53 N 3rd St, Philadelphia, PA 19106
53 N 3rd St Philadelphia PA 19106

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Suzane Kronen
01:59 08 Sep 18
As a shopper who really enjoys checking out a town or city, this was one of my five star experiences in Old City. I loved the way it was so welcoming to my dog and I. I travel with him and it was a delight to be able to go in and just roam!
21:55 03 Feb 18
The gentleman behind the counter has very helpful. It's a quaint store with all the supplies & cookies your pet will need. It even has facilities to self wash your pet for a low fee.
Ali S
23:19 31 Jan 18
Everyone was very helpful!!! Love this small store and you can tell they really cared about your pet. Thanks again and will def be back next time I'm in Philly. Trump and Bernie toys were hilarious... Please get a Hillary Clinton toy and I'll buy Trump and Hillary next time! Go Bernie!
Heather Gabor
19:37 31 Jan 18
Owner is extremely unprofessional. She cursed out both her employees and customer within my 5 minute encounter with her. Within seconds, she also accused her employee and customer of being liars. She also refused to honor the Verus Frequent Buyer Program. Boy, do I miss prior owner.The owner mentioned in a prior negative review that the store is videotaped. Let's pull out the tape and see how she handled herself.
Tiki Barber
18:26 21 Jan 18
Love using the DIY Dogwash. Most important, i love that they keep up with pet food and pet treat standards.
Daniel Zambrano
18:47 18 Dec 17
Friendly and well supplied but higher than average prices.
Kimberly Davis
16:31 21 Oct 17
Great staff, awesome hip products, very reasonable prices, and the best nutritional stuff around. They unapologetically do their nutrition homework. It's better than ever!
Dennis Sutanto
15:18 28 Jul 17
Offers variety accessories, clothes, and foods for pets with competitive price.
James Bradford
20:03 08 Jul 17
There's nothing about this store that really sets it apart from the myriad of other small independent pet supply shops in Philadelphia. All the prices are a little high which is typical for Indie shops because of course they can't compete with Walmart and Amazon. The staff seems very nice and the store is clean and organized.
Ariel Braverman
17:12 12 May 17
Great independent pet supply shop with cute toys and a good selection of indie food brands and bulk dog treats.
Justin Pryor
20:47 29 Apr 17
I wandered into the shop yesterday and received a very pleasant greeting from the girl behind the counter, even though she was assisting two other customers. As I was browsing, a woman comes in from the back of the shop (I am assuming she is the owner/manager), and interrupts the cashier's exchange with the two customers by accusing her of ignoring a previous customer. She aggressively scolds the cashier, stating she was watching from the camera, and said she offered no greeting. I immediately felt super uncomfortable, since, even if there was cause to scold your employee, it certainly shouldn't have been in front of other customers. Also, I didn't believe the accusation for a second, since the cashier was extremely attentive and very pleasant.The cashier apologetically said she did greet the woman, clarified that it was the woman with the hat (or some accessory), and politely said she did greet her but she left without purchasing anything. The manager then started complaining that she was taking too long with "certain customers," then left to her back room. The two other customers completed their purchase and then left. The cashier immediately assisted me, and I was ready to make my purchase (a cat toy for my small dog...a crab). The cashier went to ring me up, then very apologetically said there was a $10 limit for credit card purchases, and led me to some small dollar items (mostly edibles). I ended up grabbing another of the cat toys (a lobster), and the angry manager came storming back in.She started out by immediately re-claiming the cashier did not greet the lady, saying she watched it all on the camera. Then she yelled at her for spending WAY too much time answering the previous customers questions, that they needed to fight for every nickel. Never once did she greet me, let alone acknowledge I was even there. She yelled and yelled, then left to the back again. I was so in shock, I didn't do what I wanted to, which was tell the manager that I was not going to spend any money there ever, wholly due to her attitude and demeanor in front of customers and her insanely poor (and undeserving) treatment of the cashier. I apologized to the cashier, put the toys back, and left. I hope she didn't get in trouble for the lost sale, but I hope this clarifies who is to blame. Clearly this shop does not want return customers, just walk-ins.
Meghan Nolan
12:33 03 Apr 17
Edit: Updated based on the owners response to my review.I hope we can all learn from this post, especially Noe, who is not accepting responsibility for posing a threat to the animals who come into the store.I had an all around positive experience here with my little doggo, Lloyd. The adorable shop dog hung around all cute and happy while Lloyd and I did our shopping. And then came the cat.The woman behind the counter had an alarmed look on her face when I announced that I had seen the cat. I immediately told her that though I don't anticipate and issues, I don't know how Lloyd is with cats because he has never met one in his time with us. She immediately looked a little nervous and said that the cat "isn't always great with dogs". Ummmm. Is it just me, or am I in a dog shop? Why on Earth would you have an animal loose in a dog store who doesn't get along with dogs?Lloyd froze and stared at the cat (cause he's a wimp and that's what he does when he's scared). The cat's back curled up, it hissed, and it charged at Lloyd. I got between the bully cat and Lloyd and we were both very upset with the interaction. My heart was pounding and Lloyd was definitely distressed. I do not know what would have happened had I not put myself between Lloyd and the cat, but I do now know that the cat has a history of attacking dogs and that the owner is in no way accepting responsibility for this, nor is she doing anything to protect the animals who come into the shop.We bought our toy, said goodbye to the cute shop dog and went on our way thinking that this must have been an isolated incident. But I couldn't stop thinking about it because I was so upset and when I got home I decided to look through the Yelp reviews to see if anyone else has had similar experiences, only to find out that the cat attacked a dog in the shop 4 weeks ago.This cat attacked a dog a month ago and is still in the shop.A few weeks later, it hissed and charged my dog.The cat is still in the shop and the owner wrote me a message today basically saying not to come back if I don't like it. Cool, Noe, I definitely won't, but I will also not be quiet and not try to warn other customers that they are endangering their pets by walking in to your store.This is not ok. How many dogs need to get hurt before they take the steps to ensure the safety of the customers and their animals? While I understand based on the shop's response to the injured dog's mom on Yelp that the cat is a rescue and is working on issues - my little Lloyd is a shelter dog, too - it's not unreasonable to assume that dog boutiques are safe for dogs. You shouldn't worry that there is an animal with a history of violence lurking behind the food aisle.Had I read the other review before I went shopping, I never would have stopped in. Luckily Lloyd wasn't hurt, but the cat is bigger than Lloyd and could have caused seriously injury. Hopefully this will reach more people and we are able to prevent future incidents, or better yet, that the shop removes the combative cat and allows everyone to have a positive and safe shopping experience. Based on her quick and nasty response to both me and the other customer whose dog was attacked, I would say that is not going to happen.Lloyd is NOT the only dog who was put in danger by simply entering BONeJOUR. You and your animals will also be at risk and Noe is placing the value of having the cat in the shop over the value of the safety of our pets. Again, this is not OK. Enter at your own risk, but I certainly don't recommend it.
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