893 Hanover St, Manchester, NH 03109
893 Hanover St Manchester NH 03109

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Holly Fournier
19:05 27 Jan 19
The staff is always so nice. I bring my dogs there to get their nails clipped, our very skiddish pup allows Bill to clip her nails and never cries or nips at him because he's so gentle.
Edward Rolland-Domenichello
22:29 15 Jan 19
Cool place. Nice setup. Puppy cages are small, but that's always a concern. As long as they take care of them, they are good.
Kim Rielly
18:19 11 Jan 19
Live this place. Great staff, adorable puppies, large selection of fish. I leave happy every time.
Maribel Schadlick
18:52 03 Jan 19
Excellent food. The service was phenomenal. The waitress was very friendly and accommodating. If u have issues with certain foods let ur waitress know n she will be as helpful as she can.
edward wachenfeld
00:58 18 Dec 18
Just bought our second puppy here today customer service is top-notch we absolutely love going here we've been going here for over 10 years and we will be going back for more. large selection of pet products and services
Troy Shupe
17:46 09 Dec 18
Great place always freindly great help they always there to help
Beth Marino
03:17 25 Nov 18
This place sells puppy mill dogs. This cruel industry breeds millions of dogs every year and though the puppies may be cute, the parents are treated horribly. They are kept caged with little to no socialization. They are basically puppy machines and are bred again and again for profit. When they can no longer have puppies or become too ill, they are dumped or killed. Please, please, if you love animals, do not buy from pet stores!! These people care only about the money they can make from selling these poor pups. Also know that millions of animals are euthanized every year for lack of homes. Please look into adopting a dog or puppy from a rescue or shelter!! Adopt, don't shop!
Kassandra Ettore
13:59 19 Nov 18
I took my puppy in here and instantly picked him up because of how disgusting the floors were and how dirty over all the store was. poor puppies feet could fit right through the cages. no bedding or warmth for the puppies or kittens. very sad and disgusted. no animal lover would allow these conditions.. they NEED to be shut down.
Doesn't Matter
11:25 04 Oct 18
Went for a visit to check this place out. It was clean, the staff was friendly and honest. Only a 4 star because I wish the puppies had more space to stand and play. They all had toys and their areas were clean with fresh water. The bird that lives there is cool too. Yes he is missing feathers but if u do some research you will learn this is common for this bird. I'm not a fish person but they had plenty if you were.
kuyvlnh yfvy uvf
12:17 24 Sep 18
Great place for aquarium stuff, also the price is very down
Wow Jhope
20:57 21 Sep 18
WARNING BAD TRUTHFUL REVIEW AHEADmy stepmom and I went into the store hoping to find welcoming staff, and cute puppies that we would be able to touch and cuddle. and even perhaps buy one. when we walked in, we were very upset to see that the puppies and kittens were in glass boxes (with no holes) in the wall, we saw only one blanket in the boxes and it was a kitchen towel (or a hand towel) a small kitten was sleeping on. these puppies looked so sad. i was thoroughly disappointed with the staff there and how they had treated the puppies and kittens. the fish had more space than the four legged friends... i was so sad to see this horrible enviroment and walked right out. this is not how puppies or kitties should be treated. very disappointed and sad to see this place. i would never go back again.
Devin Harris
17:43 07 Jul 18
Great place, got a puppy with financing no problem, but their bird sounded like a dinosaur that scared everyone and our new puppy
Taz Man
22:37 07 Jun 18
One of the best tropical fish stores I have ever encountered that was within a pet store, and their staff have expert experience with the hobby.
Adam Wheeler
01:26 25 Mar 18
This pet store always has great fish and odd ball stuff u can't find anywhere else puppies are awesome and love the used aquariums and equipment to A+ guys
• JayD3vo •
23:21 20 Feb 18
The bird they had there in particular which was a Moluccan cockatoo his cage for his size to me is still small, I know his feather plucking was from a diffrent area because I don’t think they would harm it but I could be wrong.The cages there where too small for most of the dogs they had and it looked terribleI wish they did not sell small dogs as because people who buy them small will not nearly want them when they’re big, that’s for some people though. Either way the store is also quite a mess when I came by like it was compleatly unfinished and the cage for the puppies where do small there it was terrible. Some fish doesn’t have prices and some of the animals don’t even look well like most where sick
15:01 06 Feb 18
Cutest pups, not the greatest conditions for them.. I would like to see people lay and walk barefoot on wire cages and see how it feels... For shame!!
Fond Of Fish
12:33 14 Jan 18
I've read a few of the other reviews. I do have to agree that the storefront is pretty crammed, and a little dirty. Staff seems friendly. The koi pond is really neat, and the puppies and kittens are wicked cute. Whether the owner goes thru a Mill, or select breeders is unforeseen. I do not know enough about their specific practices. But my input would be if you really want an AKC or purebred, buy locally from private independent and licensed breeders held in high regards...otherwise please please ADOPT! They're are plenty of good animals in need of a forever happy home. They have a really nice selection of fish, but I feel the best part of this store is the used tank and aquaria gear for sale in the back. Had some nice looking used tanks for pretty good deals, and some crappy looking ones that probably needed some new silicone and a good clean for below $20. Can't beat that if you're looking for a good beginner tank and don't wanna spend a lot. I'd definitely check this place out and give it a chance, but depends on what you're planning to go in there to look at or buy. Overall decent since I like to find deals on used equipment, but the store probably isn't for everyone.
Glenn Beaulieu
18:04 12 Dec 17
Every time I buy fish they die by the time i get home! Aggravating
Karen Mommyof5
00:30 12 Oct 17
The animals all look sick and they are way over priced. They are all in small cages have really nice fish though.
Anita Torraco
15:47 17 Sep 17
Bill was attentive, very helpful and knowledgeable. The pets were adorable and very well cared for. We enjoyed our visit.
Sarah Dillard
07:06 02 Jul 17
Had great service and our Aussie is so remarkable and healthy. Thank you for your service and any questions I had . You guys rock
Brianna W
03:15 23 Jun 17
This pet store is a very sad place. The dogs do not have any room to exercise and they sit in tiny cages with wired bottoms. My guinea pig lives in a bigger cage than the dogs at this store. Two puppies didn't even have a toy to play with in the cage and when I asked to take it out to play it seemed like it had never walked around or played with a toy before. There is also no actual play pen to visit the dogs in..I wish we could have taken the dogs out for a walk because they probably have never seen grass. This is abuse and no pet store should be allowed to run this way. The bird there also has no feathers which is a sign of stress. The rats are also crammed in a tiny tank with no room to move. The staff was friendly but they could change a lot about the place even with a low budget.
James Stutler
22:01 17 Jun 17
I was interested in buying a dog,I asked to see it.the guy at the shop said he wasn't taking anymore dogs out I said fine,as turned to look around and he brought out another dog after he told me no.I had the cash for the dog. Plus kennel cough pretty bad, turtles hurt,bird looks like it is moulting sad looking. Customer service sucked.no supervision or care to animals it seemed
jonnathan custodio
21:06 08 Apr 17
Bill thank you so much.We got are new addition to our family the German Shepherd is handsome healthy and very smart are vet said we were very lucky on this pick.?
Carol Ann Demetrio
19:50 18 Mar 17
Dogs in cages that are wired on the bottom. Small cages too with more than one dog in some. Not too clean in general. Not impressed. We were looking at the fish, but left empty handed. Didn't have prices for some of the fish. Going elsewhere. Depressing place to buy a dog or cat.
Sybil Jimenez
14:39 13 Mar 17
Bill is AMAZING! We got our Puggle here and Bill ensured that we were set up with all the info needed to care for her - appropriate vet recommendations, etc. He even gave us a toy :) We go back every couple weeks or so to get her nails done - his service is amazing!
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