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Nativo Acai is harvested from the Amazon Rainforest in Northeast Brazil. Although the açaí palm grows in many different regions of the amazon, the best quality açaí berries come from the region close to the city of Belem in the state of Para.

Acai is wild-harvested by native river dwellers (Ribeiros) that create co-ops for the harvesting and transportation of the wild berries. Nativo buys from pre-approved co-ops that are selected because of their strict adherence to governmental regulations that pertain to the collection of açaí in the rainforest.

The proliferation of açaí fruit has helped raise the financial situation for the natives that harvest the berries. In addition, utilization of the açaí palm for its fruit rather than cutting down the trees helps to preserve the Amazon Rainforest. As such, your purchase of Nativo Acai helps support the Amazon Rainforest and the Nativos that harvest this powerful fruit.

The highest quality Açaí berry fruit in its true “nativo” form. Nativo Açaí is wild-harvested by natives along the riverbanks of the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil.

Our açaí maintains its native color, taste and nutritional properties. The açaí berry is an antioxidant powerhouse, loaded with essential fatty acids, amino acids, fiber and calcium. Nativo brand açaí is unadulterated, pure, and delicious.

This is true native amazon fruit the way nature intended it to be. You have a choice. Demand Nativo.

At Nativo, we believe in the power of the Açaí berry and all of the benefits that it can bring. We saw an opportunity to bring the freshest and purest Açai to market and our passion became a business. Our Mission is to provide our customers with nutritiously potent, great tasting, acai puree and our local harvesters with a socially and economically sustainable life, all so that everyone touched by Nativo can fuel their passions.

Our commitment to the preservation of the Amazon is at the heart of our mission. The more pristine the surroundings, the more pure and delicious our berries end up being. We take extra precautions to make sure that our methods are as in tune with nature as possible and that our Acai is the best around.


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