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44 Market Street Sydney New South Wales 2000 AU

UCapital is a family-run company that offers UNSECURED finance ($5,000 – $250,000) to SME’s in Australia.

UCapital was founded by Maurice and Jacques Pretorius, brothers who grew up working in their family steel business. It’s business more than finance that is in our DNA, which is an important difference between UCapital and traditional lenders. Our focus is on understanding how businesses work, what keeps them healthy, and what they need to develop.

The steel business is highly competitive, and operators are at the mercy of employment issues, problems with suppliers and fluctuating global commodity prices. Having employed up to 500 people at a time in factories nationwide, Jacques and Maurice know from experience just how quickly things outside your control can lead to a need for short-term finance. They also understand why you might not want to put up your house, your car or your other assets as security every time you need cash to seize an opportunity or ride out a temporary setback.

As business owners themselves, the brothers also know how difficult it is to get finance for a small business no matter what your assets are or how good your business is.

UCapital is here to help business people with good ideas to develop their businesses. We take a personalized approach to lending, offering short-term unsecured business loans of between $5,000 and $250,000. The money can be in your business within days.


Do you have a good business but need cash? Can’t get a loan from the bank for a short-term challenge or opportunity? We say “YES” when the banks say “NO”. We understand any business in Australia might need a quick cash injection. With UCapital, you can get a short term business loan right when you need it!

UCapital has helped hundreds of small to medium enterprises to get UNSECURED loans to either jump on opportunities or to ease them through a difficult period.


An unsecured business loan from UCapital puts cash into your business when you need it. Perhaps you’ve just won a new project and need money upfront to start the work. Maybe you have an opportunity to buy stock at a great price if you act straightaway. Whatever it is, UCapital can provide short term business loans for when you need them.

Needing cash quickly is common in business. An unsecured business loan means you don’t have to put up your home or your car every time that need arises.

We service all industries including:

  • Hospitality
  • Agriculture
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Services
  • Professional Services
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