of town. The staff was very friendly and my dog was taken care of and loved. Normally when I take him to the vet he gets upset, and now he is happy and doesn't care to leave.
Rory Quann
18:25 27 Jul 17
Drop my dog off here for day care and boarding. Very well priced for Chicago daycare and boarding plus I feel confident if there is issues the dog is near a vet.
Allison KASE
09:49 29 Jun 17
Fast and professional Vetenarian hospital. I bring my dogs here and I have felt it's an honest and good company. Decent customer service at the front desk. The techs and Vets have not steered me in the wrong direction.
Joe Domanico
22:48 25 Jun 17
I took my dog there for dental cleaning because they list a variety of advanced dental technology and expertise. Midway through the procedure my fiance received a call from a tech saying the dog had a broken tooth and the surgeon needed to extract it. No other information regarding the tooth or the procedure were provided. Then they said we need to decide now because she was going to wake up from the anesthesia. Thank god we said no.Four hours later, we received the call that she was waking up from the anesthesia and could be picked up after 4pm. Obviously, the fact that she was waking up and we needed to move fast and make a decision was a misrepresentation. I spoke to the vet who then explained that the tooth wasn't broken. It wasn't even fractured. It showed signs that it could fracture in the future. The fracture could lead to infection and horrible pain. Or be completely fine and heal. But they aren't equipped to do any sort of dental work besides cleaning and ripping out teeth so naturally, they opted for extraction. Obviously, I pointed out that extraction seems extreme for the situation. She explained that they suggest it because people don't typically follow their dental care reference. I think maybe that's because they never tell anyone that's an option, tell people its a necessity they must authorize now, and just take out the tooth; risking infection, dry socket, broken jaw, or cancer.Bottom line, we feel lied to. They used deceptive treatment practices, saying painful, risky procedures are a necessity; praying on the trust of the pets' owners. They failed to adequately inform us of what was happening and what our options were. Then, with no information they used high pressure techniques to convince us to do an unnecessary expensive procedure that gave my fiance an anxiety attack. I would not trust their judgment. We will be avoiding all VCA hospitals in the future.
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