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146-148 Harvard St Brookline MA 02446
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Stella D
16:56 11 Apr 19
Come here for the grooming service for my senior Maltese. The groomer takes great care when handling my pup and he always comes out looking picture perfect. Until I started coming here I didn't know my pup good look that good!!
Stephanie Davis
20:54 10 Apr 19
The staff are most competent. They trimmed my grouchy cat's nails without a hitch. I definitely plan to go back
Adriel Velazquez
14:05 01 Mar 19
The store is fine, it has a lot of items; however, the grooming side is horrible. They are extremely aggressive which caused my dog to now longer trust getting his nails clipped by anyone.
hanyue kuang
20:40 15 Feb 19
My baby got a red spot after bath there on his leg and they didn’t even know why. Their charge is incredibly high but the service does not match at all. My Frenchie is always a nice and friendly boy, but terrified by them. They put them in a dirty cage after bath. His hair go off really badly which is very abnormal. We usually bathed him at pet smart puppy service charging 15 dollars. We thought it would be some supreme experience but it is absolutely not. Never ever go there anymore!
Vivien Hoey
01:57 12 Dec 18
The staff are wonderful! I was shopping for dog cookies and the manager Nicole was so very helpful and patient! I never felt rushed.And there is also a lovely cat who greets you!!!
Quinn Phillips
19:54 02 Nov 18
The grooming services there are awful - they cut my cat's ear with the shaver and he bled everywhere. They acted like it was no big deal. I brought my cat in for his second grooming appointment a few weeks ago. They have cat owners stand by the grooming table for the whole appointment. While they were grooming my cat, dogs ran around in the room unleashed by everyone's legs and kept putting their heads on the grooming table where my cat was - this obviously freaked my cat out. The groomer was careless and cut my cat's ear. I was watching when this happened and my cat wasn't moving around or being difficult bc he gets groomed 10x per year and is used to it. The groomer didn't apologize and acted like it was no big deal, but they had to put this white starchy powder on his ear to get it to stop bleeding.
Gabrielle Foster
15:19 20 Oct 18
Today I took my puppy to the Brookline Dog Groomers for a nail trim (which he always gets regularly) and I was beyond displeased with the results. Initially I was apprehensive because I could hear him cry out loudly from the back room (which he has never done when getting a trim in the past). When he came out he looked terrified which I was not happy about since he is normally extremely friendly. I carried him to the car and I noticed his nails were bleeding and the nailbed was exposed on two of his nails which had been cut entirely too short. It seemed like a rush job if I’m honest. He is still extremely sensitive to the touch and is almost limping around the house right now. I will not say that they always do this or that this will always happen to your dog, but I hope this message acts as a warning for those who may visit. I will not be returning to this shop for any further service and am extremely unhappy with the service I received.
Emma Sutter
13:36 11 Oct 18
Too pricey, small and the staff can't control the animals being groomed half the time. The trainer downstairs is also awful (I believe he used to train police dogs?) and is extremely harsh. I believe his methodology is dated and doesn't stick with the dogs. Won't be back.
Robert Thompson
21:20 01 Aug 18
The service was very good and thorough the staff where great overall and I’m very pleased with the work that they did!!!!!
sandra pelkie
11:51 17 May 18
Great variety of dog, cat and fish food. Quality training equipment. Little store huge stuff. Oh and dog grooming and byod baths.Bring ur wallet. My dogs know their way blind we call it the cookie store.
Yunzhu Zhou
20:58 07 May 18
People there are rude. They will literally shout out “shut up” to dogs even tho they don’t bark that loud. They don’t give dog for walk or chances to pee and poo. My puppy was locked in a box for 6 hours and when I got him he immediately rushed out of the door and had a huge huge pee. He was not happy about his experience. The price has insanely increased from $50 to $70. I’m not satisfied for the the service I got with this price. we wont return!
Max Adelman
19:35 25 Apr 18
Ji Youn did a fantastic job grooming our Schnauzer! The service was courteous and quick. We will definitely be coming back her for her next haircut.
Andrew Smith
18:17 04 Apr 18
I have been having my two toy poodles groomed at Brookline Grooming for over two years and have been more than satisfied with the results. Robert, who has been their groomer, has been superb and the business has performed well in every way. Some commenters have complained that services are expensive. I moved here from Washington, DC, where prices were slightly higher than they are at Brookline Grooming. One should expect to pay for quality.All in all, I and my poodles are very satisfied customers.
Julia Gershkovich
20:32 26 Jan 18
Brought my dog the first time, brought photos of what I am looking for, explained that due to cold weather I do not want to shave off the undercoat. Well , I guess it is my fault that they gave me back an armadillo instead of a show style English cocker spaniel . I say they probably tried their best, but I would not go back. This place is more of a factory . The staff is friendly, no complaints, but need to find a professional groomer to correct their work.
Leah Dyer
16:41 15 Oct 17
I used to bring my dog to be groomed here but after a few bad haircuts I switch to another groomer. I went to buy a beta fish for my three-year-old. I asked numerous times if I had everything I needed so it would survive. It passed 2 days later. When I called to see if we could come in and get another I was informed that the girl that sold it to us did not sell us everything we needed and they would not replace the fish. I wasn’t even asking for free one but they called me back accusing me of trying to get a free fish and telling me it was my fault that I didn’t get the water treatment that I didn’t even know I needed. I just wanted a fish my my child. I am so disappointed because we use to love it here.
marilyn lane
16:37 19 Sep 17
My dogs love going to Brookline Dog Grooming. They are treated like family with loving hands. Mindy is the best and most talented groomer. The staff is very helpful and knowledgeable. One of my dogs has allergies and Mindy has suggested a healthy raw diet plan and corrected all of the problems. I'm so happy I discovered this place. Happy pets make happy owners.....
supluv the manatee whisperer
23:15 18 Sep 17
They are the best!!! They treat your pet like their own so loving and caring ❤️❤️❤️
Michael Leonhardt
01:46 10 Jun 17
Affordable and they have doggy day care
Matt Strauchon
22:12 05 Jun 17
Bought a couple collars and a dog tag, haven't used the grooming service yet. Staff was very friendly and willing to answer questions. Good selection of supplies for a small neighborhood store.
Ying Zhao
21:40 26 May 17
I've never had experiences worse than this! After 5 hours waiting I picked up my pup only to find her nails were still not trimmed. Not to mention they forgot to call me to inform that she's ready to go. I will never trust them with my dog again!
Sarah Nazaretian
01:31 19 May 17
Small but essential selection of small pet supplies as well. Always clean and pleasant!
Kelly Laursen
15:29 28 Feb 17
Fair selection for rabbits. They fit a lot of product in the space and have a doggy daycare type of thing, you can see them all when you check out.
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