1701 Main St, Evanston, IL 60202
1701 Main St Evanston IL 60202

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08:37 26 Nov 18
The outside is currently under construction. Which was a shame when weather was warm. I loved to hang out on the bleachers. Inside it was nice to hang out for a while so my niece & I could cool off. There is a library vending machine to my surprise. I checked out a boom & a DVD. Super cool. There are plenty of other a things to do & check put there such as ice skating. I'm looking forward to the remodeling which might be done by next summer, it seems like its going to be great!
Ina A.
Ina A.
05:15 02 Nov 18
I'm a little biased because I skate here, but this center has two rinks right now and is currently being remodeled so it'll have 3 brand new rinks. The teachers here are all pretty helpful and kind. Adult classes are great!
Adam Kruvand
Adam Kruvand
00:24 06 Sep 18
We used to travel here for speedskating meets in the 90s. Little did I know then that I would someday live in Evanston, and have a kid in summer camps at Robert Crown. Despite showing advanced age, It's still a great facility nearly 30 yrs later. My pre-K kid loves the summer camps. We are looking forward to the new facility and updated camps with a better online enrollment system (hint hint). PS if you know me from speedskating in the early 90s, hit me up!
Jonathan Stopek
Jonathan Stopek
02:41 13 Jul 18
It doesn't have enough locker rooms, and what locker rooms they have are awful, but they will be renovating soon, so I expect that to change. Likewise, the manual doors, through which it is difficult to maneuver a hockey bag, but again, I expect great things from the renovation!
Jason Brooks
Jason Brooks
02:09 17 Jun 18
Great place to Ice skate year round for very affordable prices.
Ruijing Ning
Ruijing Ning
17:46 02 Jun 18
Not in the most shiny state. But still, a functioning rink and has good adult learn to skate program.
Ann Brownell
Ann Brownell
21:25 28 May 18
We really gotta tear this place down and build a new one.:) The staff are really nice!
Jack Aloe
Jack Aloe
23:51 12 May 18
The interior is very organized. Its great place to go release energy. They host many events like musicals on ice and others. You can skate play hockey or just enjoy watching from the stands. Robert crown also has a soccer and football feild for the nicer days. It is a overall great place for this part of evanston. Its great for a fun night out with family and friends.
Pierce.J.Romo 2018
Pierce.J.Romo 2018
02:02 21 Feb 18
Worst rink I've ever played in. Couldn't even be in the locker room, got ready for the game outside because it was dark and smelled horrible. Staff wasn't remotely helpful and there was very little way to find which locker room your team had. Bad seating as well as bad ice, giving this rathole of a rink one star.
Big Papi
Big Papi
03:44 11 Feb 18
The refs were very unexceptional. A stick was thrown onto the ice from the stands, and no penalty was handed out. VERY BIASED. Refs only favored home team, and loved throwing people out. Also there were no handles on the locker room doors. The facility is the worst I have been too. GARBAGE
Eli Schneider
Eli Schneider
03:39 11 Feb 18
Amazing refs! Stellar job at my hockey game, 10/10 would recommend!
Jack Rea
Jack Rea
03:38 11 Feb 18
The referees were actual garbage. It would have been more fitting to put last weeks leftovers on the ice. They completely overlooked the rules and definitely favored the home team. I could not be more displeased with this “community center”.
Ken Moon
Ken Moon
13:48 27 Dec 17
Not a good picture, the Ice was ok.. we won so it was good
Nedra Washington
Nedra Washington
13:33 14 Dec 17
I love this place, I grew up going to the venue, for ice skating, and gymnastics.. Now my kids are attending events and programs there.
Raya Shulman
Raya Shulman
02:04 30 Nov 17
Really cute place for s birthday party. Loved that they had walkers for kids who can't skate.
Alejandro Jaramillo
Alejandro Jaramillo
15:04 26 Nov 17
Nice place. Professional staff always ready to smile. Beautiful staging of the presentations.
David Wolkowitz
David Wolkowitz
21:23 23 Nov 17
This facility is a staple of Evanston. There is a large ice skating rink where hockey games are played, and a smaller rink. Various classes are also held at this facility. Once a year it is a temporary shelter for the clinically insane when Evanston parents congregate at the facility for a poorly-organized Camp sign-up experience.
Michael Pickens
Michael Pickens
22:46 18 Sep 17
Really good ice surface. Can't wait to see it after the remodel
Candy Mobile gamer 23
Candy Mobile gamer 23
18:22 24 Aug 17
Great summer camp great counselors
angela kakooza
angela kakooza
00:17 04 Aug 17
Great place to host children's parties
Ashley Nyhart
Ashley Nyhart
11:29 30 Jun 17
So many great activities for kids!
Fam Engel
Fam Engel
10:53 08 May 17
Old facility. Open hours are limited. Activities are limited.
Carolyn Ballard
Carolyn Ballard
23:29 18 Feb 17
The staff that works here and the hockey club out of Evanston are great! We love Robert Crown. We are excited that there is a new rink and community center coming soon.
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