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Edwin Woods
00:07 10 May 19
Dr. Saviori was simply amazing, I have been bringing my 10 year old dog scrappy here Since he was 2 weeks old and honestly i have nothing to complain about. Scrappy recently developed 2 lumps of cancer along with kidney stones and a swollen prostate. Dr. Saviori was not only able to Successfully Complete each procedure But also made it really cost officiant By helping me sign up with a payment plan. Just the way he interacted with my dog and with the other animals you could tell he really cares for them. I will definitely refer him to anyone..
20:59 18 Apr 19
I understand that everyone has a different experience. This one star is justified. Had a 2:00 pm appointment the veterinarian didn't see me till 3:40 pm charged me 50 dollars for 2 minutes of his time didn't even do a full check up, told me everything seems fine and left.
Megan Henley
19:54 28 Mar 19
Since moving to Chicago our rather large pet family has come to rely on Brighton Park Animal hospital for all our pet wellness needs. From coaching us through rehabilitating our dog with mobility issues to giving us advice on one of our cat's stubborn behavioral problems, Brighton Park has consistently impressed with the entire staff's knowledge, warmth, and care. We highly recommend Dr. Carlo Saviori after multiple interactions. He's exceptionally professional while still maintaining that important human element, we know that he truly cares for our pets and that he and his team will go above and beyond for our fur babies' health. We are so grateful to him for all of his help!
Valeria Roman
22:52 19 Mar 19
I went in as a walk in and they attend me really fast.The doctor Saviori is really friendly and kind they try to keep the price as low as possible and are very sincere with the people. The best thing of all is that the staff members speak Spanish and English fluently. And I personally recommend this place. Thank you very much I really appreciate the services.
sydney martinez
01:06 15 Mar 19
Took my cat for an infected nail as a walk in. Quick service. Friendly staff. Dr.Saviori was very helpful and kind. Took very good care of my cat !
Alessandra Stamper
20:22 01 Mar 19
I would not recommend this vet. I wanted a basic checkup and felt completely taken advantage of. The vet did not seem to care much about my pet, came in to the room and only looked at him for a couple minutes before leaving the room and coming back with a quote for $500-$600 for all this testing and blood work he wanted to do. I definitely felt like they just wanted to get as much money as possible out of me and didn’t care about my pet very much. Receptionist was friendly, but the rest of the staff was not. Their quotation/estimate system is also confusing and misleading.
Caroline Hanlet
15:02 25 Feb 19
Brought my cat because he was blocked. They charged me $600 and did nothing. He was getting worse so I brought him back 2 days later. It was a different vet and they took care of him this time, but then charged me $900 more when the estimate was $600. I tried explaining I'm a student and didn't have a job at the time but they don't care. All they care about is stealing your money. Don't go here.
03:20 20 Feb 19
They instantly helped my dog when they saw how bad he was and tried to help keep the cost as low as possible. They were a great veterinary place.
Jimmy Schaller
01:59 30 Dec 18
Just a bunch of warm conscientious people the best
Arielle Martinez
06:14 15 Dec 18
I wish I could give Brighton Park Animal Hospital 10 stars! A special thank you to Dr. Carlo Saviori who went above and beyond to save my cats life. We went in the night before thanksgiving and it turned out Stitch (our kitty) had complete blockage in his urethra and his condition was life threatening. Dr. Saviori, the vet techs, and staff worked diligently to keep Sitich alive, and even went in to do an emergency catheter change on Thanksgiving day, regardless of being closed. I could not be more grateful. They are also very reasonable with pricing! I will be taking Stitch, and any future pets to this clinic for any furthers needs/emergencies they may have.
Hope Torres
05:40 05 Nov 18
Very angry with the outcome of my visit. I have 3 hamsters and I took them to get their nails cut. I came home to realize their nails were mostly the same way they were before. I also realized one of my hamsters is very afraid now and has redness on his body. That has never happened before and I’m sure it was the doctors being way too aggressive with him. I am an animal lover and I am very upset my hamster was handled in a very poor manner and now has marks on his body. They were very quick to take my money but not handle my hamsters with love and care. I understand getting a hamster to sit still is difficult but if they weren’t capable of doing the job then why did they continue to try and cut his nails and end up hurting him. I will not be returning ever again.
Gloria Silverman
20:50 26 Oct 18
Dr.Saviori is a amazing man he knew I was very worried and upset with my dog in such a bad situation. & he was very kind and worked with me price wise knowing that I went to a more expensive vet last night trying to get him helped.
John Bono
19:46 28 Sep 18
its a bit of a busy place so you may have to wait. however they are very knowledgeable about their profession. the dr. seems to love animals.very happy with the care they provided are cat. will definitely return with our dogs.
Gladys Padilla
18:14 28 May 18
Terrible, they dont care about your pets only about making money. They take advantage of the naiveness of new pet owners. I took my kitten who broke her paw and they insisted she needed surgery or she wouldn't heal properly and have a limp for the rest of her life. I went to another animal hospital and they just gave her a cast and she healed very well and has no limp. She is a happy healthy cat now. Do not go here!
Jesse Gallardo
14:11 23 May 18
The receptionist are nice the Veterinarian was great he answered my questions about my cat that were helpful .The staff was very good at handling my cat and that made the visit great
Sandra Garcia
18:59 18 May 18
The staff is very polite and always answer my questions in a timely manner. And what's most important they are really good at handling my dog. Always gentle.
kevin morgan
17:07 17 May 18
I take my own pets to this hospitalWhen they're not well.The staff is so kind and friendly.And the Doctors are so accommodating and answer your question.
Alina Vielma
18:55 15 May 18
I’ve taken four dogs here and have never received anything but amazing service. I don’t even live in the area anymore, but I will go out of my way to bring my dogs here. The staff is wonderful and very professional. Highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a good, reliable, and trustworthy place to take care of their pets health needs. They also groom!!
Winnie Vasquez
14:24 25 Apr 18
Took my dog for a check up here and I ended up paying for more than just a check up. A regular check up is about $50. On top of that, they did a skin test because my dog was scratching a lot. Somehow, I ended up with a bill for over $200. Be careful with what tests you agree to do and ask for the pricing. It costs a lot more than you think. I don't think I will go back. Although they are closer, I would definitely check out other places. On the plus side, the entire staff was nice.
Misael Rojas
08:46 02 Jul 17
Unprofessional and seemingly disorganized. The head vet seems way too stressed every time I go. I'm under the assumption that they are not staffed efficiently (actual vets not "vet nurses"/students). It's place I'd recommend if you desperately need a vet that's close by. They are not somewhere I'd like to be a permanent customer at.
Amanda M
16:35 30 Jun 17
The worst customer service ever! The girl at the desk misspeaks and acts like it's your fault. She mixed up my address, said they gave my dog phenobarbital instead of prednisone and acted like I was crazy for questioning her statement. All they care about is money, not your pet. They tortured my dog when cleaning his ears, gave him a lot unnecessary medication. The follow up visit was with another vet who told my mom it was allergies because dr saviori had prescribed prednisone for inflammation of the ears but the second vet assumed it was for allergies, now dr saviori is backtracking and saying it was for allergies when he clearly told me it was for inflammation of the ears! All the while acting like I'm being unreasonable for asking questions after I paid them $370. My dog lost 12% of his body weight in between visits which is why I am concerned. Also I noticed when I got him back from treatment his penis is now misshapen when it was straight. I knew I shouldn't have trusted them alone with my pet. Don't make the same mistake I did. Oh and this second vet is impossible to reach apparently. I guess I'll have to start putting my questions in writing to dr frask.
Min Alcarax
03:34 18 Apr 17
Took my cat in for an infection cause by another cats bite. My cat began to lose a substantial amount of weight due to this and the vetenarian knowing well that the cat was too weak offered a neutering job. I agreed since I didn't want any more cuarrels between all my cats and so felt that since it was a professional oferring the service he must have known better but now after about 10 days my cats has passed away. I believe these team of people took advantage of my desperation for my cats well being that they just threw in a bunch of procedures only for the charge. Clearly to them pets ar only a means of getting money. My advice to their future patient's parents is to not let your emotional state cloud your better judgment when offered a bunch of procedures that they say is " better" to add on.
Leslie Rios
00:26 24 Feb 17
Took my Pomeranian for a hair cut and the guy did a awesome job and it's less expensive then were I use to go before
Veronica Hui-Rodriguez
18:18 26 Jan 17
Good animal hospital. Long hours and usually no wait or short wait. They take you even without an appointment. The vets are all kind. They care about your pet. The vets change a lot here because they all work full time else where.
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