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Rachel Bell
09:02 22 May 19
Love Bogarts! Thei only carry treats made in the USA ( I think the food too, but haven't checked them all). I've always had a good experience with the groomers there too, and it is very reasonably priced. They also have self-service grooming rooms with all the tools to give your pups a grat bath! They carry CBD oil too, which has done wonders for my senior pup's arthritic legs. The staff is really nice too - all around an awesome store!
14:07 16 May 19
Very well stocked. Attendants are awesome. Great food programs & bakery is great. You would not be disappointed.
Jessica Verga
12:04 15 May 19
Good groomer and clean store. The staff needs to be more organized with appointment bookings, but very accommodating.
LorieAnn Beekman
20:21 05 May 19
They need to work on their checking in system for the self wash. When they say 15 mins, they really should say you have two people in front of you. We stood there watching people that came in after us. We were getting upset, because we thought it was waiting in the rooms that were occupied not other people in line. They made it sound that way. Other than that their self cleaning area is top notch.
Chelsea Pennock
18:37 26 Apr 19
Store is clean, has many options. The staff is knowledgeable in the product and how the products differ. The bakery is cute. They even have cat items!
07:05 22 Feb 19
Really great place for your pets, super great employees who are very helpful. Also great place for grooming.
Amber Warner
22:50 16 Feb 19
We come here for grooming. I don't think they do a very good job. One of the times we came in, they cut one of our dog's nails too low and didn't tell us. We got half way home and saw the blood. We called and the girl was unapologetic and had no answers for us. Our dog almost bleed out!
Bobbie Mathews
00:12 15 Feb 19
Great store, great groomers! They make treats in house that my pups love.
Corey Smiley
18:00 12 Feb 19
I love this store. They make dog treats on site the location. They even have self dog washes.
Vic Coppola
18:51 20 Jan 19
I always get outstanding customer service at this store. All the people that work there are very helpful to find you what you need. They Mmmakes my quick trips to their store very pleasant ! Thank you for great customer service!
ShanaLee Van Rhyn
00:39 07 Dec 18
Love Bogart's very friendly very helpful not expensive just right thank you very much for taking care of my puppies
Fae Laythorpe
05:38 27 Nov 18
Loved working in this location. Nice and fast paced and groomers really care about customers dogs. Could use better management though.
Khristiana Hassell
22:56 21 Nov 18
My puppy Zeus loves going with the ladies of bon appetit always pleasant definitely recommend this place for anyone who is looking for their puppy a home for grooming
Michael Rae
05:44 12 Nov 18
Is this a customer or an ex employee? This sounds like an ex employee who is salty about losing there job. The heaven can wait animal society program has helped many low income family’s spayed and neuter there pets. They have adoptions for homeless pets every Saturday in which last Saturday 5 dogs got adopted out to very nice family’s at one store alone .The list of things the heaven can wait program has to offer goes on and on and it is a great program for the community. The owners of this company are the farthest thing from being greedy. They help the animals in need, place them in good homes, give back to the community and most importantly care about each and every employee like they are family. Every dog or cat that comes through anyone one of the 5 locations is treated like they are one of our own pets . They are treat like family cause they are. Bogarts has been open for 11 years now and it continues to expand from the greatness of the company . This company is also a drug free environment and anything of the sort is not tolerated! I am an employee and what I’m telling u are facts... so don’t hesitate to bring down your pet cause they are handled with the best care and given anything and everything they need.
Reyy Lion
01:34 12 Nov 18
Groomers are ex convicts and recovering addicts the owner supposably helps the community by hiring new jail releases or ex felons to work there but all she is doing is supplying those people with a easy way to get there next fix.Plus her so called animal rescue(Heaven Can Wait Society)let's make this clear the animals are literally cared for and live in jail with inmates to supposably recover inmates to be a active member of society but that is her way of avoiding over head costs for a real shelter and professional care and rehabilitation of the animal.That's her way to cut overhead cost and avoid having to pay employees and certified licensed care for animals.This place is a diaster no background check ran on any of employees how can she when she employs the criminals so she can pay them less and make her self more money off the needy.Groomers here are known to cut and hurt dogs becuase there high off drugs while working its a ridiculous environment.The groomers have literally hurt dogs to point they need to go to vets Many Many TIMES dogs have ran out front door,fell off grooming table,choked....the list goes on and on this was all under bogarts care it's a nuthouse PLEASE DONT TAKE YOUR PET THERE YOU WILL REGRET IT IN LONG RUN
Kathy Cumplido
02:58 23 Oct 18
Clean, staff very helpful. Nice selection of higher grade products
Carrol Denney
00:38 17 Sep 18
Great customer service. Prices a little high, but in most cases they were the same or lower than other name brand pet stores in LV. The staff there is very knowedgable, helpful and friendly.
cynthia disiena
15:28 11 Jun 18
Get ice cream treats for your puppys. Love it
Jaydin Moore
15:56 28 May 18
Attention all fur baby owners, if you have not yet taken you fur baby to Bogarts you are absolutely missing out. This store is magnificent in customer service, they groom your pets, or even allow you to do so yourself, for a small fee of course. I absolutely love the beautiful accessories like the "diamond" encrusted collars and leashes, and only the best food for your pets. Make them feel like a king or queen, and bring them dow to Bogart's Bone Apetit.
belinda serino
19:25 05 Apr 18
I highly recommend them for having your dog groomed. Our dog is 13 & Sam did a great job with her. The staff is all very nice and it is really clean.
Nate Hall
03:51 04 Mar 18
Great products and great treats with incredibly horrible service and prices..... Took my 2 lb dog here..... She had a couple of twists in her hair..... They up charge me almost to $80 for 1 haircut citing matting... Which is just a clever excuse for I'm lazy I don't want to cut your dog's hair do not waste your money here
Nathanael Christensen
03:57 01 Feb 18
Felt like the staff did an amazing job in grooming our miniature schnauzer. Very pleased with how they treated our dog. Could tell the staff really cared about making sure she was comfortable.
Jared Harvey
14:56 15 Jan 18
I buy my dog's food from here, as well as get their nails clipped. Everyone that works here always has a smile on their face and greets me and my dogs. Their knowledge on products is great and they always make me feel confident in the product they assist me choosing to buy.
James Hillyard
00:49 05 Dec 17
Nice place to wash the big baby. Reasonably priced on the wash also. Bakery is also good, he gets a cookie if he behaves. Who am I kidding he gets one no matter what. There's another one in Henderson but both are just as far to drive.
Amberlee H-M
23:56 11 Sep 17
We love Bogart's! Just had a great haircut and nail trim from Brenda. This was our first time with her and she exceeded expectations
Beads App
15:18 12 Apr 17
I have been going here for 2 years for food and grooming. The staff is wonderful. Austin was so helpful to me went above and beyond. I love this store. I also get my 2 dogs groomed there, I go to Gaby and she is wonderful. Really takes her time and does exactly what I want. They also do sales on treats and give you discount for bulk food. love this place..
MyMichelle Moya
21:57 24 Feb 17
HORRIBLE customer service in grooming and Management.If you expect organization, Customer service,Communication and problem solving Do NOT pick this Business for a Professional Groomer.For One year I lived in SOHI and every Bone Appetit groomer was different and I never changed a thing. There is no remorse from Business or groomer. My first pet has had her MINK like , Soft baby coat since Ive owned her at 13 weeks, shes now 5 years old and Bone APP. shaved half of her coat and after 3 visits to resolve the issue they blame that I wouldnt be honored any accommodations since I didnt drive back out of my way a third time to meet them again. After 2 times and also showing them my dog in person, the HORRIBLE customer service said they couldn't help me b/c I waited to long. Im sorry , I never cut my pets hair because I appreciate the long and silky feel of the coat and every other groomer asks why and makes sure a cut is confirmed before, because the coat will NEVER grow back the same ever again. Bone Appetit , just shaved half of the dog and left it like that. They refuse to communicate or show any sign of professionalism. I asked for the owner and store manager to contact me and it been now 4 months and no one has cared enough to respond back. I would not trust this so called grooming business and they obviously do not manage or communicate properly, with customers. No Shame and The service was a disgrace. There are Much better People out there who will provide a professional service when it comes to grooming dogs. If anything, they should learn from this comment but I will never give this shop Business ever again.
Shawn G
06:50 29 Aug 16
Love this place. It's a very large store with a wide selection of pet foods and treats, including homemade options. The groomers there are always friendly and we've always been happy with the service and grooming.
Eric Pozniak
19:49 22 Jun 16
First time in the store and used the self-serve dog wash!!! Great experience. Friendly staff, clean facility, and did I say friendly staff. I have a 100lb German Shepard and washing her was never so easy. They supply everything you need for $10.99. I highly recommend this place is your tired of having a stinky dog! I will be back.
14:09 22 May 16
This place rocks. One stop shop for your pet. I buy my dogs HOlistic dog food here and they love it. Self grooming stations available also.
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