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Jasmine Triplett
17:04 10 Feb 19
I sat for 45 to 50 minutes before anyone acknowledged me and that was on a Monday. They allowed several people to go in front of me without an appointment (this was after I spoke to everyone in there so they knew I was there). People hate when you bring race into it but if you are "black or brown", pass this place up and go somewhere else. So unprofessional, the way I was treated.
Antonia Ruane
04:45 09 Feb 19
They are AMAZING! I’ve been going here for over a year the staff is amazing. They are very assertive of the customers they are always clean and willing to help you. I’ve been going to plenty of different nail salons and I wouldn’t go anywhere else but bellagio I refer SO many people here and I always will. Love them
S. Petty Marc
03:20 18 Jan 19
This place is excellent! Came for the first time yesterday and will definitely be back. The staff was friendly too! I feel happy every time with my nails. Clean, and as quiet and odor-free as a nail salon can get. Already booked my next one with her.
Michael Kranz
19:38 10 Dec 18
Fantastic place! Took my mom here for a manicure and pedicure for her 80th birthday and treated myself to a pedicure with her. Staff is very friendly and professional. They are very skilled and know what they are doing.The place is very clean and has a relaxing atmosphere. Highly recommended!
Julie Norton-Kruse
23:36 23 Oct 18
Staff was nice, up front about pricing. They took their time but weren't slow. Very nice for both me and my daughter.
Kasia Byrdak
00:03 05 Sep 18
Pros:-Many stations, walk ins welcome. -The work is done quickly and efficiently, they get their manicures very close to the nail bed but don’t paint your skin so the manicure should last. - no awkward small talk- average price, lots of colors available and lots of different manicure and pedicure packages to choose from. - willing to try fun designs (this is a big one for me)Cons- It hurt when they were cutting excess skin from cuticles more than what I’m used to. I just got my manicure done. As long as it lasts as long as where I usually go then I’ll be coming here from now on without hesitation.
hani rouke
04:49 04 Sep 18
VeryYYYY pleased. . . and I'm picky! The problem was quickly resolved without having to feel the guilt of wasting their time. They're very nice and a perfectionist! & very patient in explaining the difference in types of full sets and methods. It's nice place, atmosphere is relaxing. I am back home now and they are giving me life.
hani Yorne
06:04 03 Aug 18
I've gone here at least 3 times now. It's affordable! Everyone here is friendly and very accommodating. They took her time shaping and cleaning my nails. They have a great selection of colors. Thanks for beautiful nails. I would recommend this place to everyone I know!
Maureen Galvin
17:21 29 Jul 18
Always a great experience. Pass many other nail salons to get here, not the staff is by far the most courteous and professional. Appointments are honored And you always come away with a fantastic product. Dips are great, gels as well. Pedicure stations are clean and relaxing. My girls and i have tried other salons but always come back. Love this place!
Johanson Laurel
04:50 17 Jul 18
Best nail salon experience I've had, ever! Technical is great. The manicurist are super helpful and experts at what they do. They take their time and care. The utensils are sterilized after each use. I loved the color I picked out. I continue to be such a big fan of [Bellgio Nail And Spa ].
Kelsey Clark
16:45 25 May 18
I thoroughly enjoyed my pedicure here today. The salon is clean with a great polish color selection. The prices are reasonable and the chairs are comfortable. Each chair has its own individual set of lights above it that the technicians turn off during the massage/relaxation part of the pedicure to make the ambiance much more relaxing. I will definitely be back if I’m ever back in town.
Carlos Chavez
19:34 18 May 18
My wife and my mother in law love it
Ihssan Tahir
00:33 12 Dec 17
First off, let me say there are many other nail shops you can go to in the Southwest suburbs that will give you quality service. I went in for a acrylic nail removal. Simple. Nothing complicated. The worker who helped me, he has blonde streaks in his hair, was extremely unprofessional. First off, any woman who has nails understands the process of taking them off. Sometimes its painful and the acetone burns thin nails. He literally laughed and ticked his tongue when I told him I was hurting. Then to top it off he cut my nail without even apologizing. I complained to the manger and he sat on his phone with a smug on his face. The owner was very sweet and told me I did not have to pay but all it takes is that one worker to mess up the reputation of your business. Stay away from the guy with blonde streaks.
Megan Salamone
21:13 26 Nov 17
This was my first time here today. I was getting a mani/pedi with my friend for my birthday. We asked to be started at the same time for our pedi and the girls working on us were put out. During the service the pedi was ok. My tech made me bleed and tried to cover it up, then she slapped some lotion on me and didn't even massage. We both wanted the same color and they made me wait for the color. They started my friends mani way before mine and said they had too. My girl was SO roud. She kept slapping my hand and taping on the table to get my attention. I was asking her questions and total attitude. They are very high on there prices and they charge a fee if u use a credit card and THEY DON'T TELL YOU AHEAD OF TIME. I found a coupon on there website and showed my girl and she was upset i had it. DONT PUT COUPONS ON YOUR WEBSITE THEN. I was walking up to meet my girl and she yelled at me to Go and pointed up front. Coming from the nail industry, this is unacceptable and very poor customer service. I would never recommend this place. Save gour money and time and go to a better place..
Iwona Pipikios
01:38 10 Nov 17
I like Bellagio nails very much. Everybody is always very nice, place is clean, not long wait and you can make appointment if you don't want to just walk in. I am always happy with their work so I keep coming back for a while. Hannah is awesome and she is doing fantastic job!
Win Biernacki
01:59 04 Oct 17
Fine quality powder/dip nails last and last. Clean place, low wait times.
Magdalena Las
00:22 17 Aug 17
I have been hopping from salon to salon lately trying to find a place i can stick to and keep coming back. Went to bellagio nails and spa today and this was by far one of the most amazing places i have went to. They were courteous and very friendly. not to mention, my pedi came out fabulous!!! They took their time and really put in the effort. I think i have found "my place." I will definately be back. Also, i recommend the milk and honey pedicure.. pure heaven!!!!!
Grace Obradovic
20:14 20 Jun 17
I was very disappointed when I brought my Granddaughter for her first Princess mani/pedi which I was told would cost 30.00 while I had my acrylic nails done. I was very disappointed when she was getting her mani done during the time I was finishing up my nails and the nail tech just left her sitting there at her station when she was done all alone not even moving her to the station to let her nails dry. I finished my nails and went to get her sitting crying and frightened all alone at the other station not knowing what to do. I moved her to the station to dry her nails while nobody seemed to be even keeping an eye on her. Once the were dry...which I thought....I went up to pay....I was told now it was 40.00 for the Princess Mani/pedi which I questioned and was told that was what the tech said it was!!!! Like a goofball I paid and tipped... As we got outside I noticed her nail was all smudged and went back in to get it fixed and asked again about the price and was told it was up to the nail tech. What nerve!!!!I was not satisfied with my acrylic nails either. They are put on so thick and not cut or filed straight. I paid way too much for a service that was not acceptable. I should have paid by credit card and not cash to dispute the services but you get charged to use your credit card at this place so I paid cash. Looks like a fancy nail salon but I will never go back. After spending 40.00 for a Princess Mani/Pedi and 35.00....not sure of my charge...,for my acrylic nails which I was dissatisfied with and I tip well with a total of 25.00....which I wasted 100.00 and took a toll on my Granddaughter frightening her I feel I deserve some type of a credit back to me for myself from the owner to take down my review. This is a totally true review which I will pass on verbally to others in the Orland, Palos, Tinley community to avoid going to Bellagio. How can you allow anybody to treat a child in this manner...what type of person would do that....Just terrible customer service to be treated the way especially for a child for her first time. I wanted to speak to the owner but was unable to.I would like my money returned but will never happen.
Jeremy Taylor
15:28 14 Jun 17
Great place to get a mani/pedi. Not too expensive, but definitely worth it.
Bianca Borras
00:26 26 May 17
Very professional environment Hannah did a great job on my nails.
Leticia Sierra
16:48 11 May 17
My mom and I were very well satisfied. This place was recommended to us. Very clean and professional
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