Perfect Ride – Challenging Bicycling Tracks in Indonesia

Tired of pedaling on Indonesia city streets? The following five tracks in the open are ready to test your fitness, as well as feast for the eyes with charming scenery.

Tangkuban Parahu – Situ Wanayasa, West Java

a sight from Tangkuban Perahu Mt.

A sight from Tangkuban Perahu Mt.

This challenging track spans more than 20 kilometer. The bikers will start at the Tangkuban Parahu ticket gate junction, then drive the wheels through beautiful routes in the middle of Ciater tea plantations towards Cicadas.

Along the way, do not forget to stop for a moment to look at the clear waterfall Curug Mandala. The challenge presented by a narrow paved track soil and rock at some point.

After the recharge in the Babusalam mosque resort, followed by a trip down the paved road to the area of oil palm plantations Ciracas-Babakan which is about 11.5 kilometer away. The trip ended with a paved hill climb toward Situ Wanayasa.

Seeing the terrain configuration, the Tangkuban Parahu-Wanayasa track is perfect for the fans of cross-country bicycling.

Cemoro Lawang – Bromo – Tumpang, East Java

Stairs lead to Mount Bromo caldera

This track will bring bikers to explore East Java’s natural wealth, ranging from witnessing the splendor of Mount Bromo, peeping the Tengger tribe culture, to enjoying the freshness of the Coban Pelangi Waterfall.

There are two options of path to choose. First, through the sandy terrain as far as 25 kilometer from Bromo to the Jemplang summit, then down the paved road about 15 kilometer to Tumpang.

The second option, towards the Jemplang summit, then down macadam track until you reach a paved road, then enter the gate of Coban Pelangi Waterfall. Tumpang city is within five kilometer of this place. No matter which route you go, beautiful scenery is always presented.

Enrekang, South Sulawesi

Gunung Nona, Enrekang - South Sulawesi (Indonesia)

Gunung Nona, Enrekang

Beginner bikers should avoid Enrekang tracks. Classified as all mountain type, this route is dominated by steep hills, requires stamina and dexterity to control the wheel. You can also have a look at review sepeda (bicycle reviews) page to see available mountain bikes in Indonesia.

With 27 kilometer length, the Enrekang track is challenging riders to conquer the macadam and dirt track combination in the valley of Mount Nona.

Along the way, bikers will be lulled by the spectacular panoramas, like the fertile valley at the foot of Mount Latimojong and a wide expanse of green plants. Make sure your bike has a good gear switch system in order to devour climbs smoothly.

Harau Valley (Lembah Harau) – Gunung Bungsu – Lima Puluh Kota, West Sumatera

English: Harau valley at Payakumbuh, West Sumatra

Harau Valey at Payakumbuh, West Sumatera

When you feel tired, the captivating views of Harau Valley guaranteed to inject new energy in your calf. With a length of about 25 kilometer, the Harau Valley track is suitable to be traversed by cross-country bike enthusiast.

Adventure begins from Harau Valley to Bio Bio Village. About 90 percent of the terrain is classified as off-road – the combination of macadam, dirt, rice fields, and valleys track.

After that, you can pedal more leisurely on a paved path toward the Lima Puluh Kota city.

The Harau Valley track was used in international bicycling event, Tour de Singkarak, in June. If you want to participate in the next year event, come to practice.

Tambora Crater (Kawah Tambora), West Nusa Tenggara

English: Aerial view of the caldera of Mt Tamb...

Aerial view of the caldera of Mt Tambora

This track is opened by the terrain that test the limits of stamina: snaking path for as long as 20 kilometer of the ridge with a slope of up to 25 degrees. Unfortunately, you have to pedal to a height of 1850 meters where oxygen is increasingly thin.

Path is dominated by a single track consisting of dirt and rock terrain. As we passed the savanna, if lucky, you get to watch a herd of wild horses milling about. It feels like a safari in Africa.

To reach the Tambora crater, the rider has two options: pushing the bike up to the lip of the crater, or leave the bike and continue the expedition with trekking for as far as 500 meters.

Make sure you have enough energy to ride home.

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